Season 4 Episode 3

The Rebirth (3)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1987 on ABC Family

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  • Goes out with a whimper!

    And now, Part 3 of "The Rebirth", the worst Transformers adventure...ever!

    I have a problem with some of the narration from the previous episode's trailer. First, the narrator says that Galvatron tried to steal the key to the plasma energy chamber in the last episode; Galvatron wasn't even in the last episode. Second--and I admit this is a minor point--they make it sound like the Autobots became Headmasters and Targetmasters, then the Decepticons did. (It was actually 'Bot Headmasters, then 'Con Headmasters and Targetmasters, then 'Bot Targetmasters.) Finally, the narrator states that Optimus learned from Vector Sigma that plasma energy can destroy "machines, robots, even entire stars." Nobody ever said anything about the destruction of stars! I smell a plot point brewing...

    Anyways, Long story short, Scorponok captures Arcee and Daniel and regains the key, and Prime suggests that he and the Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters must get back to Cybertron before Galvatron opens the Plasma Energy Chamber! However, Spike votes to stay behind with Cerebros, and Prime agrees! Wow, Optimus lets himself get manipulated yet again in this episode. He leaves behind a badly injured fellow Autobot in Cerebros, not to mention the only one around who could survive the plasma energy...all because Spike said "Please." Sheesh! But wait--Optimus is forgetting the ten Nebulons who are part of the team now! They're organic, right? Still, he's basically leaving Spike stranded on Nebulos.

    Back on Cybertron, the Decepticons are clearly gaining the upper hand against the Autobots, yet Ultra Magnus shows up with the Protectobots, including First Aid, toting a gun and firing away with the rest of them. Is this the same First Aid who in "The Ultimate Weapon" didn't believe in fighting--indeed, literally wouldn't raise a weapon to save his life? (I'm wondering if Rodimus Prime didn't "program" some sense into him.) The Decepticon Headmasters and Targetmasters show up and clean the Protectobots' clocks, all because Prime left Magnus in charge!

    Back on Nebulos, Spike is able to wake Cerebros up and ask him to take him to that city which Cerebros found! But...Cerebros whines some more that he's had all the fighting he can stand, but Spike says that the Decepticons have Daniel, and so Cerebros reluctantly agrees to help, and off they go! Spike sure is one manipulative son of a biscuit, isn't he? Back in part 1, Cerebros was willing to put everything at stake to stand up for what he believed in -- peace. But in this episode, Spike somehow convinces him to forsake everything just to help out Daniel. Either Spike has some kind of hypnotic power over Autobots, or Cerebros is just a real pushover. And then, Spike and Cerebros find the city where the Hive lived before developing their mental powers. Isn't it amazing that, at a passing glance, Spike can figure out how to operate the Hive machines using a totally alien control panel? Nevertheless, Spike has a plan, which I will show you later on...

    Back on Cybertron, when Monzo and Zarak are interrogating Daniel and Arcee, Monzo grabs the arms of Daniel's exo-suit and yanks, tearing the shoulder connection of the suit a little. Danny lets out a scream like he's in pain. Why? True, his arms are inside the exo-suit armor, but it shouldn't be hurting him. (Now, say, if he'd ripped the entire arm off...)

    Wow, Optimus Prime really has no clue what he's doing in this episode:
    1.Hot Rod, on Scorponok: "How are we ever gonna fight that thing?"
    Optimus: "I don't know, Hot Rod. But we've got to try."
    2.Sureshot, on Cybertron absent from its original spot: "But how could Galvatron move a whole planet?"
    Optimus: "I don't know. But there's only one place he'd take it." (Obviously, Prime's forgotten the time Megatron used the space bridge to bring Cybertron into Earth's orbit in "The Ultimate Doom". But then, this is just the guy that the Quintesson programmed from scratch in "The Return Of Optimus Prime".)
    3.Crosshairs: "What do you suppose Galvatron's up to?"
    Optimus: "I don't know. But I'm gonna find out." Well, let's see -- Galvatron's spent the last three episodes trying to get the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber...maybe, just maybe, he's planning on opening the chamber?? (You get the feeling Prime is really wishing he'd never dumped the Matrix empty about now?)

    Upon spotting the deactivated Autobots, Brainstorm announces, "They'll all die soon without energon!" If this Optimus Prime impostor were the real thing, he would have said, "Actually, Brainstorm, when we Autobots crash-landed on Earth, we survived quite nicely...for over four million years!" (Incidentally, Part 3 of the Beast Wars episode "The Agenda" does solve this nit somewhat.)

    Once the Decepticons capture the Autobots, and Spike and Cerebros arrive in the newly-created Fortress Maximus, the Headmaster procedure Spike used on Cerebros must be different than the one used for the rest of the Autobots. Once Spike and Cerebros combine, it seems to rob Cerebros of all his self-will. Spike does all the talking, but Cerebros responds as though he were an extension of Spike's body. Cerebros even shakes his fist when Spike says, "That does it -- I'm mad!"

    I'd also like to say that Spike must have put in an awful lot of extra college hours. He managed to create the largest Autobot ever, with three transformations, an entire weapons array, not to mention totally refashioning Cerebros's transformed-mode. That's sure a far cry from not knowing how to change Skyfire's fuses in "Fire On The Mountain." (Spike probably gets lessons from Carly.)

    Anyways, Spike saves the planet, and the Decepticons are whisked away forever (by the way, forever is NOT a long time in Transformers terminology)...

    There are always some unresolved questions at the end of a series...One of them is, Optimus decrees that Cerebros shall remain on Nebulos. Well, Spike turns into his head now. Does that mean Spike has to stay on Nebulos, too? And what about the other Headmasters and Targetmasters? Do all the Autobots have to stay on the planet, or will all the Nebulons have to leave for Cybertron? And, perhaps most significant of all, what of Arcee and Daniel? Will she have to go to school with him every day -- if he even *goes* to school? Will Arcee have to live with the Witwickys forever? Should I end this now? Probably.

    Only watch this episode if you have an urge to depress yourself. This is a disgrace to Transformers. Fortunately both the Japanese and TranFans alike are smart and deny any knowledge of "The Rebirth" in the Transformers continuity.

    That's all folks.
  • A sad end

    Unlike apparently a lot of people, I didn't hate the Headmasters season of The Transformers. In fact, when I saw the opening credits for these three episodes I really got my hopes up, as they showed a number of Transformers yet to appear on any episode and I was looking forward to seeing them animated. In fact, I was looking to an actual season, as I had no idea that these three episodes were the entire Season 4 and back then there was no Internet to tell me otherwise. So I waited and waited and waited and no episodes ever came.

    These episodes weren't great, although I don't think they were terrible either. The frustrating thing is that it seemed like they wanted to lead into something, and that never happened. Many people didn't like Rodimus Prime in Season 3, and here we had Optimus Prime back in command. There was a whole batch of new characters added in these episodes, and many, many more new ones to add later. But none of this ever happened.

    I just wish they had gotten the Headmaster concept "right". They should have stuck to the comic book origin, or even gone the way of the Japanese Headmaster series. It just didn't work the way they did it.

    I loved G1. I've enjoyed Transformers since then but never like this. To see that great series and toy line end like this was just sad. They left me wanting more.
  • Want to see more

    The Episode was good for what it was, just think that they should have expanded the arc to lead into the Headmasters Arc that in my honest opinion should have been brought over here and translated.

    Granted there were some goofs in the story continuity, but given the time in which it was shown, I think that it should be overlooked and taken for what it was.

    Overall I believe that for an ending this episode left a flat taste in my mouth when I watched it. Granted they showed more Transformers than I had ever seen, but quanity dose not make up for story quality