Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1985 on ABC Family
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It is believed that the electrocells could be very valuable assets in the war. The lure of this power brings the Decepticons and the Insecticons together again. They've had problems with each other in the past, however, problems that Mirage tries to exploit to the Autobots' advantage. Unfortunately, he is found out and Bombshell attaches a cerebro-shell to him. With Mirage their puppet, the Decepticons and the Insecticons intend to finish the Autobots once and for all.moreless

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  • The real traitor is revealed!

    Of all the awesome episodes of this fantastic show, I never much liked this episode due to its premise.

    Sure, Cliffjumper is quite rash and quick to judge, but it's insane how he would think Mirage is a traitor. Mirage was the 1 who stopped the Decepticons from final victory by blasting their ship from the inside in MTMTE part 3!

    So Mirage didn't report on the Decepticons, so Cliffjumper jumps to conclusions cause he doesn't believe they weren't there the previous day.

    This happens all the time in SCooby Doo when the ghost disappears after scaring Shaggy & Scooby, and nobody believes them.

    This shouldn't happen in Transformers, and only proves that perhaps Cliffjumper is the real traitor!

    This ep did include some cool aspects. Like the violent relationship between the Insecticons and Megatron's Decepticons; and how Mirage was smart to manipulate it. And getting injured by Shrapnel's grenade proved invisible doesn't mean invincible.

    Prime was good how he ignored Cliffjumper's accusations without evidence. But he should have disciplined Cliffjumper with a gold ol' titanium-slap across the alloyed-face!

    It was nice to see Cliffjumper admit he had holes in his head.moreless
  • CLiffjumper vs Mirage

    An intereting episode where two friends must face each other. Cliffjumpers argues that Mirage is a Decepticon spy, but Mirage only want to probe his innocense. There are some errors like Cliffjumper having been shown to be on friendly terms with Mirage in “More than Meets the Eye part 2”and suddenly hates his guts for no good reason, the Decepticon insignia that Mirage tears off of Skywarp is made of fabric and when the Insecticons are first under fire from the Decepticons, Shrapnel talks without his voice-over effects. One of the most interesting scenes is when the electric shells starts to burn and Megatron uses nitrogen, like Ironhide, to extinguise the fire.moreless
Scatman Crothers

Scatman Crothers


Clive Revill

Clive Revill


Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Megatron / Galvatron / Soundwave / Wheelie / Rumble / Mirage / Blades / Chromedome / Frenzy / Groove / Mixmaster / Skywarp / Slu

Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem

Cliff Jumper / Telatran-1 / Bluestreak / Dr. Archeville

Christopher Collins

Christopher Collins

Starscream / Wheeljack / Defensor / Reflector / Sparkplug Witwicky

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Spike Witwicky, Brawn, Shockwave, Sunstreaker, Wideload

Clive Revill

Clive Revill

voice of Scientist

Guest Star

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

voice of Scientist 2

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Megatron is about to use nitrogen to put out the flames on the machine, he knocks one Staracream out of the way while another stands by him on the other side. One of them was likely Skywarp, but the wrong color.

    • Ratchet's weapon switches colors from white to black (19:54).

    • When the Autobots retreat, Jazz' bumper is on one take. Jazz was not part of the squad Optimus took to retrieve the cells.

    • During this episode, Ratchet only has one Red Cross. Since season 1, he has had one Red Cross on each shoulder.

    • The Insecticons' voices are really inconsistant throughout this episode. Several times Kickback can be heard talking with Shrapnel's voice, and other times Shrapnel's trademark "repetitions" (when he speaks, he often quietly echos the last words in a sentence. For example "We must destroy the Autobots *quieter*Autobots") are missing.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Cliffjumper: (to himself) Just what I suspected. Mirage is helping the Decepticons.

    • Bombshell: First the Decepticons reward us, then they rob us!

    • Cliffjumper: Uh-oh, sounds like I'm not alone.
      Starscream: You're not! And this is one of those times when you really need a friend!

    • Cliffjumper: (to Mirage) Try and remember which side you're on, Mirage!
      Optimus Prime: Keep your mind on the Decepticons, Cliffjumper!
      Cliffjumper: That's just what I'm doin!

    • (Mirage and Skywarp grapple with each other, Mirage manages to land a left hook on Skywarp)
      Skywarp: I didn't feel a thing!
      Mirage: Then let's try AGAIN! (Mirage trys another punch but Skywarp dodges him and grabs him in a full-nelson)
      Skywarp: Too fast for ya, huh Autobum?

    • Cliffjumper: An electrocell! Come to papa...
      Starscream: Not so fast, papa!
      (Starscream blasts Cliffjumper)
      Starscream: Didn't you ever learn not to touch things that don't belong to you? (points his weapon at Cliffjumper)
      Cliffjumper: Okay Optimus! Jump him! Now!
      Starscream: (distracted) Optimus Prime!? Where?!
      (Cliffjumper takes advantage of Starscream's distraction and blasts him off the electrocell platform)
      Starscream: AARRGH!
      Cliffjumper: Poor Starscream! The oldest tricks only work on the biggest jerks!

    • Megatron: I know this will be difficult for you, Bombshell, but think!

  • NOTES (3)