Season 3 Episode 28

The Face of the Nijika

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1986 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Long ago, the Quintessons locked up a race of people in some kind of quadrant lock to prevent them from using the light of the stars to do wondrous things which would present a danger to their own power. Running from the Autobots, the Quintessons retreat to that planet, but the Autobots follow and the quadrant lock device becomes damaged. The race trapped on the planet hate both the Quintessons and their robots, causing trouble for the Autobots. Perceptor is separated from the others and he is locked in microscope mode. One of the natives carves out his Autobot symbol and a vital component beneath it which he uses to repair a robot astronaut from before the first coming of the Quintessons. Perceptor manages to take control of this robot and the two of them become friends. The Quintessons also need Perceptor's component to fix their quadrant lock device so they kidnap Perceptor's friend and force him to give it up. The Autobots attack at that time, defeat the Quintessons, and take the planet out of the quadrant lock.