Transformers - Season 2

ABC Family (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • B.O.T.
    Episode 49
    The Combaticons pursue a personal agenda, which the Protectobots gladly interrupt. The only one to make it out in one piece, Swindle cuts his losses at the other Combaticons' expense, by selling them off piece by piece. Megatron, however, wants all of the Combaticons back and gives Swindle proper motivation, a timed bomb in the head. Racing against time, Swindle finds his efforts complicated by three college students and their B.O.T. science project. It turns out that they unknowingly used Brawl's personality component, which not only makes B.O.T. 'unique', it also makes it deadly dangerous. All this and another deadly Megatron plot against the Autobots, too.moreless
  • The Revenge of Bruticus

    The recent defeat has not dampened Starscream and the Combaticons' resolve, which spells bad news for everyone else. They tamper with the space bridge to bring Earth and the sun a lot closer together. All is indeed going well for Starscream, until the Combaticons start thinking for themselves. With Cybertron soon also in danger, a battle royal involving Optimus, Megatron and Bruticus awaits. Meanwhile, chaos on Earth leaves the Protectobots with their hands full.

  • Starscream's Brigade
    Another failure to topple Megatron and a prompt island exile hardly deter Starscream. Abandoned World War II-era vehicles and stolen personality components provide the 'tools' that he needs. In no time, the five Combaticons are online and serving Starscream. These five quickly prove formidable apart and united. Can Megatron possibly overcome Starscream and Bruticus?moreless
  • Kremzeek!
    Episode 46
    Routine matters accidentally result in Kremzeek, who is small, seemingly sentient and made of pure energy. However, this little guy proves to be rather annoying quickly. Worse, he proves to be exceedingly dangerous and the people of Japan are about to learn that firsthand. The Autobots and a local scientist have to move it to counter this literally growing threat. Meanwhile, an energy magnet plays a role in the Decepticons' latest plan.moreless
  • Cosmic Rust
    Cosmic Rust
    Episode 45
    Cosmic Rust can threaten all Transformers, and Megatron is soon very contagious. With it spreading fast among Decepticon ranks, they desperately need a cure and fast. Though hardly given a choice in the matter, Perceptor eventually ascertains exactly what is needed, Element X. The Statue of Liberty currently has a supply of the stuff, thanks to an earlier Autobot mission. Unfortunately, the Decepticons show their gratitude by using Perceptor to spread the Cosmic Rust to the other Autobots and for there to be no cure left for them to use.moreless
  • War Dawn
    War Dawn
    Episode 44
    Megatron threatens Cybertron once again. Though the Autobots and the Aerialbots offer up stiff resistance, the Decepticons are still able to garner a victory of sorts. The Decepticons manage to trap the Aerialbots in a time warp, and they arrive in the distant past. It is the time of Orion Pax, and Alpha Trion ensures that he and others have a big future. Meanwhile, the Megatron of the past is ready to begin his conquest. Though these are pivotal moments in Transformer history, the Aerialbots are more interested in finding a way back to their own time.moreless
  • Trans-Europe Express
    Autobots are suddenly Europe-bound for a charity race. They and every human driver, including Augie Canay, intend to win and leave the others in their dust. Unfortunately, no one realizes that the Decepticons and the Stunticons are lurking about, masterminding the whole thing. The Pearl of Bahoudin and Augie's unique car play roles in their latest plot against Earth. The former is especially dangerous if in the wrong hands. It is ultimately up to Bumblebee, Bluestreak, Tracks and Augie to foil them and their plot.moreless
  • Masquerade
    Episode 42
    The Decepticons are up to something and a series of thefts by the Stunticons are related. The Stunticons themselves end up biting off more than they can chew against some Autobots and get locked up. The Autobots are still in the dark about Megatron's latest plan, though, but there is a remedy from, unsurprisingly, Wheeljack. Advanced paint makes Optimus, Jazz, Mirage, Sideswipe and Windcharger look exactly like each of the Stunticons. The plan is infiltrate, learn about and foil Megatron's plan. It won't be easy to pass for the Stunticons while surrounded by Decepticons, though, especially when the real ones escape Autobot captivity.moreless
  • Aerial Assault
    Aerial Assault
    Episode 41
    Plans for an air fortress currently take up the Decepticons and Combaticons' time. An arms smuggler helps them 'acquire' a Middle East palace and airplanes essential to the plot. It's rather complicated, but necessary to maintain secrecy as best as possible. Upon arriving into the region themselves, the Aerialbots try to take care of business. Slingshot and Sky Dive get into big trouble, but are saved by Hassan, who has a personal stake in this situation. Will he be enough to help the Aerialbots come out on top?moreless
  • The Key to Vector Sigma (2)
    With the Stunticons operational and the Key in hand, the situation is definitely in the Decepticons' favor. Most severe of all, the Key will allow Megatron to eliminate all organic life on Earth, replacing it with technology. The Autobots need new allies, the Aerialbots, and quickly. Being unable to use Vector Sigma, though, complicates that idea. It will take sacrificing one life to give the Aerialbots' theirs. On top of that, despite his status, Silverbolt has acrophobia.moreless
  • The Key to Vector Sigma (1)
    With the Stunticons at their disposal, the Decepticons hope to crush the Autobots once and for all. Problem is, the Stunticons will always be lifeless pieces of metal without the Cybertron-located Vector Sigma. Finding Vector Sigma isn't really the challenge. Finding the Key is. Upon learning that something is up, the Autobots quickly jump into action and the search. It is practically a race to see who will be first to find the Key and use it to access Vector Sigma.moreless
  • Hoist Goes Hollywood
    Hollywood productions don't always run smoothly, and one case almost sees stuntmen in for real-life trouble. Fortunately, tragedy is averted in the nick of time by Hoist. Since mere thanks aren't enough, Hoist now has a shot at being on the silver screen. Could Hollywood be ready for Hoist and his entourage, Sunstreaker, Powerglide, Warpath and Tracks? More importantly, can they overcome a Decepticon plot involving Dirge and one of Wheeljack's inventions? The answers may be more exciting than the movie itself.moreless
  • Sea Change
    Sea Change
    Episode 37
    The evil Deceptitran has been making life miserable for an alien world and resistance efforts have been slow going. However, one female fighter's encounter with Seaspray may help tip the scales. Head over heels in love, Seaspray is all-too happy to help her. Still, a bigger transformation than anything a Transformer regularly awaits him. Even then, is Seaspray up to the task of defeating Deceptitran?moreless
  • Triple Takeover
    Triple Takeover
    Episode 36
    Starscream, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain plot to overthrow Megatron so they can step up in efforts to lead the Decepticons. But the triplechangers double cross Starscream, leaving him trapped and in a frozen stasis with Megatron, enabling them to call their own shots. While Blitzwing takes over a football stadium, having the Constructicons build a complex roadway around it, Astrotrain takes control of a train depot, programming some locomotives to be his personal servants in collecting energy for him. But things go awry for both, putting the city in danger, leading the Autobots to clean up the mess and a furious Megatron to show his fellow Decepticons who's really boss.moreless
  • The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
    Carnival and birthday fun quickly turns to terror. Fortunately, the Autobots are able to drive the Decepticons away. Unfortunately, Powerglide's heroic actions lead to something unexpected, the birthday girl head over heels in love. Now, Powerglide can't get this teenager to leave him alone. On the other hand, if he isn't around, then the Decepticons will definitely be able to use her in their latest plot. On top of that, it all relates to what her own father once built. Can Powerglide save this lovesick teenager again?moreless
  • Prime Target
    Prime Target
    Episode 34
    Across the globe, one British hunter has amassed an impressive collection of dead animals. The desire for a challenge, though, has prompted him to set sights on the most challenging prey of all, Optimus Prime. However, this hunter is no fool and intends to confront his quarry on his own terms. A number of captured Autobots certainly provides the bait to lure Optimus in. Can the Autobot leader survive what awaits him in the hunter's castle and save the day?moreless
  • Auto-Bop
    Episode 33
    People are partying down to music at a local dance club. Unfortunately, they are really subtly being mind-controlled to obey Megatron's orders. Soundwave, unsurprisingly, is overseeing this project. The Decepticon-controlled humans soon start seeming weird to casual observers, prompting the Autobots to get involved. It will take Tracks, Blaster, Raul and other humans to undo this Decepticon plot. Can they take down Soundwave and find a way to break the mind control?moreless
  • The Search for Alpha Trion
    Elita One and her Female Autobots make life rather difficult for the Decepticons. Unfortunately, Starscream soon successfully leads the counter-effort. Elita One is their prisoner and becomes the bait in a trap for Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader is nearly finished, but Elita One saves him, though at a price. With Elita dying, Optimus races to find the only possible help, the legendary Alpha Trion. The search across Cybertron won't be easy or quick, especially with the Decepticons dogging them. Also, with their leaders missing, members of both Optimus and Elita's teams opt to work together.moreless
  • The Gambler
    The Gambler
    Episode 31
    The Autobots are eager to put recent experiences behind them, but rest-and-relaxation isn't likely to happen. An alien trap leaves everyone but Smokescreen powerless, as well as the ship itself. A little energon can fix this, but the only way to get some presents certain challenges. He is even forced to trust an alien that helped get him into this mess. Now, can Smokescreen master the art of gambling and win big? And can Dirge, Ramjet and Astrotrain be kept at bay throughout all of this?moreless
  • Child's Play
    Child's Play
    Episode 30
    During an Autobot/Decepticon battle, the space bridge malfunctions. A strange world of massive giants awaits several Autobots and Decepticons. Such a situation isn't easy for those used to be among the tallest around. The Transformers need to find a way back home and one local child is the key. However, this planet is otherwise unwelcome to outsiders. If the Transformers don't hurry, they will be in big trouble.moreless
  • The Secret of Omega Supreme
    Omega Supreme seems a bit off lately and Optimus wants to know why. After having to order Omega Supreme, Optimus gets more than he bargained for. Long ago, Omega Supreme defended Crystal City, where the good Constructicons also lived. Times were good then, but came to an abrupt end because of Megatron and a little reprogramming. Becoming evil, the Constructicons set out to follow his orders, bringing them into conflict with their old friend, Omega Supreme.moreless
  • Quest for Survival
    Quest for Survival
    Episode 28
    Though the Insecticons are a growing threat, a new insecticide may be able to stop them in their tracks. A trip into space is required to get it, but Bumblebee, Cosmos and Spike easily succeed. Unfortunately, the path back to Earth means a confrontation with the Morphobots, dangerous hybrids of plants and robots. As bad as a space confrontation is, things get worse when some Morphobots secretly arrive on Earth with Spike and the two Autobots. The whole team will have to find a way to tamp down this threat, a task made more difficult by the Decepticons now after the insecticide.moreless
  • Golden Lagoon
    Golden Lagoon
    Episode 27
    Fierce action leads both Beachcomber and Thrust to stumble upon electrum, a liquid key to invincibility. There is a forest lagoon's worth of the stuff, but only the Decepticons succeed in making a claim. The results, of course, render the Autobots' weapons essentially useless. The only hope that the Autobots have is to try to fight fire with fire, but Megatron isn't about to give them the chance. What price must be paid for victory?moreless
  • The Autobot Run
    The Autobot Run
    Episode 26
    Megatron believes that if the Autobots couldn't transform to robot mode, they would be easy prey for the Decepticons. A new weapon is about to give him the chance to find out. Meanwhile, charity work gives a number of Autobots the chance to help humanity without having to fight in the process. Simple car activities await them, but so does a Decepticon attack. Little time passes before the Autobots are unable to transform and are at the Decepticons' mercy. Saving the day falls to just a handful of Autobots.moreless
  • Make Tracks
    Make Tracks
    Episode 25
    A rash of car thefts suddenly occurs. The latest theft, Tracks in vehicle mode. He is briefly damaged in the process and is unable to save himself. Later, he shows his thief the error of his ways and convinces him to do good. It turns out that all of the thieves are really working for the Decepticons. The stolen cars will be used to create an army against the Autobots. Can Tracks and his new friend foil their plan before it's too late?moreless
  • The Core
    The Core
    Episode 24
    A means to forcibly use Devastator for the side of good is found. This proves quite fortuitous, as Megatron and the Decepticons are embarking on a new, dangerous plan. Regardless of the consequences to the planet, they want energy from the Earth's core itself. Worse, they have nearly drilled the whole way there. A showdown is looming underground, but both sides' attempts to use Devastator for their benefit spell disaster for all of them. Can both sides save the day and themselves from Devastator?moreless
  • The God Gambit
    The God Gambit
    Episode 23
    Space combat takes Astrotrain and other Decepticons to the Saturn moon known as Titan. A magnificent power source can be found there, but so can an alien race. Opposition from them isn't likely, though, because they consider Astrotrain a god, per his own manipulations, of course. To prevent a Decepticon victory, Jazz, Perceptor and Omega Supreme will have to either convince the aliens of the truth or fight.moreless
  • A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court
    It's business as usual between the Autobots and the Decepticons. However, a magical cave throws Hoist, Warpath, Spike, Starscream, Ramjet, Rumble and Ravage for quite a loop. The seven are suddenly in medieval times, and it doesn't take long for each side to encounter locals and secure allies. Though Spike may find love in this time period, the Transformers are in for something else, medieval-style action. Can they get back home, however?moreless
  • Blaster Blues
    Blaster Blues
    Episode 21
    Radios across Earth suddenly experience 'technical difficulties.' Once alerted to this trouble, the Autobots trace the source of the trouble, the moon-located Megatron and Decepticons. With all sorts of human matters experiencing trouble, many Autobots have a lot on their plates. Fighting the Decepticons head-on, though, falls to Blaster, who has been itching to prove the worth of his unique power, and Cosmos. Omega Supreme also takes on Astrotrain. However, can they all get the job done?moreless
  • Desertion of the Dinobots (2)
    Things get worse for the Autobots, while the Decepticons are back to full strength. With the Dinobots gone, hope certainly seems lost. On Cybertron, Spike and Carly appeal to the Dinobots for their help. Even if the two humans can succeed, though, the Decepticons intend to make sure that the Autobots never even lay eyes on Cybertronium under any circumstances. Saving the day ends up falling to Swoop and the two humans.moreless
  • Desertion of the Dinobots (1)
    The Dinobots feel taken for granted for lately. This couldn't have come at a worse time, though, as a deadly scourge strikes almost every Transformer. Only Cybertronium can cure their collective ills, but only the Decepticons have easy access to it. With the Autobots in serious trouble, the Dinobots are practically left to decide whether they will live or die.moreless
  • City of Steel
    City of Steel
    Episode 18
    The Decepticons hit New York City, and most definitely not for the sights. Instead, New Yorkers may have to get used to living in vastly different conditions. Even worse, the Decepticons foil Optimus' attempt to stop them and exact a vicious toll on him. Now, in addition to undoing what has been done to New York City, the other Autobots must rebuild their leader from numerous parts. Problem is, they will have to scour the city first to do so.moreless
  • Auto Berserk
    Auto Berserk
    Episode 17
    A recently-constructed tank has massive destructive capabilities, especially if the Decepticons get it. The Autobots mean to ensure that the last possibility doesn't happen, but something goes wrong for Red Alert. Damage leaves him acting paranoid about virtually everything. This proves to be very good news for the traitorous Starscream, as he needs help in a scheme to use the tank to get the better of both the Autobots and the Decepticons. On top of that, Red Alert's damage threatens to off-line him for good. Can Inferno save the day?moreless
  • Megatron's Master Plan (2)
    The plan has worked, leaving the Autobots exiled from Earth. Free to do as they please, the Decepticons gladly prepare to take advantage. Earth is completely defenseless against them, but more immediate concerns await the Autobots out in space. Megatron ensures a different destination for his foes than Cybertron, a one-way course to destruction. Can the Autobots escape and save Earth?moreless
  • Megatron's Master Plan (1)
    The Autobots have long been considered the champions of humanity and the best defense against the Decepticons. However, Megatron decides to try to tarnish that image. A politician even sees the value in such a venture and actively helps him. The Autobots' popularity quickly takes a nosedive, and Earth become very unwelcome to the noble Transformers.moreless
  • Day of the Machines
    Day of the Machines
    Episode 14
    The Torq III supercomputer is online and promises to be of good use to humanity. Unfortunately, Torq III isn't a secret from Megatron. In short order, a little reprogramming grants the Decepticons practically endless supplies of oil. The Autobots quickly go to work in order to try to foil Megatron's current plan, but a difficult choice must be made.moreless
  • The Insecticon Syndrome
    A base is suddenly under a combined Decepticon/Insecticon attack. Even worse, the Insecticons stumble upon new energy, becoming more powerful and dangerous than ever before. The Autobots take a severe beating against them and Soundwave is even captured. Bombshell takes control of his mind, but he doesn't stop there, going after every Decepticon, too. Pretty soon, only Megatron is left, and he is forced to turn to the Autobots for help. Defeating the Insecticons will require something other than brute force, however.moreless
  • The Master Builders
    The Master Builders
    Episode 12
    The Constructicons suddenly get the drop on the desert-bound Grapple and Hoist. However, they claim to not be looking for a fight, but instead looking to help in the Autobot cause. They prove their newfound loyalties by using their skills on Grapple's powerful solar energy-collection tower schematics. Grapple is thrilled at the opportunity, especially since Optimus turned it down earlier. Unfortunately, the Constructicons are lying and Megatron plans to use the powerful tower for himself.moreless
  • Microbots
    Episode 11
    The Decepticons finally locate their old ship, missing since the crash on Earth millions of years ago. Above all else on it, Megatron wants and claims the Heart Of Cybertron. He becomes more powerful than ever and easily crushes anyone who stands against him. This is all very bad, but it threatens to get worse. The Autobots learn that the Heart Of Cybertron will soon explode and take many with it, including Megatron himself. The only way to tamp down this threat is for Perceptor, Bumblebee and Brawn to embark on a 'fantastic voyage.' Megatron's body proves most inhospitable to the three Autobots, but inner conflicts also threaten their mission.moreless
  • Attack of the Autobots
    A solar power satellite is desired by the Decepticons. To pull off the theft, they need the Autobots out of the way. Rather than try to destroy them, however, Megatron hatches a plan to change their loyalties instead. The keys to this plot are sabotaged energy rechargers in the Autobot base. Now, when they use them, the unknowing Autobots are imprinted with Decepticon ideals and forced to act just like them. Only Bumblebee and Jazz escape this fate. Sparkplug comes up with an invention to change the Autobots back, but they still have to stop the Decepticons.moreless
  • Atlantis, Arise!
    Atlantis, Arise!
    Episode 9
    The Decepticons stumble upon a magnificent find, the legendary Atlantis. They believe that Atlantean forces could prove invaluable to them finally winning the war. Once at the surface level, the battle-hungry Atlanteans strike and strike hard. The Autobots face tough times and Washington, D.C. is next. However, while enjoying the sights, the Decepticons had better keep their own guard up around their supposed Atlantean allies.moreless
  • A Prime Problem
    A Prime Problem
    Episode 8
    There are suddenly two Optimus Primes running around, giving the genuine article and the other Autobots a lot to digest. Figuring out which Optimus is which proves very difficult for the Autobots. One is the original, while the other is merely a Decepticon-created copy. This has all been orchestrated by Megatron, as the bait for a deadly chasm trap. Will the Autobots be able to see through this ruse, and is there anything that Optimus can do to prove his identity?moreless
  • Machine Rebellion/Day of the Machine
    Megatron seizes control of The Torq III computer, enabling him to control the flow of oil.
  • Changing Gears
    Changing Gears
    Episode 7
    Gears is in one very foul mood, so nothing is really new there. However, the Decepticons suddenly strike and get the drop on him. The thing is, all they want from him is his personality cartridge. Now, Gears has one heck of a sunny disposition no matter who he is around. Meanwhile, the Decepticons have the final component for the space needle. If they aren't stopped, the sun itself will be destroyed.moreless
  • Enter the Nightbird
    The Autobots have been busy marking crucial energy locations for easy use and protection purposes. Naturally, this is something that the Decepticons desperately want. This is a solo mission, and they need someone that get in and out quickly. Meanwhile, word spreads about the new, powerful Nightbird being developed, giving Megatron an idea. Under Decepticon control, Nightbird embarks on her mission into the Autobot base. Can the Autobots thwart the Decepticon plot and overcome Nightbird's martial arts techniques?moreless
  • Traitor
    Episode 5
    It is believed that the electrocells could be very valuable assets in the war. The lure of this power brings the Decepticons and the Insecticons together again. They've had problems with each other in the past, however, problems that Mirage tries to exploit to the Autobots' advantage. Unfortunately, he is found out and Bombshell attaches a cerebro-shell to him. With Mirage their puppet, the Decepticons and the Insecticons intend to finish the Autobots once and for all.moreless
  • Transformers Gen1:The Traitor
    The Autobot Mirage's mind suddenly becomes enslaved and he is used by the Deceptiocon's and the Insecticons in a plot against The Autobots.
  • Dinobot Island (2)
    Dinobot Island (2)
    Episode 4
    The energy-hungry Decepticons get down to business on Dinobot Island. As bad as that is for everything on the island, the rest of the world suffers even more. Somehow, various temporal displacements occur and all sorts of things emerge. This mess distracts the Autobots from the real problem, the Decepticons. It is ultimately up to the Dinobots to save the day, but have they finally gotten their act together?moreless
  • Dinobot Island (1)
    Dinobot Island (1)
    Episode 3
    Despite possessing great power, the well-meaning Dinobots prove to be just as dangerous as Decepticons. The latest instance shows Optimus and the other Autobots just how much this needs to change. Some serious training should clear this up, but they need a place where no one else will get caught in the middle. A new island seems to fit the bill, but the Dinobots won't be alone there. Dinosaurs are very much alive there, and, even worse, its natural resources soon garner Decepticon attention.moreless
  • The Immobilizer
    The Immobilizer
    Episode 2
    An opportunity to defeat the Decepticons arises, courtesy of Wheeljack and a new invention. The effects may only be temporary, but the Immobilizer lives up to its name against any Transformer. Unfortunately, little time passes before the Decepticons learn about it. A new friend to the Autobots, Carly, unwittingly helps them. Now, the soon-modified Immobilizer gives the Decepticons the means to end the war once and for all. Pretty soon, only Brawn and Jazz are left standing, leaving them, Spike and Carly a lot of work to do.moreless
  • Autobot Spike
    Autobot Spike
    Episode 1
    Another routine Autobot/Decepticon battle has disastrous consequences for Spike. Quick and drastic action is, naturally, taken by the Autobots and Sparkplug on his behalf. The required, physical operation is quite normal (though difficult), but what is done with his mind isn't. It turns out that Autobot X, a body cobbled together earlier by Sparkplug, is used to keep Spike's mind safe in the interim. Unfortunately, Autobot Spike has obvious problems and Megatron gladly takes advantage of that. Now, the Autobots will have to face their old friend in battle.moreless