Season 3 Episode 29

The Return of Optimus Prime (1)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1987 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

The scientis Jessica Morgan and his partner Gregory Swofford (who hates the Transformers, specially Optimus Prime), were testing a ship builded with a prototipe metal that resist heat. During this test in a near sun, they receive an emegency signal from an Autobot ship about to crash in a near asteroid. Jessica and Gregory enter in the ship and finds the death body Optimus Prime, saves him and scapes from the ship. Returning to the Earth they finds that the explosion of the Optimus Prime´s ship coated the scientist ship with spores that makes any life form crazy of hate. Yhe Decepticons assaulted their laboratory, stealing the metal and hurting Jessica. The Autobots saves her, bringing her an exo-suit to make her walk. His father, Mark Morgan, blames the Autobots and uses the body of Optimus Prime and the spores to infect the Autobots, making them fight betwen them. Rodimus saves the body of Optimus, disconnect Metroplex to avoid more problems and sends Skylinx to find a Quintesson to bring Optimus Prime back to life, that was his last orders because Rodimus was infected by Wreckcar. Skylinx found a Quintesson and succesfully bring back to life Optimus Prime.
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