Season 3 Episode 29

The Return of Optimus Prime (1)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1987 on ABC Family

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  • He come back!

    When I saw this episode on my my childhood, I wasn´t believe it! Optimus Prime returned from the death and nothing in the universe can´t stop him! He was finded in the flag ship of the autobots by Jessica nad Gregory during an experiment with a metal that resist radiation and hig temperatures. Gregory hates all the Transformers, specially Optimus Prime, because in a fight against Megatron, they hurt accidentally Gregory. Gregory planned to use the death body of Optimus Prime to infect the Transformers with spores that makes crazy any form of life, robotic or not. Rodimus saves the body of Optimus and send Skylinx to find a Quintesson (they resurrect Optimus in on ocassion in an attempt todestroy the Autobots, but Optimus recovered his personality in the last moment and saves them all). The Quintesson resurrects Optimus Prime who is now ready for the battle against the spores and the Decepticons!
  • This episode, along with the next three were very painful to watch.

    Even though it was a cool idea to bring Optimus back it almost makes me angry that they did, it ruined the entire end of the movie, it ended on a sad note. Optimus was dead because he sacrificed himself to kill Megatron and to save everyone, it was one of the most noble things I have ever seen in a cartoon. This just ruined the entire idea of that and took away from his cinematic death. Optimus is dead to me and he will remain that way to me. No half-baked fanboy episode is gonna change that, the only reason for this is that everyone was too whiney to accept him being dead.