Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 20, 1986 on ABC Family



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    • Galvatron: (To Ultra Magnus) I'll turn your head into a doorstop!

    • Galvatron: I am Galvatron! Greatest of the Decepticons! You have no right to change what I AAAAAAAAAAMMMM!

    • Cyclonus: This isn't over, Autobots! Do you hear me? THIS ISN'T OVER!
      Sweep 2: You're starting to sound like Galvatron.
      (Galvatron rises and glares at the Sweep)
      Sweep 2: Er, not that that's a bad thing!

    • (Two Sweeps head towards Springer)
      Sweep 1: For the glory of Galvatron!
      Springer: Talk about your one track minds!

    • Sky Lynx: May we leave this neighbourhood before it deteriorates further?

    • Creature with three heads: I have no head. I have no head. I have no head.

    • Cyclonus: You should've seen Galvatron in action. No Decepticon ever fought more valiantly
      Motormaster:Or less rationally!
      Swindle: Yeah well, maybe the Autobots should've destroyed him. They'd be doing us a favour!
      Cyclonus: That is treason, Swindle! We NEED Galvatron!
      Swindle: Hey, that's a can of old lube. He'll be the death of all us if something isn't done about him.
      Motormaster: I, for one, am getting tired of being bashed around by our supposed "leader!"
      Swindle:: Either you do something about his craziness Cyclonus...
      Motormaster: Or we'll do something about BOTH of you!

    • Galvatron: I'll destroy everything here! Everything! And then I'll destroy the Autobots!
      Torkulon Therapist #2: Yes. Tell me about the Autobots.
      Galvatron: I hate the Autobots! I hate Cyclonus! Muuuhh! And I'm not very fond of you either!

    • Cyclonus: Mighty Galvatron, please! We must use strategy!
      (Galvatron punches Cylconus out of the way)
      Galvatron: Strategy is for cowards!
      Perceptor: Remarkable, Galvatron is doing most of the work for us!

    • Cyclonus: Don't insult my intelligence, five-face, I trust you no further than I can throw Trypticon!

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