Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 20, 1986 on ABC Family

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  • When Galvatron's psychosis becomes more apparent after yet another loss to the Autobots, Cyclonus, after being threatened by Motormaster and Swindle that the Decepticons will revolt if Galvatron's rage isn't controlled, decides to trick Galvatron into tra

    Funny how the 'Con episodes display some of the most impressive episodes we've seen, huh?

    'Webworld' is awesome, it possesses a unique quality that makes this highly favoured by most Transformer fans (I'm not suprised because the writers 'Len Wein and Diane Duane' are reguarded as some of the best sci-fi writers out there)

    The psychological insight that we are given into Galvatron's severely damaged psyche after the plasma-lava experience in the aftermath of the Movie and the 5 part saga of Five Faces of Darkness, a nice continuation and connection to the season 3 starter.

    I loved the animation effects in this episode, there was some beautiful stuff going on *even though there were animation errors in it but they were hardly even noticable* and at the end of the episode it really got you thinking on what Cyclonus said when Galvatron was being struck by the purple webbing, "Does this mean there isn't any hope for him?"

    I'll leave that question for you guys to solve yourselves, but another key factor in this story is the relationship Galvatron has with Cyclonus, now in my own sense, I figured Galvatron as a bit of a loner and one who doesn't have or want friends that he considers as inferior or superior to him, but Cyclonus, despite the amount of abuse and neglect he suffers at the hands of his maniacal leader really cares for him.

    If you're looking for a Transformers episode that displays some of the more complicated matters and really gets you thinking, one that goes beyond the "black and white" setting that underlines most Transformer episodes then watch this episode, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed...if you are then you can come back to me and give me a good kick up the rear!!