Season 4 Episode 3

The Rebirth (3)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1987 on ABC Family

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  • A sad end

    Unlike apparently a lot of people, I didn't hate the Headmasters season of The Transformers. In fact, when I saw the opening credits for these three episodes I really got my hopes up, as they showed a number of Transformers yet to appear on any episode and I was looking forward to seeing them animated. In fact, I was looking to an actual season, as I had no idea that these three episodes were the entire Season 4 and back then there was no Internet to tell me otherwise. So I waited and waited and waited and no episodes ever came.

    These episodes weren't great, although I don't think they were terrible either. The frustrating thing is that it seemed like they wanted to lead into something, and that never happened. Many people didn't like Rodimus Prime in Season 3, and here we had Optimus Prime back in command. There was a whole batch of new characters added in these episodes, and many, many more new ones to add later. But none of this ever happened.

    I just wish they had gotten the Headmaster concept "right". They should have stuck to the comic book origin, or even gone the way of the Japanese Headmaster series. It just didn't work the way they did it.

    I loved G1. I've enjoyed Transformers since then but never like this. To see that great series and toy line end like this was just sad. They left me wanting more.