Transformers - Season 3

ABC Family (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • The Return of Optimus Prime (2)
    Optimus is back, but with the Hate Plague spreading, there is no time to rejoice. The Quintesson provides further aid – giving Optimus some extra numbers on a mission to retrieve the stolen, crucial ship alloy on Charr. Given the current situation, Galvatron must also help, but there are still great dangers between them and the ship alloy. More fall to the Hate Plague, as Optimus acquires the ship alloy. Once it is grafted onto his body, Optimus is ready to battle the infected Rodimus for the only real cure to the Hate Plague – the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Will Optimus succeed, or is it already too late?moreless
  • The Return of Optimus Prime (1)
    Ship alloy testing leads Jessica Morgan and the Transformers hating Gregory Swafford to inadvertently stumble upon two things – the ship Optimus was last seen on and the Hate Spores. The former Autobot leader's body is still intact, and while this is knowledge worth sharing with the team, Gregory has other ideas. When a later battle involving Protectobots, Technobots and Terrorcons injures Jessica, her father comes around to the same thinking. Thus, they lure the Autobot team to Optimus' body and release the Hate Spores. This works too well, however, as the infection rate grows exponentially. Among the few uninfected is Sky Lynx, who works to revive the only one that can end the Hate Plague – Optimus himself.moreless
  • The Face of the Nijika

    A clash with Autobots forces Quintessons to flee. A Quadrant Lock is the Quintessons' only possibly refuge, but things go very wrong. The Autobots and the Quintessons find themselves unable to exit the Quadrant Lock the way they entered, and they aren't alone. It turns out that the entire planet Zamojin has spent thousands of years there because of the Quintessons. Naturally, the Zamojins still hold quite a grudge. The key to escape for all ultimately lies in Perceptor, but Katsudan inadvertently gives him trouble first.

  • The Burden Hardest to Bear
    Leading the Autobots is full of pressures and tasks. Of course, it all takes a heavy toll on Rodimus, and he really can't take it much more. An attempt to relax just gets him into a nasty fight with the Stunticons. The results are the Autobot Matrix of Leadership exiting his body, the Stunticons stealing it and a reversion to Hod Rod. Though enduring a major defeat, being a normal Autobot again more than makes up for it as far as Hod Rod is concerned. Problem is, the Autobot Matrix of Leadership is soon in the worst possible hands – Scourge, who has big plans in store.moreless
  • Call of the Primitives
    The evil Primacron has plans for universal conquest. His means of this is Tornadron, who is possibly powerful enough to destroy every Transformer and whatever else gets in his way. Unaware of Primacron's machinations, the Autobots and the Decepticons are busy again fighting each other. Suddenly, however, a strange signal gets the more primitive Transformers' attention. These usual enemies ultimately find Primacron's own assistant, who explains the situation and requests their help against his master. If they can't work together, everything they know and more will be doomed.moreless
  • Money Is Everything
    Money Is Everything
    Episode 25
    The conniving and space-faring Dirk Mannis runs into a lot of trouble from Marissa Faireborn and the Technobots. While Dirk is in custody, it is revealed that he somehow got a hold of the dangerous Recreator and intended to sell it to the highest bidder. It also turns out that the Quintessons expressed the most interest in it, but they didn't pay for it. Now, Marissa, the Technobots and Dirk need to get the Recreator back from the Quintessons before it's too late.moreless
  • Grimlock's New Brain
    Anti-electrons are released and wreak havoc on whatever Transformers they encounter, as well as a power generator deep beneath Cybertron's surface. Grimlock takes a nasty hit himself before the Autobots tamp this problem down. Surprisingly, though, Grimlock is now the smartest Transformer of all. As part of his new genius attitude, he deduces that the Decepticons caused the trouble in the first place and what their next move is. Meanwhile, those were the last of Galvatron's anti-electrons. The dormant Unicron holds more, however – setting the stage for a showdown.moreless
  • Only Human
    Only Human
    Episode 23
    Victor Drath has had enough of the Autobots ruining his plans. He secures help from Ol' Snake (none other than the notorious Cobra Commander) – making for the beginnings of a deadly plot against Autobot City. A sneak attack disables Rodimus, Springer, Arcee and Ultra Magnus, and they are surprised to wake up in artificial human bodies. Drath and Ol' Snake intend to finish them off and strike the city with their Autobot bodies. Lacking their usual weapons and abilities, can the four Autobots get by as humans and foil their enemies' plot?moreless
  • The Big Broadcast of 2006

    A Quintesson journal lies hidden somewhere on the Planet Junkion. Naturally, the Quintessons desperately want it back, but the Junkions pose an obvious problem. The solution is subliminal messages that leave the Junkions attacking whoever they encounter, such as Sky Lynx and Astrotrain. A sudden screw-up then does the opposite to the Junkions. The rest of the galaxy also soon hears the messages, and chaos results quickly. What are the Autobots and the Decepticons each going to do about this?

  • The Quintesson Journal

    Knowing of a destructive war between Xetaxxis and Lanarq, the Autobots attempt to bring about a much-needed peace. Such a thing, of course, is easier said than done. There is a further complication, too – Quintesson weaponry being used in the war. Given that, some of the Autobots suspect something fishy is going on. A Quintesson Journal provides all of the evidence, but the Quintessons will do whatever it takes to stop the Autobots from sharing said information.

  • The Ultimate Weapon
    The Ultimate Weapon
    Episode 20
    Swindle sneaks his way past the Autobots and goes right for Metroplex. In no time, the big Autobot is without a transformation cog and First Aid blames himself for the whole incident. Now, the Autobots may have to make do without First Aid from now on. Meanwhile, a powerful weapon may or may not be under Galvatron's control. With the Decepticon leader making major threats, Rodimus must decide whether or not to chance things.moreless
  • Nightmare Planet
    Nightmare Planet
    Episode 19
    Nightmares are a normal part of life, but Daniel's these days seem to be getting worse and worse. Naturally, there is something more going on here than some rough nights. Unfortunately, this only becomes apparent to the Autobots and the Predacons when they somehow wind up entering them. Forced to team-up, the Transformers try to face down the nightmarish creations and figure out what is behind all of this.moreless
  • The Dweller in the Depths
    While things are good for the Autobots on Cybertron's surface, the planet's barren core proves to be home to dark things of considerable power. The Quintessons know exactly what is down there and want to release them, but they can't do so on their own. They trick Galvatron into doing it and disaster results. The dangerous Trans-Organics soon run rampant, and one – the Dweller – begins taking over every Autobot and Decepticon in sight.moreless
  • Ghost in the Machine
    Though he can control Scourge's body, Starscream just wants one of his own again. There is only one that can make that happen, however, Unicron, whose head is still dormant and in orbit around Cybertron. Soon conscious again, however, Unicron hears Starscream out and then reveals a request of his own. Also wanting a new body, he makes a deal that requires Starscream to acquire the needed parts for him. Needless to say, chaos soon ensues for both the Autobots and the Decepticons.moreless
  • Webworld
    Episode 16
    There is a planet full of people that specialize in mental therapy. Whatever previous patients have been there, though, are nothing compared to the newest one, Galvatron. The Decepticon leader is indeed quite 'off' and some on his team would rather see him in therapy rather than not. This may be the opportunity of a lifetime for the local doctors, but Galvatron, obviously, is hardly an agreeable patient. Is there anything that the doctors can do to change that and, in the end, him?moreless
  • Fight or Flee
    Fight or Flee
    Episode 15
    For some time now, peace rather than fighting has been the way of life for Sandstorm and several Autobots. This existence and their very planet, Paradron, are suddenly threatened, however, by the Decepticons. It turns out that Paradron is home to great power, which the Decepticons want to destroy their enemies. Soon enough, the more familiar Autobots head into action, but they cannot win without help from Sandstorm's team. What will they do, and what will ultimately result?moreless
  • Carnage in C-Minor
    Carnage in C-Minor
    Episode 14
    With a more sound-influenced culture and such, Eurhythma is indeed one loud and musical place. Though not without its merits, a downside of this is the potential for destruction by combining Allegra, Zebop Scandana and Basso Profundo's unique voices. Problem is, such a trick soon isn't secret from the Autobots and the Decepticons. It is practically a race between both sides to gain the three aliens' trust, obtain their voices and stop the other side all at once.moreless
  • Madman's Paradise
    Madman's Paradise
    Episode 13
    An ambassador and a high-profile banquet give Spike and Carly a lot to handle. The one thing that they didn't count on being a big problem, though, is Daniel. He eventually leaves out of boredom and to find something interesting to do. He and Grimlock quickly get more than they bargained for. A Quintesson chamber strands them in another dimension, where the Golden One and the Red Wizard wage war for control. Getting caught up in the war is a given for Grimlock and Daniel, but do they choose the right side? More importantly, how are they going to get home?moreless
  • Surprise Party
    Surprise Party
    Episode 12
    Daniel gets a big birthday surprise from family and friends. However, tragedy almost befalls Wheelie, but is thankfully averted by Ultra Magnus. Given the recent birthday festivities, Wheelie and Daniel know exactly how to return the favor. They get down to some party planning, but unfortunately for them, the date of Ultra Magnus' birthday is completely unknown. A hall of records near Cybertron may hold the information, but Cyclonus and a lot of trouble also await Wheelie and Daniel there.moreless
  • Forever Is a Long Time Coming
    The latest Quintesson plot threatens to undo millions of years of history. If they succeed, the Transformers' revolt will end much differently. The Autobot effort to stop the Quintessons, though, leads to chaos and a little unwanted time travel. A firsthand experience of that very Transformer revolt awaits several Autobots. Back in the present, the remaining Autobots must look after A-3 of the past, who is far more important than he initially appears. On top of all that, the Quintessons' time portal creates disaster throughout the universe. Can the Autobots set everything right?moreless
  • Thief in the Night
    Thief in the Night
    Episode 10
    Trypticon was last seen getting a severe beating from Metroplex. Octane, however, stumbles upon his weakened comrade and starts getting an idea. Both in need of power, Octane and Trypticon are soon before King Fakhaddi of Carbombya. Both sides promise to aid the other, which suddenly means the inexplicable theft of famous landmarks. Of course, it doesn't take long for realization to strike either the Autobots or the Decepticons.moreless
  • Starscream's Ghost
    Starscream's Ghost
    Episode 9
    Octane faces either life on the run or some very angry Decepticons. Despite Sandstorm's help, there is little protection that the Autobots can actually offer him. An ancient Decepticon crypt appears to work out, though. Unfortunately, this crypt is home to the very vengeful ghost of Starscream. With Cyclonus soon under his control, Starscream is ready to pay Galvatron back for destroying him.moreless
  • Dark Awakening
    Dark Awakening
    Episode 8
    Fleeing Galvatron once again, Spike, Daniel and several Autobots need some shelter. A virtual mausoleum awaits and proves to be home to the very much alive Optimus. This is certainly cause for excitement among the Autobots and two humans, even though Rodimus Prime must relinquish command and more before returning to merely being Hot Rod. Unfortunately, the Quintessons are at work here, and they will use Optimus to destroy them all.moreless
  • Chaos
    Episode 7
    Long before the current struggles began, Kup had the misfortune of encountering the vile Chaos. Now, old memories are about to get stirred up. Chaos' unique crystals prove to be the power source of a new, dangerous weapon. Though one such weapon was only in the hands of another alien, the resulting trouble is enough to draw the attention of Galvatron to these crystals. With Cybertron and possibly more at risk, Kup leads a counter effort and faces Chaos once again.moreless
  • The Killing Jar
    The Killing Jar
    Episode 6
    An unusual grouping of individuals, Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus, Wreck-Gar and Marissa Faireborn, suddenly find themselves together, courtesy of the Quintessons. Bizarre, nasty tests on a Quintesson ship await these four because of their common enemies' 'quest for knowledge.' Unfortunately, a black hole threatens them all. Only teamwork can save the day.moreless
  • Five Faces of Darkness (5)
    The Autobots and the Decepticons continue their massive struggle for Cybertron. There won't be any victors among any of them, though, if the Quintessons have their way. Only the most unlikely one of all can stop them. Meanwhile, Earth is suddenly no safer than Cybertron. Metroplex faces big trouble from the Constructions and Trypticon. Saving Metroplex and Earth requires Sky Lynx to get his teammate a transformation cog, but the Predacons intend to stop him.moreless
  • Five Faces of Darkness (4)
    Things look bad for the Autobots on Goo, but they are saved by Galvatron's arrival and intent to get up to speed on recent events. While all of the Autobots busily regroup, Galvatron and the Quintessons hammer out a deal. Meanwhile, Rodimus again secures information from the Matrix, and it is again not pretty. A bitter history exists between Transformers and Quintessons, which means trouble for both sides now. However, is it already too late to foil the Quintessons' ultimate goal?moreless
  • Five Faces of Darkness (3)
    Goo is the Autobots' newest, unwanted location. This intergalactic trash dump can be a very inhospitable place, which poor Springer learns the hard way. Still, Goo may be a better alternative than where Blurr and Wheelie wound up. Nightmarish surroundings make things difficult for the two Autobots, Marissa Faireborn and her crew. Meanwhile, more danger looms as the Decepticons and the Quintessons team-up against the Autobots.moreless
  • Five Faces of Darkness (2)
    Escaping Charr proves very difficult for the assembled Autobots. The truth about what happened to Ultra Magnus, Kup and Spike can only be found by Rodimus in the Matrix. Unfortunately, it is truly dire news, forcing the Autobots to get moving. Ultra Magnus, Kup and Spike face a nasty trial and an even nastier execution from the evil Quintessons. Galvatron, Scourge and Cyclonus intend to further complicate matters for everyone.moreless
  • Five Faces of Darkness (1)
    Much has changed for the Transformers recently. Certainly, though, the Autobots are in the best possible position of all, controlling Cybertron. However, unknown assailants put a damper the situation, and at Ultra Magnus, Kup and Spike's expense at that. It seems logical for the Autobots to suspect the Decepticons, especially with a supposed witness around. Some truth about this situation awaits on Charr, ensuring surprises and danger. Meanwhile, Cyclonus and Scourge want Galvatron back to lead them.moreless
  • Transformers: The Movie

    Much has changed since the battles of 1984 and all the way up to 2005. Chiefly, many new faces on both sides are present and the Decepticons rule Cybertron with an iron fist. Though the Autobots intend to change that, the battle will not be easy. Twists and turns ensure death and chaos for many, even Optimus and Megatron. However, a weakened Megatron manages to make a pact with the vile Unicron for greater power. Seeking the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, Galvatron leads Cyclonus and Scourge into action. More is at stake than they know, and it will take an unlikely Autobot to save the day.