Transporter: The Series

TNT (ended 2014)




Episode Guide


    • End Game
      Episode 12
      Manhattan, New York. Frank Martin and Caterina Boldieu are posing as an extraordinarily wealthy couple, Brandon and Veronica Miller.
    • Sixteen Hands
      Sixteen Hands
      Episode 11
      Frank is hired to transport a thoroughbred racehorse worth $10 million from its stable in Kentucky to the racetrack of the prestigious Belmont Stakes race in New York. Things get off to a rough start, however, when a mysterious attacker breaks into the stable.
    • Trust
      Episode 10
      Rose Marquez hires Frank Martin to escape from her abusive boyfriend, Zachary Schramm, CEO of one of the biggest technology companies in Canada.
    • Euphro
      Episode 9
      Inspector Tarconi (Franois Berland) becomes the target of corrupt officers when he tries to bring down a notorious smuggler of fake medicines. After Frank helps him escape to safety, they find they must turn back in order to prevent another shipment from killing innocent children.
    • Chimera
      Episode 8
      The FBI hires Frank Martin to retrieve a chemical weapon, codenamed 'Chimera', from a Louis Tien, a Chinese Triad crime lord who operates from a restaurant in Chicago's Chinatown. Jules Faroux considers various strategies to get Frank into the building, but every scenario he thinks of would endwith Frank's death. Agents Cleef and Wolfe of the FBI receive a tip-off that the weapon's buyer, anti-government terrorist Damian Blake, is arriving at the airport imminently. Frank spots an opportunity: the Triad has never met Blake, so with the help of the FBI, Frank is issued with a fake passport so he can take his place. Blake is arrested at the airport while Frank meets and convinces Tien's driver of his assumed identity. But Blake overcomes the security team at the airport, escapes and alerts the driver. Frank reacts swiftly and is able to knock the driver out. He manages to intercept Blake and hand him over to the FBI. Frank enters the Chinese restaurant still under the guise of Damian Blake and asks to speak to Tien. Blake was to transfer $30 million for the weapon via a secret bank account, which requires a ten-digit code. The FBI has a spy working on the inside, and Frank is to receive the code from him. But now Agent Wolfe admits the danger Frank is in — she suspects there is a mole working within the FBI to help Blake secure the weapon. Caterina and Jules begin to suspect Agent Cleef is the mole after Jules discovers he accessed a secret bank account the previous night.moreless
    • T2
      Episode 7
      Frank is asked to retrieve a vital document from a villa in Crimea. The villa is heavily guarded and just getting across the border will be a challenge.
    • Diva
      Episode 6
      Frank is hired to transport a famous singer to and from her concert venues. However when a motorcyclist opens fire on them, Frank realizes something more sinister is going on.
    • Beacon of Hope
      Beacon of Hope
      Episode 5
      Frank and Caterina are asked to rescue a wounded aid worker, Zac Preston, from a warlord in Mauritania. Zac is in hiding and his location is unknown.
    • Boom
      Episode 4
      Frank and Cat travel to a mine in the midst of the Saharan Desert to deliver a briefcase – the contents unknown to them. Their client has insisted the briefcase be handcuffed to Cat. Having made the delivery, they find themselves stranded by an encroaching sand storm, forcing them to stay the night. However just as they begin to question the contents of the case – seemingly cash to pay salaries, a massive explosion rips through the mine. Frank and Cat rush to help the injured miners but are unable to reach a group of miners trapped in the mine itself. Suspicious that whatever he really delivered in the case was the cause of the explosion, Frank volunteers to drive to an abandoned mine to collect a stash of old and dangerously unstable dynamite. He is joined by two other volunteers, both with their own reasons for helping.In a race against time and using three trucks, the group is forced to not only drive very slowly – to keep the dynamite from exploding – but also to face dangerous bandits who roam the desert. As the trapped miners begin to run out of air, Frank and Cat discover that this was no tragic accident and dangerous forces are at work here.moreless
    • Sex, Lies, and Video Tapes
    • We Go Back
      We Go Back
      Episode 2
      Frank is asked to travel to Libya by an old army buddy to rescue their friend and fellow officer. FrankÂ?s two former colleagues are now working for MI6, however one of them has gone missing. Putting together the pieces of the mystery, Frank eventually discovers all is not as it seems.moreless
    • 2B Or Not 2B
      Episode 1
      Rome: the 12-year-old son of an Italian judge witnesses his father's murder at the hands of a contract killer.
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