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  • The Father of It All

    I am a massive Transformers fan

    The animation is mediocre, but really c'mon. Its the original, you can't help but appreciate that there are a few dumb episodes but as a TF fan, I appreciate it.
  • Terrible Show.

    This show really is terrible, but like Pokemon, it heavily appeals to kids. In addition to that, it was made in the 80s so I can't really fault it for being shitty.
  • my love for transformers <3

    Ok so my personal view on transformers is that honestly i love them more than my religion which is sad they make my world go round especially Optimus <3 c; but anyways i've been a fan since the age of 5 all because of my dad who is now in Germany <3 :c but he's the one who got me addicted to transformers personally i love episode # 65 just because it was the last show me and my dad watched together which was forever ago but if you walk in my room all you see is transformers everywhere cause you know i am THE #1 biggest fan of all time! and my collection is really taking up all the space in my room XD but one thing i don't agree with is the newer movies especially transformers dark of the moon i mean yeah it 's amazing but the problem is the whole issue with the ark first of all transformers fans must know the ark NEVER landed on the moon with Sentinal Prime you'll know that from episode #1 c: but all 3 of the newer movies are amazing just because Michael Bay directed it lol but i'm really excited for transformers 4 coming soon in 2014 which i've been waitting for since it was first announced some time probably 2 years ago and there's gonna be a trilogy meanning 3 more movies and so far they have Mark Wahlberg in it as one of the actors c; ermagersh but you know who i love most of all? Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime)... my husband <3 lol i'm such a nerd and forgive me if i forgot proper grammar and punctuation but anyways guess i'm finished. XD. you.
  • A classic dose of nostalgia.

    I've been an avid fan of Transformers for a long time- I first decided I liked it a couple years ago when I was bored at 3 AM in the morning and watched Transformers Animated. From there I grew to like other TF series and eventually was drawn to the series that started it all.
    To me, this series is a great nostalgic blast from the past. The character designs, the settings, the storyline, all of it is really great, meshing together wonderfully and the show overall never fails to make me smile.
    In every episode I've watched, I've laughed at least once, was on the edge of my seat in anticipation more than once, and was hungry for more even by the end of the episode.
    The characters all get fair amounts of attention unlike some series which star certain characters and leave other ones behind, creating the basic "No-Faced" background character. Not to mention they all have some fantastic moments of interaction- a key feature that is very important to me as the viewer. Overall, a great series that simply can NOT be passed up by ANY Transformers fan
  • The Original Transformers Show, A very good show, but way overrated.

    The Transformers, or Transformers Generation 1 or just G1 as fans call it, is the original Transformers show. It is about how alien robots from the planet Cybertron had the power to transform into anything and that they are split into two factions, the heroic Autobots who battle the evil Decepticons. They have been at war for a long time, but now all the fighting has drained their planet of energy and they have gone to Earth to get it. The Autobots befriend the humans and get energy in more peaceful ways, while the Decepticons use brute force to get what they want. The Autobots are led by Optimus Prime, and they Decepticons by Megatron. The show is amazing, I love the story and characters. There is also the fact that this is a very original idea, robots transforming. The show makes a very cool idea and puts it with a great story and great characters. It's actually kind of hard to describe exactly what is good about this show, it just is. Most of this show is just amazing, and I really don't know how to explain why, you'll have to see it for yourself. Even though this show is amazing, it has undesirable aspects. It can get repetitive, the show also has a lot of technical errors, and there's not much logic either. Also, there is the fanbase of Geewunners, or as I like to call them, Geewhiners. All they do is praise this show and put down every other Transformers series that isn't this one. They make this show way overrated. It's one of the best shows I've seen, but these geewhiners are just crazy. As I said, there are flaws, I didn't go much into detail about them, I just pointed them out, but they are examples of how this show is not perfect, and that geewhiners need to stop putting down everything that isn't G1, because the time for this show is gone. It was great while it lasted, but now it's gone. Aside from these problems, this is an amazing show and most of you will love it.
  • Transformers is a classic that was ahead of it time.

    Transformers is a classic show with two side of giant robots fighting the good Autobots lead by Optimus Prime and the Evil Decepticons lead buy Megatron who land on eath 4 million years before and walk up in the year of 1984. G1 or Generation 1 stared it all first just made to sell the toy it became one of the best cartoon shows to ever exist in the whole world. It was be 24 year sice the show first aired, and now it was a live action moive with a second one comeing in 2009, other serires and it own cartoon moive. Transformers is just one great show.
  • An advanced civilization of shape-shifting robots land on Earth.

    A show about shape-shifting robots fighting it out here on Earth? Well that sounds like a cool idea. Okay, I'm going to admit I'm not an original fan of this show. Not that I ever hated it, it was just I wasn't interested in it as a kid. Now Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I was all for that. Anyway, about a year ago, I finally got around to checking out the live action 2007 movie of Transformers and I found myself interested, I saw the second movie as well. But in between being pumped about transformers I realized I had never watched the original cartoon show, that helped make such a huge fan base for transformers in general. So looking around YouTube I finally found it and checked out a few of the first episodes. And you know what? (This'll be a real shock to the big fans) It's a cool show too. I mean it does get repetitive, but then a lot of 80's kids shows were (like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). And come on, few things rarely beat hearing Peter Cullen voice Optimus Prime, right?
  • I liked it when I was younger. Moneymaking scheme.

    This show is about two groups of robots who came from the planet cybertron and crashed landed on earth. The Autobots try to protect earth while the decepticons try to take its energy. This show is the same episode over and over the decpticons try to take energon cubes but dont suceed. I hate the autobots even optimus prime he is the only memoribal one. I like the decepticons starscream megatron and soundwave that is it. This show was just a reason to sell toys to kids. After the first season they add a bunch of new characters just to sell toys. The movie was the best thing about this show. The first season is ok but isn't good. This show gets a 6.5 because it is a classic and know a lot about it because I used to watch it.
  • A flawed classic

    Terrible continuity, regularly abysmal animation, little to no character development, precious little toy accuracy, Transformers (actually called "The Transformer") was one of the first in a new crop of tv shows - a crop of 20 minute toy commercials. Back in the day, the FCC had rules about creating glorified commercials as tv shows, but that changed in the 80s. It was then a rush for this immature industry to get in and make their mark. And arguably, few have stood the test of time like Transformers.

    While it's true that watching it now shows production values that would be laughed at, and technology that is several generations obsolete (ie: even the thing that obsoleted the TF tech is now obsolete), and most children who were plonked down in front of it today would need to be coaxed by their TF-loving parents to watch it, there's still a charm about the old series, particularly when you remember that it kick started the juggernaut that is one of the mainstays in Hasbro's toyline.

    There are those who would call "The Transformers" a masterpiece, a shining beacon of perfection in a world where they don't recognize their old toys in the new style animation. But this tends to be more of a rose-colored glasses look back at their childhood, rather than an objective look at the actual series' true qualities. Later series such as Beast Wars, Beast Machines and Animated have produced much richer character development, continuity-rich storylines, and minimum of animation errors (especially when compared to AKOM's error-riddled efforts such as "The Five Faces of Darkess", and particularly the execrable "Carnage in C-Minor"; TMS's "Call of the Primitives" is one of the few exceptions). Much richer fiction overall than "The Transformers" offered. But at the time, there was no such thing as an animated series - cartoons were simply "cartoons", and they didn't make sense anyway. Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones. There was no continuity anywhere.

    And yet we cannot hate it. In fact its one of the most loved cartoons from the 80s. This is the series that produced the Optimus Prime so fondly remembered by fans; the Japanese samurai/John Wayne hybrid with the distinctive voice. And the Megatron who was arch and endlessly unsuccessful (no doubt due more to the writers' lack of continuity in the series than Megatron's own ineptitude or his team's). Not to mention Soundwave, Starscream, Ironhide, Bumblebee and a cast of many others who came and went mysteriously. Our toys were there, on screen (more or less), shifting their panels and having adventures just as we imagined while we secretly played with them at night when we were supposed to be asleep, with the duvet pulled up over us, our figures and the bedside lamp.

    There can be no doubt that if there is any one Transformers series that any fan should watch, it is this one. This is where everything began, the Primus, if you will, of the animated fiction. Just remember to keep it in perspective; it's a cartoon for kids, to sell them toys. And it was flawed; denying otherwise is just, well, delusional really. We knew about the errors and the problems, let's not deny it. And the Transformers franchise could not have lasted this long without the changes that came afterwards. Shows such as Animated do not undermine or ruin The Transformers. They cater to the different and more sophisticated viewer expectations of today, as "animated series" rather than just "cartoons". And they ensure that those that came before are not lost or forgotten.

    Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong to you and your family.
  • Autobots rollout!!!

    The Transformers was one the greatest shows of all time although I don't remember much of it as a kid I recently purchased the DVDs and saw how great it was.

    The peace loving Autobots and the power hungry Decepticons had a battle that ravaged their home planet Cybertron are both now on Earth after over a million years of dormancy.The Decepticons led their Megatron try to finish what they started on Cybertron.The Autobots led the greatest leader of all time Optimus Prime are determined to stop them at all cost.

    This is a great show despite a few minor flaws here and there if you are fan of those giant robot shows sit back and watch the one that started it all.
  • Transformers is still the greatest cartoon in history, why you ask? Because it lives on, sure it's been reinvented a few times but the premise remains; Good + Evil + Giant Transforming machines = Awesome.

    Yes I am a man who totally digs transformers.... yes I am currently single(two facts, possibly some relation). No fad that I ever encountered or embraced has stuck with me like Transformers has; I still own the figurines, I still watch the movie every Christmas, and I still get nostalgic every time a really crappy overhaul of the original comes out. There are plenty of reviews about why the show "was" great, I thought I'd do one on why the show "is" great. Nowadays when I re-watch the original G1 series I find that it' s far superior to when I watched as a child. The show now holds more depth, I'm now longer solely interested in cool machines changing into giant robots. The fantastic thing about the show is that it actually has a story and it is pretty interesting, watching as an adult I feel as if instead of just cheering the Autobots I now have a choice as to who I'll support (I've switched sides - All hail mighty Megatron!). The show progresses and flows with reoccurring conflicts and storylines, the characters all feel relevant to whatever is happening in the episode, and somehow we all genuinely care about what happens to that great big red truck. But most of all what show has the balls to kill off the two main characters in one absolutely unbelievable moment and replace them with two new comers? Truthfully I could rant on for an eternity as why I did and do love this show but at the end of day all I can say is Transformers wasn't a fad, it was a phenomena. I was hooked then, I'm hooked now and one day (assuming that I find a woman willing to overlook the whole Transformers DVD collection thing) I hoped to get my kids hooked. Enjoy : )
  • Something beyond imagination....

    Sure, it's old. It has animation errors. But this show has something no other show on the air even today (including the other Transformers series'; originality and pure greatness. The battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons will never end, even if the toys dont sell. Packed with action, humour, and tons of robots that will make you go: "DANG!" at least once make this show pure gold. A true role model for other shows this sure is. You wonder who came up with these ideas. It has the best dub out there too! Peter Cullen to Optimus Prime is like a fat boy to cake. both need each other. Simply put, this show is worth every second in the long run!
  • I liked the technology in the Transformers, and with no regret, I can say I loved this show.

    I first saw the 1986 movie, and I got hooked. I hardly saw any of the other episodes, but the characters and pure action in the movie got me to watch it again, and he convinced his friend, to watch it, and he loved it too. This show is very original, being the first series of Transformers shows. Although I was very sad at the deaths of Autobots, and the original Megatron, alternative to Galvatron. Megatrn and Optimus Prime were lifelong enemies that were programmed to different things in the universe. In conclusion, this had to be the most creative idea I have ever seen.
  • The original series documents the war between the Autobots and Decpticons, as both their ships' land on planet Earth.

    I wish the Sci-Fi channel would re-show the original series again. I was not even a month old when the series ended in '87. Plus, I hear that the original Optimus Prime die-cast toys are worth quite a chunk of change! Wish I had one! All I have to settle for is my 2nd generation Beast Wars Optimus Primal & Megatron (the chrome ones). Transformers will be a part of our' pop culture always, and it's great to hear that it wasn't originally a Japanese anime cartoon. It was an American classic children's TV show and an icon. May the story of the legendary war between the Autobots and Decepticons be forever told and re-imagined over and over again!
  • The original animated cartoon that holds much nostalgia for Generation X-ers & Y-ers like myself! A true classic!

    This show, despite obvious animation errors and corny jokes/dialogue, is so enjoyable even 20+ years later. I've been borrowing my friend's DVD box sets to become re-acquainted with it, and it's true: there's a reason G1 fans are so adamant and fussy. They were raised on the first and arguably the most popular & memorable of all the Transformers series. When I think of these characters, I think of them in their G1 forms (i.e. Grimlock is a T-Rex, Arcee is a pink car, Megatron is a gun, Starscream is the unfriendly neighborhood bad-ass-yet-pansy-ass jet with the awesome voice, Ultra Magnus hosts Unsolved Mysteries, etc.)

    Most of the episodes are laugh-out-loud funny in places, and my bias for Starscream always delivers chuckles and memorable quotes (he and Megatron bring so much personality to the Decepticons, the two of them make a great team if they didn't hate each other). I prefer the first two seasons with Wheeljack, Ironhide, Brawn, Megatron, Starscream, and all the others who died in the animated movie... but still, this show is definitely a gold mine in the 80's nostalgia fanclub!
  • Average at Best.

    My 62nd Review after: Family Guy

    This cartoon is Average. My friends at school are Die-hard fans. They got the Action Figures, they watch episodes and the Commercials, Online, they even played the video games, Which they are Terrible. It's about robots living in Cybertron They can transform into Veichles. The good side, Autobots, The Dark side, Desciptcions. This cartoon gets a C. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting B+ 8.5/10.0 Very well with the Engilsh and the Japanese Voice cast of the Robots.

    Animation: C 6.0/10.0 The colors are too washed up and The whole Animation is Beyond Blurry.

    Graphics: B 7.0/10.0 Decent.

    Sound: A+ 9.0/10.0 Excellent. Dialouge: D+ 4.5/10.0 Poorly Done.

    Lasting Appeal: F 2.9/10.0 This cartoon gets so stupid and Boring after you watched 5 epiosdes. I am not a Fan of this. Overall: C 6.0/10.0 They could have done so much better with this thing. That's the end of my review.
  • great

    I love this show because i depicts robot with minds,whole history of that robots.And even two races exist.Autobots and decepticons.hmm...who would be my best character...hmmm...I wonder.Optimus Prime who else.They landed on earth millions of years ago one to protect and one to destroy.Invasion has begun and only autobots can stop it.
  • Classic! Still awesome after all these years!

    I wasn't around when this ahow originally aired but it was still on tv as re-runs when I was growing up. We also rented the episodes on VHS and the movie about a million times. I grew up with this show and I still watch it on occasion even now. Nothing beats Optimus Prime and the rest of the autobots "rolling out" to fight with the decepticons every episode. Even after over 20 years, the show is still great and is watched by children. This show stands the test of time and will forever be remembered as a cartoon classic.
  • one of the best cartoons of all time!

    the original epiodes from 1 to 4 were the abosulte best but the folowing spinoffs were good but they didn't compare to the original transformers and the orignal voice actors for the start of the now now of the best series were the greatest ever like Chris Latta Judd Nelson (movie) Frank Welker Peter Cullen Susan Blu and others from the orginal series made the other voice actors from rid energon cybertron armada beast wars and beast machines look like they weren't as good as the orginal voice actors
  • One of the best TV shows EVER!!

    I remember watching Transformers in the late 80's, think i was only around 6-7 years old at the time! and i just loved this show! and i still do! i have bought nearly every DVD they have released! and i still collect the action figures to this day and i am 23! i have hundreds of them, even full sets of comics too! and i am not ashamed because this was one of the best shows of all time! and the 2007 movie is going to be awesome!

    One of my favourite seasons of transformers is RID, the RID season was awesome! the figures were more realistic and it just rocked! but Generation 1 will always be the best thing ever! i have the big collectors tin with every generation 1 Episode in it, including the movie and it is one of my prized posessions!

    If you have never seen the transformers before then seriously, where have you been!
  • Nothing can beat it!

    I always wanted to be like Optimus Prime... The leader of the Autobots and my chilhood hero... I´m feeling nostalgic. The Transformers (the first generation is for me one of the best series ever maded, even today there´s nothig that can beat it. It not only show action from the start to the end, it shows things more important than the brute force: friendship, loyalty, respect and kindness. Optimus Prime is all that and more. His vehicle mode is the best too, he turns into a gigantic 18 wheels truck. In robot mode the cab is his chest, with the Matrix of Leadership inside it. Optimus Prime is still alive in all of those who loves and respect him.
  • Transformers! Robots in Disguise! Nevers gets old!

    Ok so i remeber watching every episode of this show that i could find...and buying any toy for this show that i could find! When i was about 19 they decided to finally release this one DVD. When i found this out i was at the store buying the first copy i could find...and ever new box set i had pre-ordered to make sure i got my copy of this! so it goes without saying that i am a fan! The cartoon based on a toy...that also became a great toy...i mean you had a car that was also a robot! you had five toys that could form to one huge toy! simply amazing for a kid! and the show...well we all wish we could have been spike...with our yellow hard hats! ok but honestly i give this a perfect rating for the memories...and the influence it has had on my likings. but story wise...well there are plenty of holes that need to be filled! i loved the fact that the transformers movie was set in 2005...i watched it that year just to laugh at the idea! anyways so theres holes in the story that i don't think i could figure out but that still wasn't enough to make me look down on one of the most classic cartoons ever! all the remakes of this were ok...beaste wars was pretty good...armada was ok...beaste machines was bad...but none of them can hold a candle to the original...Transfomers Robots in disguies...Transformers...transform and roll out! (in my best optimus prime voice)
  • One of the first cartoons I started watching as a kid.

    Now this is a review only for the Transformers that aired in the mid 80s, and not for the terrible shows that are on now. Transformers was one of the first cartoons I started watching as a kid along with GI-JOE, Robotech, and Voltron. It had everything, great action, good story lines, the characters were great even though there were talking machines. The show did get old near the end of it's run in 87, but was still a good show. Also the movie was amazing, with Weird AL doing a song in the movie. The show has aged well with time, I can still watch it, every single episode. The same can't be said for GI-JOE and Voltron. It saddens me there's going to be a movie coming out twenty years to late. The previews and articles look bad. I sure I'm going to be disappointed but I'm going to see it.

    I used to have almost every toy until my mom through them out. Lets see there was Jazz, Magatron, Mirage, Bumble Bee, The Constructacons, Inferno, Skyfire, Prowel, Grimlock, Shockwave, Galvatron, Soundwave, Iron Hide, Hot Rod, Star Scream, Ratchet, Perseptor, Wheelie, Outback, Thundercracker, Windcharger, Blitzwing, Thrust, Slag, Ram Jet, Smokescreen. I could go on but it gets me mad that I don't have those toys anymore especially after seeing how much their worth. Oh shoot I went way off topic. Any way Transformers is a great show.
  • I wasn't a huge fan but it was really good, and a big part of the 80's.

    I did have a few of the toys and did watch the show every now and then. It was a really cool idea, and sparked the imagination of many young at the time, including myself. I may have not been a huge fan, but I did watch the show and did like it. How cool is a robot that can turn into something else? I mean come on. This just like G.I. Joe & He-man and cartoons like that were a big deal for kids growing up in the 80's, and it still remains and 80's icon and part of 80's pop culture even today.
  • for an 80's show not bad.

    I like this alot even thousgh i wish i had some of the original toys. I have the classic one they just came out with but i want the toys that were built in the 80's,I like armada and this the same, well you could tell that by my name so wrappin up, my summary said alot and my review said alot well, "Transform!And Roll Out!"
  • till all are one...

    This is one of the greatest anamated show of all time, period.... optimus prime is the ultimate character, and my hero, this show did hit a downfall after the movie in 1986, ( the transformers movie is one of the best movies of all time, not kidding) becasue optimus died, but was reborn on the season 3 finally, but season 3s animation was better than the previous ones but rotimus prime as the autobot leader, wasnt good. he never took charge and seemed like the emo autobot at times, crying saying what would optimus do? but this show is fun and worth watching.
  • Awesome show! Rewatching all of the episodes now!

    This is easily my favorite cartoon from when I was a kid. Everything about it excited me and the Transformers still excite me to this day. I can remember all of the figures I had (Which are still in my parents attic in a box, I think). I currently borrowed the Rhino DVD collection from my brother and and been rewatching every episode from the beginning of the series. The transfer is OK, but I hope they have a better version come out. The only thing that getsd me is that the episode listing from this site and what they have on the discs are not the same. Maybe they were put in better chronological order when the DVD's came out? Anyonw knows if that is true, please let me know. Thanks. Transformers rule!
  • This was definantly more than meets the eye!!!!!

    Oh man, words alone could not explain or express my excitement when I first watched Transformers!! I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever witnessed. Robots that turn into Vehicles and other things to disguise themselves. How cool is that??!! I would live for Sunday mornings for 9:30am to see the newest Episode of Transformers. This show was original for the time it was released. No other show was like it..well, if you count the Go-Bots, which came out After the Transformers mind you. And llike I said, for its time, this show was very impressive and a first of its kind. unfortunantly, the Cartoon storyline did not follow the comics Storyline, which in a way I am glad it did not. But The Transformers are a classic for the ages, and no version they release to this day will ever compare to the beauty of the original
  • The Best Animated Children's Show of the 1980s.

    The Transformers was animated and written in a more intelligent style than any other of its ilk, save for maybe Robotech. GI Joe appealed more to the "popular" kids, but Transformers had an appeal to the nerds and popular kids alike Featuring words like "ironic" and "propoganda" (something He-Man or Thundercats wouldn't likely use), I applaud the Transformers for not talking down to its audience. Featuring great BGM, the best voice actors of the time and an amazing first two seasons (leading up to the climactic movie), G1 Transformers will go down in history as one of the coolest cultural phenomenons of all time. A key component of '80s pop culture. Thank God I was a kid in the '80s!!!
  • Autobots and the deceptcon crashs lands on earth and fight each other to return to cybertron, the autobots befriends the humans and the decepticons steal energy and the autobots try to stop them. The show ran for 4 years and had a movie.

    I was a teenager when this show was on the air, but it was my favorite show. I enjoyed the bright colors of the characters and the background. I liked all the characters, some of the stories were great. My only dissappointment is that the oringal show ended, and now I don't watch the newer verisons of the series, because it does not have the oringal cast.
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