Season 3 Episode 20

The Ultimate Weapon

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 10, 1986 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Rodiums' mouth is briefly missing before speaking his last line.

    • Goofs: When Spike and Daniel steal Tryticon's cog, it's shaped like a diamond. When Rodimus takes it in possession before having it installed into Metroplex, it's shaped like an actual cog. Then when First Aid modifies it to help him control his transformations, it's back to the original diamond shape.

    • Goofs: Before the end of the first battle, Rodimus' Autobot insignia is missing when a pile of rubble collapses on him. Then before the Decepticons depart, Galvatron is seen with an Autobot insignia.

    • Goofs: Silverbolt, in jet mode, is colored black after exiting Trypticon.

    • When both Metroplex and Trypticon have to use each other's transformation cogs they both suffer transformation malfunctions. However, as always seems to happen Trypticon's cog did not let him down during battle whereas Metroplex's did. Metroplex's cog is then fixed which allows him to defeat Trypticon.

    • Goof: When First Aid speaks at the end, and Rodimus Prime is behind him, Rodimus' face resembles First Aid's (mouth cover). Wouldn't be goofy if Rodimus didn't always have a normal looking face. When Rodimus speaks, his "mouth cover" goes away and is replaced by his normal face.

    • First Aid was said to be the only one who could install Metroplex's transforming cog. But in "Five Faces of Darkness", part 5, the cog was installed by Pipes.

    • Octane and Blitzwing are fighting alongside the other Decepticons, even though they were both exiled by Galvatron.

  • Quotes

    • Trypticon: Trypticon turn Metroplex into slum!

    • Swindle: I heard you were a pacifist, First Aid, but I don't believe there's a Transformer who wouldn't fight for his life!
      First Aid: I don't believe in fighting; I'm a medic, not a warrior!
      Swindle: Then you'll die for your beliefs!

    • Galvatron: I tell you this is the end!
      Rodimus Prime: You're right, it is. Because I used the REAL ultimate weapon: my mind! (fearlessly approaches Galvatron)
      Galvatron: Stay back! I said stay back!! (Rodimus continues approaching, calling his bluff, causing him to smash his device) Aaaah!!! There'll be another day, Rodimus!
      Rodimus Prime: And we'll be ready.

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