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Transformers: The Movie

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Aug 08, 1986 on ABC Family
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Transformers: The Movie

Much has changed since the battles of 1984 and all the way up to 2005. Chiefly, many new faces on both sides are present and the Decepticons rule Cybertron with an iron fist. Though the Autobots intend to change that, the battle will not be easy. Twists and turns ensure death and chaos for many, even Optimus and Megatron. However, a weakened Megatron manages to make a pact with the vile Unicron for greater power. Seeking the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, Galvatron leads Cyclonus and Scourge into action. More is at stake than they know, and it will take an unlikely Autobot to save the day.


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  • Dare to believe you can't survive!

    "Transformers: The Movie"

    Grade: A*

    Whoa! After seeing this movie I've concluded its one of the best movies ever, and the use of Stan Bush's music to killing Optimus Prime off, lead the series in killing some major original Transformers characters to new ones. This movie rocked, and who would have thought the death of Optimus Prime could actually shed a tear out, even to some older viewers? Hotrod becoming Rodimus Prime was a nice touch, and the use of the music "The Touch" on the Optimus vs Megatron battle scene was freakin' awesome. Enough with the awesomeness of this movie. If you see this, you'll definatly feel you've stepped back in the 80s, though full of nostalgia as well. Two thumbs up, and still better than the live-action Michael Bay Transformers movies!moreless
  • In the year 2005, the Decepticons launch a devastating attack against Autobot City on Earth. The battle results in the loss of both Autobot Commander Optimus Prime and Decepticon Leader Megatron. But the worst is yet to come, as the planet-devouring Unicrmoreless

    This movie was released between the second and third seasons of the Transformers cartoon series, and acts as a bridge between the two seasons. This movie was essential for introducing all the new characters in season three, and explaining what happened to all the older characters. As compared to all the episodes of the first two seasons, the movie had a far superior look with much more detailed artwork. Add a good(in 1986) voice cast which includes the likes of Judd Nelson, Robert Stack, and Leonard Nimoy to the great look and pivotal plot, and it stacks up as a superior movie.

Orson Welles

Orson Welles

Voice of Unicron

Guest Star

Judd Nelson

Judd Nelson

voice of Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime

Guest Star

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

voice of Galvatron

Guest Star

Regis Cordic

Regis Cordic

voice of Quintesson Judge

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (51)

    • Goofs: When Optimus Prime first transforms to truck mode, his trailer is missing its Autobot insignia.

    • Two points of interest about the Optimus Prime and Megatron fight - 1. Prime asking him 'One shall stand, one shall fall.' It seems Megatron stood whereas Optimus fell

      2. When Megatron asks 'Why throw away your life so recklessly', shouldn't have he asked Prime that in 'City of Steel' before the Constructicons disassembled him.

    • In the scene on junkion (planet Junk) when Daniel trys to transform, you see an Insecticon. But the Insecticons were some of the robots turned into the sweeps (though Unicron could have cloned them with DNA after he turned Megatron into Galvatron).

    • When Kup, Springer, Arcee and Daniel are running through the tunnel in Unicron, daniel falls over. he slides across the floor while falling

    • When Hot Rod jumps out of the sharkticon pool (in car mode) his autobot symbol is Black instead of red

    • When Megatron says "FALL! FALL!!!" when shooting Optimus look closely at his mouth, he actually says "Fall" three times

    • The scene where Unicron transformed is from a promo reel shown in Japan before work on the full film began, this explains why Unicron and Galvatron look slightly different.

    • Thundercracker is at Starscreams coronation despite being transformed into Scourge minutes earlier (unless this is because Unicorn cloned him with DNA after Megatron changed into Galvatron)

    • When Eject attacks Ravage, he's colored like Rewind.

    • In the scene featuring the inside of Optimus Prime's truck cabin (when he chases after Blitzwing), Prime has a different dash board than he did in "Triple Takeover." (He even has a cute little Autobot symbol on his steering wheel!)

    • Although Reflector was not among the Decepticons that attack Autobot City he is seen in one shot where the Decepticons make their big push.

    • When the Autobots escape through Unicron's eye the interior shot of Unicron's head shows that it is his left eye they smash through. But when we switch to the exterior shot of his head it is his right eye they are coming out of.

    • After Rodimus throws Galvatron in to oblivion, Galvatron's gun is on the wrong arm in his final shot.

    • After Kup and Hotrod make it back to Autobot City there is an overhead shot with the Decepticons flying around and attacking, if you watch carefully you will not only see Shockwave but also Ironhide flying over.

    • Shrapnel's left pincer is missing when he and Kickback are eating their way through the bulkhead door.

    • When Unicron reformats the damaged decepticons, Bombshell is shown in the foreground of one shot, with Skywarp in the background as both are turned into Cyclonus. Also, Bombshell's Cyclonus is the one that the camera follows as he transforms, with Unicron introducing them as "Cyclonus and his armada". However, as the above goof mentions, after this point we only see one Cyclonus and 3 sweeps, and it would be a bit odd if two of the insecticons were reformatted as sweeps while Bombshell gets to become Cyclonus.

    • Several episodes in season 3 establish that Autobot City is actually the giant transformer Metroplex. However, in the movie, Autobot City is a much different configuration than Metroplex's city/fortress mode. Also, why do Arcee and Springer need to manually convert the city. Metroplex is able to tranform on his own, just like any other Transformer.

    • When the Decepticons kill Brawn, Prowl, Ratchet, Ironhide, Wheeljack and Windcharger, they are shown getting shot and falling in first few scenes, then when they are dead, the Decepticons fly to the controls and all 4 of the robots are shown lying in different positions.

    • When Unicron transforms, there is a shot panning up as he raises and clenches his fist, then flies towards Cybertron intent on "its dismemberment." In this shot, his head is mostly grey, with a gold streak from the centre of his forehead over the top of his head, and his face has a flat chin. In every subsequent shot his head is mostly gold and he has a double pointed 'beard.'

    • During the scene where the 4 Sweeps ships attack Autobot City, Grimlock shoots fire at one of them and you can clearly see him explode but later on all 4 are back! But we saw one of them clearly explode and die.

    • Before Galvatron transformed into his artillery piece, he has the Autobot Matrix around his neck. After he transforms into his normal form, the matrix around his neck is missing. After Unicron has swallowed Galvatron, the Matrix magicly reappears around his neck, how did he do that?

    • When Kup and Hot Rod arrive on the planet of the Sharkticons, they attempt to use the universal greeting and give the natives energon goodies. Both robots mention that they are out, yet when they arrive on the planet of junk, Hot Rod offers Wreck-Gar an energon goodie. Where did he get it? Do the energon goodies regenerate? Did he get it from Wheelie, the Sharkticons, the Dinobots? Did he find it on the ship, WHERE?

    • Right after Blitzwing shoots Shrapnel by accident, Kup and Hot Rod are heading for the city. Notice that in the background Autobot city is being attacked. However, in the very next scene, we see Perceptor telescoping the Decepticons, and we see that none of them are attacking but just moving in! What happened, did the Autobots start attacking themselves!!

    • When Prowl takes a shot at Scavenger, Scavenger's head is white. Yet when he shoots back at Prowl in the next shot his head is black.

    • When Daniel knocks down half of the acid vat's cover and Bumblebee, Jazz, Cliffjumper, and Spike land on it, none of Unicron's other victims follow them, even though they weren't the last to be eaten.

    • Some Transformers who had no speaking parts are still listed in the credits.

    • Thundercracker runs inside Astrotrain and is perfectly O.K, but during the 'survival of the fittest' vote he is damaged.

    • When Megatron asks the telling question, "Why throw away your life so recklessly?" Optimus Prime responds, "That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron," and he appears to be returning to a standing position from being hunched over, even though he was standing upright just a moment ago. In the script, there was a scene where Dirge tries to tackle Prime from behind, and Prime grabs him and slams him to the ground. I'm guessing that this scene was animated or planned to be, which explains Dirge's listing in the voice credits. Prime standing back up does make a lot more sense when you consider the scene from the script.

    • What ever happened to Hound and Sunstreaker after they arrived with Optimus at Autobot city.

    • Optimus Prime is talking to each moon base through computer. We see that Jazz and Cliffjumper are far away from Prime as he is talking to him through the computer. However, after we see the ship leave, the screen goes to Optimus Prime, and Jazz and Cliffjumper are standing right behind him!

    • When the Decepticons are attacking the unlucky few Autobots on their on ship, Megatron transforms into his famous gun mode, and into the hands of Starscream. Starscream is blasting one of the autobots away. However, when the screen comes back to Starscream, he is using his laser! Where did Megatron disappear to?!

    • When the Constructacons first form Devastator his chest plate goes from lime green in the first scene to purple in the next. Till all are one!

    • Ultra Magnus is clearly blown to small pieces by the Sweeps, but when he is put back together by the Junkions, he is in large pieces.

    • When Devastator is falling apart during the Decepticon leadership argument, Hook, in robot mode, leaps up.

    • When Ultra Magnus gets the matrix, he opens his chest, puts it in a compartment inside, then takes it out and puts it back in.

    • Windcharger appears to be bigger than Arcee when she drags him across the floor.

    • Neither Lithone nor Moon Base 1 have any idea that Unicron is coming.

    • Swoop can be seen fighting on Earth, but then appear on Optimus Prime's shuttle.

    • When the Autobots were trying to escape from Autobot City while fighting Galvatron and the Decepticons, they left Blaster behind.

    • Starscream shot Brawn in the shoulder, but when he fell he had a wound in the middle of his back.

    • Wouldn't the Autobots just get sucked out of the shuttle once the decepticons blew a hole in it?

    • How can Devastator fit inside Astrotrain. For that matter, how could Soundwave fit inside Astrotrain.

    • There are a few breathing points in the movie. During Starscream's coronation, the Constructicons are playing trumpets
      1) Some of the Constructicons don't have mouths,
      2) Robots don't breath in the first place
      Plus, Galvatron trying to choke Hot Rod? I don't think so.

    • Optimus and Starscream turn grey when they die, yet Brawn, Ratchet, Ironhide, Prowl, Wheeljack and Windcharger don't turn grey when they die.

    • Both Hound and Sunstreaker are seen setting up the road block on Earth with Kup and Huffer. But when Optimus arrives in a shuttle they are part of the Shuttle crew.

    • During Unicrons attack on Cybertron we see the Decepticon Jets Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust get killed by Unicron. But then they appear alive in the third season.

    • When Unicron rebuilds the damaged Decepticons we see him make 3 Sweeps and 2 Cyclonuses. But after that scene there are only 4 Sweeps and 1 Cyclonus.

    • How could Blurr, Perceptor, Wreck-Gar, and many others survive the destruction of Wrec-Gar's ship?

    • Some odd color errors keep popping up with Rumble and his buddy during the scene when they try to stop Blaster from contacting Prime. When they were flying in the air and transforming into robot mode, they two of them both had black and red colors but once they landed on top of the radio tower, Rumble gets his purple colors back. Also, when Blaster sends out his own robots after Rumble and the other robots, one of them that is black briefing flickers blue when he transforms.

    • Even after their deaths, Thundercracker, Starscream, Skywarp and the Insecticons, can be seen alive and well, in some later scenes (again, Skywarp, Thundercracker and the Insecticons reappearing could be because of Unicron's cloning DNA).

    • During the Decepticons fight over who's going to be the new leader, Hook, who's fighting Soundwave, appears to be as big as him.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Starscream: My fellow Decepticons. As your new leader I...
      (Galvatron and Cyclonus fly in)
      Starscream: Who disrupts my corornation?!
      Galvatron: Coronation, Starscream? This is bad comedy.
      Starscream: Megatron? Is that you?
      Galvatron: Here's a hint!
      (Galvatron transforms into gun mode and vaporizes Starscream)
      Galvatron(crushing Starscream's crown): Will anyone else attempt affiliations?
      Rumble: What'd he say his name was?
      Galvatron: Galvatron !
      Decepticons(in unison): All hail Galvatron! Galvatron!

    • Megatron: Prime!
      Optimus Prime: One shall stand, one shall fall.
      Megatron: Why throw your life away so recklessly?
      Optimus Prime: That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron.

    • Quintesson Judge: Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court!
      Hot Rod: I have nothing but contempt for this court.

    • Megatron: Constructicons! Merge for the kill!
      Daniel: Kup, Hot Rod, look!
      Kup: Devastator.
      Devastator: Prepare for extermination!

    • Megatron: Wait! I still function.
      Starscream: Wanna bet?

    • Galvatron: I will rip open Ultra Magnus, and any other Autobot...until the Matrix has been destroyed!

    • Unicron: You are to destroy the autobot matrix of leadership. It is the one thing...the only thing...that can stand in my way.

    • Unicron: For a time I considered sparing your little wretched planet Cybertron. But now, you shall witness, it's dismemberment!

    • Unicron: Megatron.
      Megatron: Who..Who said that?
      Unicron: I, am unicron.
      Megatron: Show yourself!
      Unicron: I have summoned you here for a purpose.
      Megatron: No body summons Megatron!
      Unicron: Then it pleases me to be the first.

    • Galvatron: Unicron, my master, with this; I shall make you my slave.

    • Springer: I've got better things to do tonight then die!

    • Arcee: I was afraid you'd be trapped outside the city.
      Hot Rod: Oh hey, I wasn't worried for a micro-second.
      Arcee: Then you probably didn't understand the situation.

    • Megatron: I would have waited an eternity for this. It's over, Prime.
      Optimus Prime: Never!

    • Hot Rod: Not bad for an old timer!
      Kup: Old timer? That's something you'll never be if you don't get back to the city!

    • Optimus Prime: Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost.

    • Galvatron: (to Hot Rod) First Prime, then Ultra Magnus, and now you. It's a pity you Autobots die so easily, or I might have a sense of satisfaction but now...

    • Springer: Come on, Arcee! Megatron's making his big push, and we've got to push back!

    • Perceptor: Ultra Magnus, a cursory evaluation of decepticon capabilities indicates a distinct technical deficiency.
      Ultra Magnus: In other words, Perceptor?
      Springer: We're out numbered!

    • Galvatron: Come out, Autobot. We all must die sometime.
      Hot Rod: Not today Galvatron!

  • NOTES (30)

    • The Intro of the movie is diffrent in the UK, In the US it starts with opening credits while the UK Version has a Star Wars like Title scroll

    • This movie was nominated for the 1987 Young Artist Award for "Feature Films: Animation". David Mendenhall was nominated for the 1987 Young Artist Award for "Exceptional Young Actors in Animation - Series, Specials or Feature Film".

    • Dinobot Snarl only appears twice in this movie, and he is not with the Dinobots when they attack Devastator; escape with Kup and Hot Rod; rescue Kup and Hot Rod from the Quintessons; and when they attack Unicron. Why he wasn't part of the Dinobots, no one seems to be able to answer.

    • This movie was made in 1984-1985, which is why Devastator is the only gestault (combiner) represented here, and there's no appearance from Omega Supreme, the Aerialbots/Stunticons, Combaticons/Protectobots, or many of the second season Transformers.

    • Many of the Autobots killed here were done so to initiate a new line of toys. Ratchet, for example was killed and First Aid, of the Protectobots, would eventually assume the role of Autobot medic.

      This plan would actually backfire on Hasbro/Takara, as once Optimus Prime was killed, they received tons of notices disagreeing with it. Prime's popularity surprised many, and he was brought back later in the episode "Dark Awakening", and permanently in "The Reutrn of Optimus Prime".

    • This was Orson Welles's final acting role before his death on October 10, 1985.

    • This actually marks the final appearance of Cliffjumper.

    • Also the last appearance of Reflector.

    • According to the profile of Sideswipe, it had been conceived that Sideswipe would get killed in Transformers: The Movie, however, that particular scene was never animated.

    • Grapple's cameo appearance may have been intended for Inferno, since we actually see Inferno listed in the end credits.

    • This movie sparks one of the biggest debates in Transformers history. "Is Brawn really dead?". This is because many believe one shot from Megatron wouldn't kill him. While others believe the smoking hole when he's on the ground says different.

    • In the original draft of the Script, Red Alert was supposed to have been shot in the back and killed. Also, Sideswipe, Red and Tracks were meant to have been shown hopping off of Ultra Magnus and Transforming to battle Devastator. Also, Prime was meant to die at the END of the movie by merging with Cybertron to combat Unicron.

    • Although only a few small lines, they were a memorable difference between the theatrical version and tv/video version.

      Spike: "Oh, sh*t, what are we going to do now?"

      Ultra Magnus (trying to open the matrix) "Open...dammit, open!"

    • Also the final time Scavenger speaks, because like Casey Kasem, Don Messick also quit the series after the movie production was finished.

    • Final appearences of: Ironhide, Brawn, Huffer, Bluestreak, Sunstreaker, Hound, Prowl, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Windcharger, Thundercracker and Skywarp. The Insecticons and Megatron return, Megatron in a flashback in the Return of Optimus Prime part one, and the Insecticons as animation mistakes. Also the last time Jazz and Cliffjumper speak, as Scatman Crothers died shortly after the movie wrapped, and Casey Kasem quit after taking offense to the way the character Abdul Fakkadi was portrayed, as Kasem is of Arabic Decent.

    • A four minute trailer that was produced contained two animated scenes that were never featured in the movie. One scene was an original version of Kup telling his war story to the Dinobots. Originally the shuttle was white, the Dinobots were in robot mode and were piloting the shuttle while Kup stood and told his story. The other scene was an original version of the Decepticons attack on Autobot City. Autobot City had an entirely different look and different colour, however two shots from the scene did appear in the movie. Also Ultra Magnus who appeared in the scene had a completely different colour look.

    • Shockwave was killed in the first draft and it appears that his death scene was filmed, but cuts away before it happens. He's telling everyone to scamble as the headquarters is crumbling. If the scene continued Shockwave would have seen Unicron crush him.

    • Wreck Gar's ship was the one being crushed by Unicron and in a scene not animated, Unicron let go of the ship as Rodimus Prime uses the Matrix. That's the reason why they are still around at the end. In fact Blaster is seen on Cybertron at the end.

    • The first draft have the following differences-Lazerbeak returning to headquarters (instead you get a conversation between Prowl and Ironhide), Brawn speaking before he is shot, any Blurr scene before Prime is killed and some of his lines are either cut or given to Springer, a robot being killed by the Quintessions (longer conversation with Kranix instead), Ultra Manugs learns about Junkion after they crash, Dinobots talking to a Quintession before meeting Wheelie. Wheelie's origin is more like his toy origin and it states that he crashed on the planet with his parents (Since when do Transformers have families?), Kup's mystery part is revealed, Slag is seen with Dinobots, Spike & Bumblebee's attempt to stop Unicron happens much later and Spike doesn't use profanity and Daniel's spacesuit scene is absent and a scene with Blurr showing him how to use a exosuit. A sweep is killed. Ultra Magnus's death is like the comic book and he is pulled apart. Wreck-Gar/Springer fight doesn't happen and he kisses Grimlock on the leg. Shockwave is killed as Unicron crushes him.

    • In an early draft of the script-Hound talks and is seen with Kup before the attack on the city and he is seen next to Prime after Prime arrives. Blurr is not seen until after Prime is killed.

    • The movie was never released in Japan until 1990.

    • Also the first appearance of Wheelie, Ratbat, Eject, Ramhorn, Rewind and Steeljaw, Blaster's cassettes, the Sharkticons and Junkions.

    • Even though they die in the movie, Prowl and Ironhide return in Transformers Headmasters, but the story of their ressurrection remains untold!

    • The scene where Unicron is attacking the planet at the beginning of the film had some scenes cut short and some shots cut. Other scenes when Unicron is transforming near the end were cut short also.

    • First appearances of Arcee, Blurr, Daniel (Spike's son), Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime, Kup, Springer, Ultra Magnus, Wreck-Gar, Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, The Sweeps, The Quintessons and Unicron.

    • Grossed $5.8 million at the US box office.

    • Susan Blu (Arcee) recently confirmed that Orson Welles actually did complete the voice-over work before he died.

    • Tagline: Beyond good. Beyond evil. Beyond your wildest imagination.

    • It was rumored that certain Autobots were rebuilt like Bumblebee was and got new names. Brawn could be Outback from Five Faces of Darkness and Huffer became Pipes. Considering that Outback and Pipes had the same body design as Huffer and Brawn.

    • The DVD features sketches that were never animated in the movie. One scene had Ultra Mangus and other autobots fighting Devastator.