Season 1 Episode 8

The Ultimate Doom: Brainwash (1)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1984 on ABC Family

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  • A new space bridge is built to deliver a "special cargo" to Earth. Possibly the best episode of the first season. Casey Kasem excellent at voicing the Dr. Arkeville character.

    A thick and multi-dimensional plot makes this one of the best episodes on Transformers, period. Dr. Arkeville, a human voluntarily working with Megatron to enslave humanity so that he can rule Earth, was well voiced by Casey Kasem. It’s nice to see the Decepticons trying to use humans to their advantage instead of wasting our potential (I’m sure we would make very effective hypno-slaves…lol). Creating the conflict between father and son was interesting and kind of a dark theme for a children’s show. The Cybertron element of the episode definitely looked cheesy and defied several fundamental physical laws, but hey, it was a cool idea and of course an important plot element in future episodes. The animation really could have been a lot better, but the writing was very good so it can be forgiven.
  • Good plot.

    This episode has a good plot, the Decepticons lures the Autobots far away from their headquarter, bringing Soundwave a chance to kidnap Sparksplug and test an "Hip`no-chip", and later build up an army of human pupets without brain. The main plan of Megatron is build up the biggest "Spacebridge" for take Cibertron to the Earth orbit and generates a lot of energy. Even Megatron is able to convince Optimus Prime to activate it, talking him a lie: if he don´t activates it, all the people of Cibertron will die. It´s a bit sadly that Sparksplug must to face off his own son, but he is controled by the evil Decepticons.
  • Tables Turned

    Might not quite be the greatest episode due to some slow down in some places. But it helped get the ball rolling in this cool three parter. We see for once the tables turned on the Autobots because the Decepticans have the winning hand, from enslaving the humans including Spike's dadhow much more crueler can they get from that? Well they get a lot crueler, not just is Megatron ruthless in his conquest campagn but he's also crazy (like a ruthless stock broker, wanting to win at any cost). Building a space bridge to bring Cypertron down to Earth not just to ship Energon cubes to Cypertron but also suck out all of Earth's energy to destroy all the humans and Autobots. The Autobots efforts in destroying the space bridge prove to be fruitless, and we see for once in cruel suttilty the Autobots lose a battle. But don't fret because the battle may be lost but the war is not over.
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