Season 3 Episode 30

The Return of Optimus Prime (2)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Mar 03, 1987 on ABC Family

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  • The Touch

    This is my favorate episode/two parter in the entire show. The epsode just had an emotional and epic feel to it and a good message on the evil of hate, it might seem a bit preachy but a good message all the same. And also it's another one of the only animated episodes where the world ended or almost anyway making it pritty dark, and thats a great thing that doesn't happen often only other shows that had end of the world scenarios were "Ducktales" and "Pritty Soilder Sailor Moon".

    We just see the character Optimus Prime at his best which reminds me why he's my favorate character, I love the fact that in this he has to work side by side with the person that killed him Galavatron/Megatron, I liked some of that uneasy interplay with both of them; like in one scene Galavatron recalls killing Prime and remembers how good it felt and then Prime says he remembers as well there was almost a small tense anger when he said that. Good guys and bad guys working together always seems to make big differences and accomplishments, and that's another good message the episode has how it's better to make friends than enimies.

    I also really liked the conflict between both Rodimus and Optimus it's one of my favorate fights ever. In a way it's sort of the classic conflicts, good and evil sibiling or even old and young. We see that even though Rodimus does outmatch him a little, Optimus is better, I loved it when he won I cheered. And the ending gave me a good feeling inside from that song from the film when Optimus the sole survivor used the Matrix for the last time, down to the interactions at the end when the scientist realizes he was wrong, seeing Galavatron and his Deceptacons save their war with the Autobots for another day, but best of all seeing Optimus with his autobots saying his famous quote "Autobots Roll Out", it was a great feeling knowing things were back to where they were again, as a saying goes more things change more they stay the same. Optimus Prime truly does have the Touch.
  • The resurrection of Optimus Prime and rational Megatron in the wild Galvatron coupled with the song 'Touch' makes this episode the best one of the "post-1986 movie" series..

    It starts from when Sky Lynx gets the Quientessan judge to repair and bring back to life Optimus Prime. And as expected, he gets down to business, the moment he is reactivated to, you know.. save the world and all. First of all, Optimus regroups the survived un-infecting Autobots (including Bumble-bee who is rechristened as Gold Bug) and gets down to find good old wild Galvatron and appeals to the Megatron in him (incidentally Optimus Prime is the only autobot to recognize that Galvatron is Megatron). Galvatron unwillingly agrees considering he has no other option with Cyclonus and the other Decepticons hunting him. He takes him to his secret cave to get the metal coating that Prime needs to protect himself from the madness plague when he is to remove the matrix from the infected Rodimus. While Galvatron is his usual self harassing the autobots with his traps and all, he protects them from any series damage and keeps the infected decepticons at bay. After realizing the potential of the metal coating, he tries to put out Optimus only to be thwarted by Sky Lynx, who forces him to work and put the protective metal coating in the transformed Optimus and later gets infected. Optimus then coats himself with the metal and has an interesting duel with Rodimus before securing the matrix and traveling into the matrix to get in touch with his predecessors to work out a cure and then decides to use all of the wisdom of the matrix to cure all of the infected folks in the Galaxy, the song 'The Touch' from the Transformer movie adds a dramatic "touch" to the scene establishing Optimus as the true hero of the series and in the end the humans apologize for the misgiving and Galvatron promises that there will be no more war which I am sure Prime wouldn't be paying much attention to. In the last scene we get Prime using his trademark command 'Transform and Roll Out' with the Touch song playing in the background. Very Good Episode indeed
  • Optimus Prime saves the Universe again!

    I really like this episode because shows up who is the best Transformers. Even when all is lost Optimus Prime can win where others fails (in example: Rodimus). My favourite scene of this episode is when Optimus Prime go to the Matrix and must defeat Rodimus (again). When Rodimus shoots and try some dirty tricks against Optimus, Optimus has only punch the face of Rodimus to knock him down and recover The Matrix, saving the entire Universe from the hate plage. In this episode is, it can be seen Galvatron alittle more reasonable. Maybe the return of Optimus Prime makes him remember his old personality as Megatron.
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