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  • Season 4 Episode 3: The Rebirth (3)

  • Goofs: Just after Spike rescues Daniel and Arcee and the latter transforms, her vehicle color is all white when she drives away.

  • When Monzo is torturing Daniel, he is colored red and black, like Vorath.

  • It's safe to assume that the weapons on Fortress Maximus and Scorponox are pretty powerfull, way beyond the power of a transformer weapon. Same would apply for their hulls/armor. Then how come Cerebros/Spike can blast his way into Scorponox so easily and Arcee her way out, and Fortress Maximus and Scorponox weapons don't even make a scratch on each other.

  • In one shot, right before the autobots enter Scroponox, Prime has a yellow (golden?) grill, square lights and no sidemirros.
    In the next shot, he has a yellow grill, round lights and sidemirrors.
    When they are inside and enter the room where they are captured, he has no sidemirros, a yellow grill and rectangular lights.
    Changing colors of parts or even whole transformers happens often throught the whole series, but rarely this much in such a short time for the same transformer.

  • When Streetwise and Blades were shot by Nightstick, Streetwise's entire forehead was red.

  • In this episode, Groove's eyes are blue. They should be gold, like his face.

  • The plasma energy chamber was created millions of years ago by the Quintessons... and its timer can be programmed for ten minutes?

  • Chromedome says something to the effect that the Headmasters automatically revert to their vehicle modes without their heads. Why, then, in part 1, were the Autobots standing around headless, while their heads were being converted into exo-suits for the Nebulons? But okay, let's say that this feature engineered after they became Headmasters. This creates a new problem, though. Remember back in "A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court" when Warpath said he was so low on energy, he couldn't stay transformed? Does it still use up energy for the Headmasters to stay transformed, then? What if the Nebulons who form their heads never come back? Would they revert to headless robot modes when they ran low on energy, or just run out 'till they died?

  • Say, shouldn't Cybertron's close proximity to Earth be tearing the planet apart, as it did in "The Ultimate Doom"? Optimus seems blissfully unconcerned about it. Granted, a few trees falling over really isn't a big deal compared to the Sun going nova.

  • And just when Galvatron thinks he's got Cybertron within his grasp, Ultra Magnus and the Protectobots launch an ambush...including First Aid, who is toting a gun and firing away with the rest of them. Isn't this the same First Aid who said in "The Ultimate Weapon" that he didn't believe in fighting and literally wouldn't raise a weapon to save his life?

  • In this episode, Galvatron has commissioned the Combaticons to build a giant rocket engine for Cybertron. The Combaticons? Sure, we've seen that both Onslaught and Swindle have some technical skill, but wouldn't this be a job for the Constructicons? We know they're still alive; we just saw them in part 1 of this story.

  • When Daniel transforms in to Arcee's head at the end, he's still wearing his exosuit in the shot where he's inside her head.

  • Streetwise was also missing his lips and his nose when Nightstick fired at him.

  • When the Autobots are celebrating the rebirth of the golden age of Cybertron, Bumblebee can be seen among everyone cheering. However, he was recreated as Goldbug three episodes ago!

  • Season 4 Episode 2: The Rebirth (2)

  • The hive are supposed to have withered bodies, due to overly relying on their psychic powers, but Zarak looks quite buff and muscular.

  • The same mistake that occurs with Apeface happens to Snapdragon. His head in both lizard and robot mode are formed by his Nebulan companion.

  • Right after the Decepticons steal the key from the Autobots, Spike says that "they can fly and you guys can't". Granted none of the Autobots can fly in robot mode, but Brainstorm can transform into a jet and Highbrow can transform into a helicopter, so obviously they can.

  • Apeface is always seen while in ape form with his headmaster companion beside him. In fact, the companion should be his ape head too as this is how it is with the toy

  • Brainstorm's face is grey when he tells Mindwipe to hang upside-down from a tree.

  • In a shot where many Autobots (including Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus) transform, Ultra Magnus transformation is similar to Optimus Prime's. His whole body transforms to a lorry with the trailer coming up behind and attaching it self.

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