Season 2 Episode 32

The Search for Alpha Trion

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1985 on ABC Family
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The Search for Alpha Trion
Elita One and her Female Autobots make life rather difficult for the Decepticons. Unfortunately, Starscream soon successfully leads the counter-effort. Elita One is their prisoner and becomes the bait in a trap for Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader is nearly finished, but Elita One saves him, though at a price. With Elita dying, Optimus races to find the only possible help, the legendary Alpha Trion. The search across Cybertron won't be easy or quick, especially with the Decepticons dogging them. Also, with their leaders missing, members of both Optimus and Elita's teams opt to work together.moreless

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  • Female Transformers are discovered on Cybertron, leading the Decepticons to attack, and then Prime and the other Autobots get involved.

    This is probably my favorite episode out of all the Transformers episodes I've seen. I know it's just a cartoon designed to sell toys and all, but there's something genuinely awesome about seeing Optimus Prime drive through the Decepticon space bridge, knowing it's probably a trap, and then getting captured... all to rescue the woman he loves. It's nice that they're usually protecting humans and people in wheelchairs and such, but having Prime put himself in danger all to save his woman is what makes his character great. Better yet, a short time later, the rest of the Autobots are chatting up the ladies-- and they're all such gentlemen! The main audience for this show was 8-10 year old boys, so I know they couldn't get all mushy, but seeing these Autobots being so cool and genuinely respectful of these women is setting a real positive example. Despite all of its violence and fighting, one thing that you can't fault this show for is its politics-- the good guys always respect the ladies, the ladies respect the guys, and all of them can take care of themselves. How awesome is it that Elita-1 actually rescues Prime??? But the absolute best part of this episode is where Prime is hooked up to Elita-1 and Alpha Trion reveals that they were actually manufactured to be compatible only with each other... how romantic is that? Also, the subtle implication that Alpha Trion is Prime's 'father' gives this show a degree of emotional involvement that took me completely by surprise after watching episode after episode of fighting, fighting, stealing energy, and more fighting. Best episode ever!!!moreless
  • Enter the female Autobots

    One thing I've always felt Transformers lacked were female robots. I never felt it was fair that there were none yeah there was that one episode with that female ninja robot but she was really much of a chracter to be memorable, this episode I felt was a great break from the all male fest we're exposed to as well as paved the way for the character Arrcee. I really liked the female autobot characters let alone the designs of them, all were strong characters had unique personalities and weren't sterotypical. They were all feme fatales meaning they can hold their own. Though my favorate of the bunch is Elita 1.

    What I really like about these characters is they really bring a certain amount of depth to the story and characters that we've never known. I really like how it showed that Optimus Prime actually has a significant other Elita 1 which means he has feelings as well. For once he was not going on a mission to same some random humans from this and that which I'll admit can get a bit old sometimes, but someone he loves deeply. So this episode actually did have a sense of emotion which I don't see much. My favorate moment was when Optimus was in trouble he was in a perilous sittuation he wouldn't be able to get out of, Elita 1 really exercised emotion and just when Optimus was about to die Elita 1 saved him with her power which put her in a near death state. I thought that was really cool seeing a female transformer character save a male transformer character from a sittuation, let alone the fact this is Optimus Prime she saved I give Elita 1 a medal for that.

    And the final minutes were just as great when we discover that even the other Autobots have their significant other and just like Prime treat them with respect likewise for them, much like any good couple should.

    The only gripe I had was they were not used in any more episodes, I know that too much of a good thing isn't healthy but I felt with these characters a lot more could of been done. They've also been supprisingly forgoten in the franshise, I know that there is the female transformer Arrcee but that's only one character there isn't a whole diverse group so that's still not fair. I might be a bit bold about this but I honestly feel the fact that those characters are forgoten has became sort of a lost opportunity for the franshise, what a shame.

    There really isn't much left to say other than the female Autobots are awesome now if only we can have female Deceptacons.moreless
  • Female Transformers, finally!

    Now I understand that they are robots, unable to have kids and whatnot. However, when I was a little watching this series with my brother I was always so upset at the lack of female robots. It seemed unfair to me at age 8. So when this episode happened I was in total awe that there were in fact female robots! Seeing it again today I also love Alpha Trion's character, and the back story it sets it to Prime's creation. I also really appreciate that other female robots were clever and self sufficient, which was always the type of female characters I would seek out when I was young. I think my love for this episode lies in how I wanted the transformers series to be something more for all kids, not just boys, and even to this day I feel like one of the only girls out there who loved this show as much as the boys did.moreless
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Paul Eiding


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Gregg Berger

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