Season 2 Episode 35

The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1985 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

On the roof of the Hybrid Technologies building, numerous corporate executives are being forced to celebrate the birthday of their bratty new chairman, a young girl named Astoria Carlton Ritz. Astoria starts throwing a temper tantrum because nobody is having any fun, when Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust arrive and try to kidnap her. Powerglide intervenes and manages to rescue her. Astoria becomes infatuated with Powerglide, who could care less. However, Powerglide takes Astoria to Sparkplug's garage in New York City to keep her safe. Optimus Prime instructs Powerglide to take her to the Ark for better protection, but before he gets the chance, Astoria bugs Spike, who's trying to work in the garage, causing all sorts of damage. As it turns out, Astoria has the strange talent of jinxing machinery.
Before Powerglide can take her back to headquarters, Astoria demands they stop by a carnival for food. Powerglide reluctantly stops, and Astoria forces him to ride a merry-go-round. Irritated, Powerglide gets ready to rough her up a little, accidentally touching her locket. Astoria freaks out, saying that her late father gave her the locket before he died and instructed her never to remove it. Powerglide apologizes just as the Conehead Seekers arrive. They chase the pair into the desert outside the Ark, shooting Powerglide down. Powerglide's arm is injured after impact, and Astoria (showing a different side) tries to make him feel better by tying a tourniquet around the wound. Powerglide is touched and begins to change his mind about her, only to have Astoria taken prisoner by the Decepticons.
Ratchet and Wheeljack bring Powerglide back to base for repairs, after which, Powerglide sets off to rescue Astoria. The Seekers bring Astoria to the Decepticon sky platform, where the Constructicons have just finished building a device that will turn the Earth's electromagnetic field into Energon cubes. However, they need a specific formula to make it work, and apparently Astoria is the only one with the information. Megatron attempts to use a machine called the psycho-probe to get the information out of Astoria's brain, but the equipment keeps malfunctioning due to Astoria's jinx.
Powerglide eventually shows up but has trouble flying through the energy storm the sky platform is creating. Astoria escapes and sees Powerglide's plight. She then hurls her locket, which contained the formula Megatron was after, into the control antennae. The locket does a hell of a lot of damage and the sky platform begins to fall. The Decepticons retreat back to their headquarters as Powerglide struggles to steer the platform away from civilization. Before he and Astoria make a break for it, Powerglide finds the perfect place for the sky platform to land. Back in Decepticon Headquarters, the Decepticons are alerted to the sky platform, heading directly for their base. Megatron orders Soundwave, "Energize the force field!", to which Soundwave replies "WHAT force field!?!" The platform crashes into the base, and Megatron then orders all The Decepticons to get busy on repairs. Back in New York City, Powerglide and Astoria agree to part ways as mutual admirers. When nobody's looking, Powerglide opens up his chest, revealing a heart-shaped arrangement of LED lights.