Season 3 Episode 27

The Burden Hardest to Bear

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 19, 1986 on ABC Family

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  • An okay episode

    I have to say that since I became a manager I can certainly feel what Rodimus was going through with his "burden hardest to bear." Despite what a lot of people think, leadership isn't easy, and especially in Rodimus's case where he was replacing such a seasoned and experienced leader as Optimus it must be particularly difficult.

    Other than that, though, this was an okay episode. It is never really made clear why Scourge was able to use the Matrix when apparently no other Decepticon could, although it's possible the Matrix simply wanted to teach Rodimus a lesson. Plus it's always bothered me that Rodimus converted back to Hot Rod whenever separated from the Matrix, something Optimus never had to deal with. I couldn't help but think that perhaps they simply should have built him into a more powerful Transformers as they did with Orion Pax, so that this wouldn't keep happening.

    Still, it is an important episode as Rodimus finally starts to realize that he is meant to be leader, and that leading the Autobots is his duty and destiny (at least for a few more episodes).
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