Season 2 Episode 47

Starscream's Brigade

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Jan 07, 1986 on ABC Family
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Starscream's Brigade
Another failure to topple Megatron and a prompt island exile hardly deter Starscream. Abandoned World War II-era vehicles and stolen personality components provide the 'tools' that he needs. In no time, the five Combaticons are online and serving Starscream. These five quickly prove formidable apart and united. Can Megatron possibly overcome Starscream and Bruticus?moreless

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  • Unforgettable for a young boy

    The perfect episode, that still has a big impact on me after all these years!

    A great script, with the brilliant idea of Starscream popping back to cybertron to pick up some "political prisoners" (pity we don't learn any details about that) to be his army. The stunticons were cool but the combaticons are fabulous, and all the better when they become the greatest combiner robot, complete with unforgettable "growling" noises as they join together. The last few minutes are my favourite in the entire series, and Menosaur has a return to form after being sadly well beaten by dull "Superion" in the previous episode.

    Memorable quote: "Tell Megatron to blow it out his exhaust pipe!"moreless
  • Great viewing!

    The Combaticons were one of my favorite combiner teams, and it was very nice to see them get a proper introduction (even though their first appearance was actually several episodes back).

    This may be one of the high points of Starscream's seemingly endless quest to dethrone Megatron, as he finally actually gets his own army, and what an army it is. Until Megatron's defeat in The Movie, this had to be the closest Starscream has ever come to actually taking the reigns of power from him.

    If for no other reason, watch this for the great battle between Bruticus and Devastator. It's actually the only time in the entire American series that Devastator fights another gestalt, and I guess we find out why he usually stuck to battling weaker opponents.moreless
  • The First Transformers G1 episode I saw

    I Thought Star Scream is always Humourus when he thinks Megatron's Dead and wants to take over as Leader of The Decepticons and once again he was Duped and banned from The Deucepticons for Shooting Megatron in the back.The Combaticons were amazing they formed into Bruticus under Star Scream's Control he found them in the Island where he was stranded and finds broken war Vechiles from World War 2 and he uses The Combaticons to steal Some Transformers so he can recharge them because this was the First G1 Episode i've ever seen I Give it 10.0 because I got interested in G1 a Bit Moremoreless
  • Cool episode about Starscream and the Combaticons against Megatron and his forces.

    Here is Starscream again with his neverending quest for power and becoming the leader of the Decepticons when he ends up being banished after he foolishly tries to kill Megatron. In revenge, Starscream creates his own army and thus the Combaticons are introduced (more transformers to add to the toy line). In this episode, Megatron and the other Decepticons seem weaker than usual, especially Devastator when Bruticus easily defeats him. What is more is more ironic is how quickly Menasor defeats the unbeatable Bruticus in one punch! But despite some questionable flaws throughout the cartoon, the story is interesting along with awsome and amusing battle scenes. This episode shows that it is possible for Starscream to defeat Megatron although Starscream is usually foolish. Recommended for Starscream fans!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Goofs: Just before Starscream enters the spacebridge to go to Cybertron, his optics are coloured blue instead of the normal red. They're also seen that color just after he activates the Combaticons. Also, before he departed, Thundercracker and Skywarp's Decepticon logos are missing, as are Starscream's in the first shot after he arrived on Cybertron.

    • To ensure the Combaticons' loyalty, Starscream neglects to give them a critical component neccessary to recharge. He explicitly states that they need FIVE Transformers to attain these parts. Yet, before the finale, the Combaticons have only capture 4 Transformers, and yet are seen recharging just before Megatron's forces arrive.

    • When the Decepticons attack the Autobot base, one shot shows Thrust colored a shade of dark gray.

    • Shockwave and Dirge were at the Decepticons' base when the Decepticons were preparing to fight Starscream.

    • When Powerglide was above the place that Starscream and his pals were keeping Dirge, Ramjet, Cliffjumper, and Jazz, he was white not red

    • Soundwave's cannon was on his left shoulder when he ejected laserbeak. It should have been on his right shoulder.

    • When the Constructicons transformed into Devastator, Hook formed the chest, the abdomen, and a part of each arm.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Starscream: Combaticons, transform!
      (The old vehicles start transforming into decepticons)
      Starscream: Brawl, Swindle, Blast-off, Vortex and Onslaught!

    • (Bruticus defeats Devastator)
      Starscream: Now, Megatron, will you bow to the true Decepticon leader?
      Megatron: Never!
      Starscream: Bruticus?
      (Bruticus grabs Megatron, squeezing him)
      Starscream: Now, Megatron, will you admit who leads the Decepticons?
      Megatron: (weakly, beaten) Enough. You are.
      Starscream: I can't hear you!
      Megatron: (louder) You are!
      Starscream: I now lead ALL Decepticons!
      (Stunticons arrive behind Starscream/Bruticus)
      Motormaster: Megatron's in trouble.
      Dead End: Who cares?
      Wildrider: It looks like Starscream's defeated him!
      Dead End: So?
      Motormaster: So what makes you think he'll stop there?
      Dead End: Good point. He never knows when to quit.
      Motormaster: Stunticons, merge to form Menasor!
      (Stunticons merge, surprise and defeat Bruticus, creating a hole)
      Starscream: (Coming out of the hole) Bruticus?
      Megatron: (Grabbing Starscream by the throat) Not Bruticus! It's Megatron, your leader.

    • Megatron: Starscream is a child! Even with an army of thousands, he couldn't lead them in a parade, let alone against me!

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