Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 20, 1986 on ABC Family

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  • The only Transformers episode...heck, the only 1980's cartoon episode where a major character got sent to a mental home.

    It was late 2003 when I first downloaded and watched this...

    One of the most appealing aspects in Transformers had to be the characters. No two characters represented true good or evil than Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively. While Optimus Prime was the shining light of good, a true patriot always willing to help all living creatures, Megatron was the dark light of evil, a big bully who really didn't care about who he stepped on.

    Megatron was a great villian. Although most of his plots were to make anti-matter death rays or turn the grouchy Autobot Gears into his slave, usually Megatron was not to be messed with.

    Then "The Transformers: The Movie" happened, and a demon named Unicron turned Megatron into a purple and orange robot named Galvatron.

    Galvatron looked good in both the cartoon and the U.K. comic: His first appearance had him voiced by the legendary Leonard "Mr. Spock" Nimoy, he was flanked by the awesome-despite-also-being-queer-robots Cyclonus and Scourge (who were vast improvements over their former selves Thundercracker and Skywarp), killed Starscream and taking over the Decepticons within 3 minutes of debuting, and then blew Ultra Magnus into a million pieces.

    Seemingly Megatron ruled so much that a new paintjob and transformation weren't going to stop him. However, for some reason after the movie, Galvatron became less and less cool, and more and more of a pathetic villain reaching Rita Repulsa levels of "nobody gives a toss". Gone were the days of giant anti-matter rays, or reprogramming ninja robots to fight for the side of evil, or even making Gears into a shoeshine-boy.

    Finally, the Decepticons who followed him, apparently tired of his crud, had to do something. Enter this episode we call "Webworld".

    As we open up, the Autobots are searching for Energon on some abandoned meteorite when the Decepticons attack in full force: Soundwave, his cassettes, Scourge, Cyclonus, Combaticons, Stunticons, and a legion of Sweeps are led by Galvatron...Sounds like a killing when you're pitted against Sky Lynx, Sludge, Perceptor, Springer, and Ultra Magnus, who is the General Custer of the Transformers universe.

    Galvatron starts hitting his own guys and yelling at them because Cyclonus asked him to make a plan like he used to do in the Megatron days. Galvatron also promptly got thrashed by Magnus, Sludge, and Perceptor. You know it's bad when Perceptor opens fire on you.

    After a thousand Decepticons get whipped by five Autobots led by a guy who got ripped to pieces in the movie, and couldn't deal with anything, not even the paying the electric bill, you would think the Decepticons would be a little bit angry, and they were, with the exception of Scourge and Cyclonus who sat around singing Galvatron's praises. Laserbeak, Swindle, and Motormaster surround Cyclonus and tell him that if Galvatron doesn't start making some plans which include at least a hint of capturing Gears and turning him into a nice guy, then they'll oust the entire Unicron crew.

    Of course once more, in Transformers lingo, you know you're a wimp when you allow yourself to be intimidated by the likes of Laserbeak and Swindle. In the Megatron days such insolence would have been treated to a slap upside the mouth for Laserbeak, and Swindle's decapitation. In fact the last time Swindle got out of line with ol' Megatron, he responded by installing a bomb inside Swindle's body and threatening him with death if Swindle did not complete the mission given to him in "B.O.T."...Now THAT's hardcore.

    That's when a Quintesson shows up and tells Cyclonus about the planet Torkulon, where crazy people go to be normalized.

    Anyway, Cyclonus knows that Galvatron won't go anywhere so he lies to Galvatron and mentions that Ultra Magnus is hiding from him on Torkulon. This leads Galvatron to land on the planet and threaten the inhabitants, who we will meet right now:

    Patient #1 seems to only be able to grumble. He's also just a giant head with legs attached. He's got problems.

    Patient #2 seems to be a log of awfulness, with a long tongue, which would get him locks of girl if he weren't a blob of crud. The blob also has a mother complex.

    Patient #3 is a gang of Siamese triplets who swear up and down that they "have no head." Whether or not this is a reference to a self-esteem issue, or being a pathological liar, it's still not answering any questions about Ultra Magnus.

    Patient #4 seems to be a dinosaur. For some reason that's a sign of insanity. Maybe he's just some guy in a dinosaur costume...

    Galvatron finally starts to realize something is up when he sees Cyclonus sign off papers to a bunch of guys who look like monkeys. Before Galvatron can retaliate with violence, the monkeys pull out a giant Microsoft X-Box which detains Galvatron completely.

    The monkeys put Galvatron on a couch and begin to ask him about his problems, especially with women, Gears, and Autobots. Galvatron's hate proves to be too strong for the monkey men and he begins to break free. They respond by shooting him. Personally, if a therapist shot me I think I'd have a major lawsuit on my hands.

    Galvatron is then forced to play with a bunch of Duplo blocks while some aliens watch. Not forgetting that these "therapists" shot at him, Galvatron is somehow able to make a small pistol about the size of the one he used to kill Optimus Prime with so long ago and opens fire on everything.

    Again he's shot down, and battle, in the Pokemon stadium!!!

    They force Galvatron to take on a partner, a big furry ball of crud, and act out his problems.

    Ugly Furball, once out of his Pokeball starts screaming random noises until it make Galvatron mad and he blasts him with his fusion cannon, refusing to take part in this hideousness which involves a cartoon like "Pokemon". He's starting to just get more than a little ticked off. I mean this isn't fair. If he was Wynona Ryder he'd get a mental institution with hot girls like Angelina Jolie, but instead Galvatron's trapped with monkeymen, dinosaurs, and balls of crud that bounce and scream. If anything he's even more insane than he previously had been... Eventually the Torkulons get sick of his not so positive outlook on therapy and prepare Galvatron for the final stage of therapy...the Aaliyah solution! I assume the Aaliyah solution is to strap Galvatron into a tiny air vessel, overload it with a ton of baggage, and watch it crash into the ground, burning him to death before he can finish his part in the movie "Queen of the Darned".

    We then find out the Aaliyah aren't a bunch of dead black musicians, but a bunch of brain-eating insects.

    As the Aaliyah attempt to consume Galvatron, the planet itself writhes in pain from the insanity inside Galvatron's mind. That's right, Galvatron is so over the edge that the entire planet can't handle the insanity contained within his mind. Galvatron responds by doing something evil...destroying the entire planet!

    In the end, Galvatron comes to the realization that planning and intense hatred for all things = blissful agony for those he despises...until Cyclonus points out that Torkulon will only be in ruin for a few centuries, which makes Galvatron want to destroy whatever else is left. However, at the mention of Ultra Magnus, Galvatron goes berserk once again and leads the Decepticons to find more Autobots to kill...

    The episode thus re-establishes Megatron/Galvatron as the ultimate villain, who cannot be stopped even by radical means of mental help, as most episodes after this seem to include a pretty regular Galvatron who plots, schemes, and hates Rodimus Prime and Optimus Prime.

    As for the monkeymen, they are forced to rebuild their planet at the mercy of the patients, including the butt-licker...

    Well, this was a good episode that brought back some of the old Megatron in Galvatron.
  • When Galvatron's psychosis becomes more apparent after yet another loss to the Autobots, Cyclonus, after being threatened by Motormaster and Swindle that the Decepticons will revolt if Galvatron's rage isn't controlled, decides to trick Galvatron into tra

    Funny how the 'Con episodes display some of the most impressive episodes we've seen, huh?

    'Webworld' is awesome, it possesses a unique quality that makes this highly favoured by most Transformer fans (I'm not suprised because the writers 'Len Wein and Diane Duane' are reguarded as some of the best sci-fi writers out there)

    The psychological insight that we are given into Galvatron's severely damaged psyche after the plasma-lava experience in the aftermath of the Movie and the 5 part saga of Five Faces of Darkness, a nice continuation and connection to the season 3 starter.

    I loved the animation effects in this episode, there was some beautiful stuff going on *even though there were animation errors in it but they were hardly even noticable* and at the end of the episode it really got you thinking on what Cyclonus said when Galvatron was being struck by the purple webbing, "Does this mean there isn't any hope for him?"

    I'll leave that question for you guys to solve yourselves, but another key factor in this story is the relationship Galvatron has with Cyclonus, now in my own sense, I figured Galvatron as a bit of a loner and one who doesn't have or want friends that he considers as inferior or superior to him, but Cyclonus, despite the amount of abuse and neglect he suffers at the hands of his maniacal leader really cares for him.

    If you're looking for a Transformers episode that displays some of the more complicated matters and really gets you thinking, one that goes beyond the "black and white" setting that underlines most Transformer episodes then watch this episode, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed...if you are then you can come back to me and give me a good kick up the rear!!

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