Season 3 Episode 29

The Return of Optimus Prime (1)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1987 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Goofs: When Dr. Morgan rushes to the hospital to see Jessica after coming out of surgery, he runs by the Combaticon Swindle standing alongside two Protectobots. And later, even though the hate plague started on Earth, somehow a number of Sharkticons were infected on the planet where SkyLynx rescued a Quintesson. It's doubtful the plague could have already spread that far.

    • When Mark says 'Pleased', it looks like he IS pleased; his lips are smiling!

    • There is a noticeable delay when Ultra Magnus infects Wreck-Gar that doesn't happen when anyone else is infected.

    • When Rodimus is warning everyone not to touch any red dust, Defensor's mouth is moving.

    • Right after Rodimus and the Autobots arrive at the lab and he sends Bumblebee, Wheelie, Blurr, and Steeljaw on patrol, we see Goldbug standing in front of Superion and Defensor, despite the fact that Bumblebee, who has just been sent away, hasn't even been rebuilt into Goldbug yet.

    • When the Technobots merge to fight Abominus, Afterburner forms not only the right arm but also the right shoulder, when in fact both shoulders are part of Scattershot.

    • The rats in the glass cage are both red even before Gregory infects them with the spores.

    • Brawl's aura overlapped Headstrong's body after he infected him.

    • When the Aerialbots first combined into Superion, Skydive formed the left leg and Air Raid formed the right leg.

    • When the Aerialbots transformed into their jet modes, Skydive was missing, and there were two Air Raids.

    • When the Protectobots transformed into their vehicle modes, Streetwise's siren was white, and Hot spot and First Aid were missing their sirens.

    • Also when the Protectobots combine into Defensor, his left arm is missing! Did First Aid run away again, as he did in "The Ultimate Weapon"?

    • In "Dark Awakening" a living Optimus Prime was on a collission course with an asteroid in the middle of a space battle. (And in the original edit he does indeed crash, though a modified version was repeated immediately before this episode.) But here his ship is all alone in space, is about to crash into a star, and his body is in better condition than it was in the latter episode.

    • Rodimus decides to shut Metroplex down to avoid a major catastrophe. However, no one seems concerned about what might happen if Trypticon is infected!

    • When Ratbat returns to the Decepticons, he's colored white when changing to cassette mode. Then when he plays back what he recorded, Galvatron immediately assumes Jessica is talking about Optimus, despite the fact the playback doesn't even mention him by name.

    • The effects of the hate plague varies drastically from scene to scene.

    • When Dr. Morgan arrived at the hospital, Swindle was there, standing next to the Protectobots. Also, Hot Spot's chest plate was blue instead of red.

    • When Bruticus smashes through into the lab, he's the size of a normal Decepticon.

    • When the Autobots leave the lab with an injured Jessica, First Aid says to Dr. Mark Morgan, "We'll bring your daughter to County General, sir!" yet Lightspeed's mouth moved.

    • When the Aerialbots combined for the second time, Slingshot formed Superion's right leg.

    • After the Decepticons entered the lab, they were attacked by Ultra Magnus and two Aerialbots. But the Aerialbots had already merged.

    • When the infected Protectobots started fighting each other, Streetwise was drawn with Rodimus Prime's head. He also had an aura on his back shaped like Rodimus' spoiler.

    • After the other Autobots were injured by Superion, Defensor's chest plate was blue instead of black. The wheel on his left leg was also blue.

    • Rodimus Prime is completely red right before Wreck-Gar touches him.

    • Fireflight is transparent when Ultra Magnus rams him.

    • The Aerialbots' auras are gone right before they combine.

    • After Chase becomes infected by the spores, he transforms into a different car mode than before.

    • After the Protectobots form Defensor, Defensor's eyes are white!

    • When Soundwave looks down at his cassette window, his faceplate dosen't move with his head.

    • Ultra Magnus' right leg overlaps Wreck-Gar's arm when Rodimus shoots him.

    • Razorclaw's aura shines through Headstrong's body after Headstrong infects him.

    • Ratbat is completely white when he goes into Soundwave's cassette door.

    • The Washington Monument is the wrong color when Defensor throws it.

    • Soundwave's voice is amplified incorrectly in this episode.

    • Superion is a lot larger than Defensor when he attacks him.

  • Quotes

    • Abominus: (Only line) Computron think too much!

    • Sharkticons: Infect them all!
      Sky Lynx: Need a lift, Quintesson?
      Quintesson: Let me in.
      Sky Lynx: Not so fast. I'll only let you aboard if you agree to bring Optimus Prime back to life.
      Quintesson: I'll do it!
      Sky Lynx: Wise choice.

    • Quintesson: I did it! Optimus Prime lives!
      Sky Lynx: It's true. Our leader is back.
      Optimus Prime: Yes, Sky Lynx, and this time no force in the universe is going to stop me.

    • Sky Lynx: A Quintesson? But they're in hiding on the far edges of the galaxy.
      Rodimus: What's a' matter? Don't you think you can do it?
      Sky Lynx: Of course I can do it! But what on Cybertron do you want with a Quintesson?
      Rodimus: I need a Quintesson to help revive Optimus Prime!
      Sky Lynx: Optimus Prime! Then I shall not rest unitl I find you a Quintesson!

    • Wreck-Gar: Ayayayayay! Lucy, Lucy, what have you done now?
      Rodimus Prime: Wreck-Gar! Help me see if there's anything that can be done with Optimus!
      Wreck-Gar: I'm a doctor, not a forklift! His engines, they cannot take the strain!
      Rodimus Prime: Wreck-Gar! Any hope the Junkions can repair him?
      Wreck-Gar: He's dead, Jim.

  • Notes

    • This is the first and only episode where all five individual Stunticons appear but don't combine to Menasor.

    • When Optimus Prime was rescued by Jessica and Gregory, he shows his left arm intact and in the episode 73, Dark dawn, he lost that arm in the fight with Rodimus Prime. This is probably because the transformers have some kind of program for repair a limited amount of damage, and before his death, Optimus may took his arm and reassemble it to his body in a possible necessity to take his ship under control.

    • This is the first of five episodes that Jack Angel provided the voice of Cyclonus. Roger C. Carmel who provided his voice throughout the series was too ill to complete the series and died soon afterwords.

    • The hate plague is spread by contact. Yet, when Ultra Magnus invades Metroplex, Metroplex is not affected, even though Magnus is always in contact with him. One could argue the reason being that the plague needs to infect Metroplex's brain, which would explain why Rodimus Prime deactivated him. Still, it leaves one to wonder, especially if it was possible that Trypticon, the Decepticon City, could've been affected as well.

    • Last appearances of Computron, Defensor, Ratbat, Soundwave, Superion, Wheelie, and Wreck-Gar.

    • A "milder" version of the hate plague would be featured in the Beast Machines episode "Wolf in the Fold".

    • After the movie, Optimus Prime wasn't supposed to come back. However, a public outcry prompted this two-part episode to resurrect Optimus Prime.

    • Groove and Streetwise aren't referred to by name until this episode.

    • First appearance of Searchlight, Freeway, Wide Load, and Chase.

    • This is the first episode where Abominus actually speaks.

    • Last appearance of the Combaticons in Bruticus form.

  • Allusions

    • Wreck-Gar: I'm a pepper. Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?

      These lines are from the famous ad jingle for Dr. Pepper soda.

    • Wreck-Gar: Well excuuuuuuse us!

      This alludes to Steve Martin's famous bit, "Well excuuuuuuuse me!"

    • When Rodimus shows up with Optimus for repairs, Wreck-Gar references one line from I Love Lucy and three from the original 1960s Star Trek series.