Season 2 Episode 48

The Revenge of Bruticus

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Jan 08, 1986 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • During the final battle, Bruticus is seen with his back cannons from shot to shot, despite them being used to alter the space bridge.

    • The Holograms Shockwave and Starscream used to trick the Combaticons somehow were able to fire real lasers.

    • Just before the Autobots leave for Earth, Sunstreaker's voice can be heard coming out of Sideswipe's mouth.

    • Bruticus' weak spot is in the the place where Onslaught's backpack normally is. If it hadn't been used to alter the space bridge, it would have covered up the weak spot.

    • When Shrapnel says "We lost the Autobots" he doesn't repeat the last word.

    • When Megatron tells Thundercracker and Dirge to take the energon cubes to the space bridge, Thundercracker is drawn as Starscream when he picks up the cubes, then is drawn as Thundercracker when he flies off with them.

    • For some reason, Streetwise actually has lips.

  • Quotes

    • Bruticus: You banished me! I do not like being banished!

    • Optimus Prime: We can rebuild the control unit for the space bridge. I will donate some of my parts, IF Megatron will do the same.
      Megatron: I will do no such thing! I am autonomic perfection.
      Spike: You're gonna be evaporated perfection if we don't find a way to Cybertron to stop Starscream!
      Megatron: Ramjet! (motioning to Perceptor) Watch this Autobot quack closely. The moment he does anything suspicious, shatter his lenses....from the inside.

    • Starscream: (To Megatron) Come in, Mega-bum!

    • As Starscream is leaving the asteroid.
      Starscream: You're all miltary morons!

  • Notes

    • There are two Megatrons in the frame (17:40).

    • Megatron is missing his Decepticon logo from his chest (11:34).

    • Ratchet's head is colored black instead of white (11:30).

    • During this episode, Shockwave is missing one or both of his Decepticon logos from his wrists: (2:18), (9:54), (10:45), (10:57), and (12:54).

    • Starscream is missing his Decepticon logos from both wings (0:42).

    • First Aid is the only Protectobot referred to by name in this episode.

    • This is the tenth episode which doesn't feature Soundwave.

    • It can probably be assumed that Megatron either removed or neutralized the three dots on Bruticus's back which were used to deactivate him, since they were never mentioned again nor did the Autobots ever again try to use that method to defeat him.

    • This is set before "Aerial Assault".

    • No time frame was given for when the Protectobots came to Earth. So it seems that after Starscream and the Combaticons were exiled from Earth in "Starscream's Brigade", Optimus Prime either summoned the Protectobots from Cybertron or had them built on Earth just like the Dinobots.

    • Final appearance of Red Alert. He is believed to have perished in the Decepticon attack on Autobot city in the 1986 Movie.

    • First appearances of Blades, First Aid, Groove, Hot Spot & Streetwise.

  • Allusions

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