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  • my love for transformers <3

    Ok so my personal view on transformers is that honestly i love them more than my religion which is sad they make my world go round especially Optimus <3 c; but anyways i've been a fan since the age of 5 all because of my dad who is now in Germany <3 :c but he's the one who got me addicted to transformers personally i love episode # 65 just because it was the last show me and my dad watched together which was forever ago but if you walk in my room all you see is transformers everywhere cause you know i am THE #1 biggest fan of all time! and my collection is really taking up all the space in my room XD but one thing i don't agree with is the newer movies especially transformers dark of the moon i mean yeah it 's amazing but the problem is the whole issue with the ark first of all transformers fans must know the ark NEVER landed on the moon with Sentinal Prime you'll know that from episode #1 c: but all 3 of the newer movies are amazing just because Michael Bay directed it lol but i'm really excited for transformers 4 coming soon in 2014 which i've been waitting for since it was first announced some time probably 2 years ago and there's gonna be a trilogy meanning 3 more movies and so far they have Mark Wahlberg in it as one of the actors c; ermagersh but you know who i love most of all? Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime)... my husband <3 lol i'm such a nerd and forgive me if i forgot proper grammar and punctuation but anyways guess i'm finished. XD. you.
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