Season 1 Episode 4

Transport to Oblivion

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 06, 1984 on ABC Family

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  • The whole episode is pretty much how to get the space bridge working. Cool concept but there were some annoying flaws in this episode.

    Memorable quotes:

    "You will be riding on a beam of light." - Megatron
    "Free to go; to Cybertron" - Soundwave

    The Space Bridge concept was actually a pretty cool idea, although the execution in this episode was weak. A few annoying things:

    At the end of the last episode, the governments on Earth were supposed to help the Autobots get energy back to Cybertron, but we never hear about that again. Megatron speaks with Shockwave's voice at one point. Bumblebee spinning his wheels and falling into the valley was just stupid. The Space Bridge becomes a key aspect in the Transformer's universe, so this is important as its introduction and it is still an enjoyable episode.
  • Good changes!

    This episode was great. The first thing that call my attention was the head of Optimus Prime: a little more agressive than the first appeared in the frist three episodes (this suits better with his "Muscle-Truck" bodie. Another thing was the weapon that carries Ironhide: instead a laser gun similar to a handgun, he carries a heavy laser cannon. You can see in this eisode the accuracy of Optimus when he shoots the transport ship, opening it and saving Spike. Megatron shows here an strange weapon hat appears whe he retracts his left arm, its a disc launcher that can cut even the rocks.
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