Transporter: The Series

Season 1 Episode 1

The General's Daughter

Aired Saturday Oct 11, 2012 on TNT
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The General's Daughter

Award-winning French director, Luc Besson, produces and creates this first pilot episode of a popular action mini-series. Frank Martin and his former love interest, who now works for the CIA, accept a mission to deliver a suitcase to the mob, an assignment that ends up putting a young teenager's life at risk.


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  • do not watch in this order

    check wikipedia - all these are incorrectly ordered
  • former love interest ??

    that was never mentioned at all she merely thanked him for saving her life..

    and the young 'eco' girl was a random stranger..

    but the car chases gave me a headache with all the switching between angle shots otherwise good episode

    also ep3 in the other network (not the germans)
  • A promising start, with potential, despite some inconsistencies

    I watched with nervous anticipation to this pilot episode, fearful that the movies wouldn't translate to television, hoping against hope that my fears would prove unfounded. And for the most part this was the case.

    The pacing was spot on, and the action was just right. Moreover, I was most appreciative that the series was made for adults, when it could have been so watered down for a broader family-orientation audience, that it may have come across as the television version of "The A Team" all fighting and shooting but no one really gets hurt (or God-forbid) killed to protect the sensibility of the kiddies watching with their parents. Something "Burn Notice" fell into a season or two back.

    I was also quite happy with Chris Vance in the Frank Martin role. I've read of people stating that it wouldn't be the same without Jason Statham in the title role. Worse, some even wrote that the series wouldn't be worth watching or even any good without Jason Statham. Yet Chris made the role his own; while I watched, Chris Vance was Frank. And if the series continues for a few seasons, mark my words, when anyone thinks of the Transporter dude, they'll think of Chris, before they remember Jason had the role first.

    Heck, to my way of thinking, Alan Alda is the 'real ' Hawkeye from MASH and not whoever the guy was that played Hawkeye in the original movie that inspired the TV series.

    Now for the couple of negatives and inconsistencies: How much does Inspector Tarconi know? Not sure where within the continuity of the three movies the series falls; Frank has the house from the first movie (which if I remember correctly got blown up by the end of that movie, and he never moved back into in the other two movies. Though Frank could have had it rebuilt behind the scenes after the third Now if Frank is trying to deny his trade (as he was initially in the first movie) to the good Inspector, that explains talking to Carla on the phone in front of the Inspector as if she were a lover. Then we infer, as in the early parts of the first movie, the Inspector has his suspicions, but has no concrete proof.

    Yet, through the Inspector's interactions with Delia, and that Frank spoke to Carla the second time in front of the Inspector when it was dire that Carla trace Delia's phone, he made no attempt to hide who he was speaking with and why, it seems that the Inspector does indeed know everything. Inspector Tarconi, then is the Inspector of the second and third movies.

    Inconsistency number two: Delia was kidnapped right in front to the hotel. It was evidenced on the hotel security tape. Yet the hotel did nothing. One must assume that there exists a security station in the hotel, and at least one security guard would have been monitoring the uhm monitors, and therefore witnessed the kidnapping. Why were not the police called, or even security guards scouring the area when Frank arrived?

    Inconsistency number three (not so much an inconsistency as a small fault in storytelling): The leak in the General's organization was too obvious from the beginning; we saw only one person that worked for/with the General, who else could it have been?

    Inconsistency number four (the last, and perhaps the funniest): After Frank's dalliance with Delia in her father's house the house is invaded, and Delia is forced to leave right away to start the car, while Frank stayed behind a little longer to stop or at least slow down the invaders. Delia ran out so quickly she had no time to change out of her skimpy underwear (not that I am complaining mind you), nor to go anywhere else in the house like back to her own room. Later, when they were relatively safe in Frank's house, she produced the usb stick her father gave her.

    Uhm where did she have that usb stick? Where was she carrying it? Shades of "Pulp Fiction" and the watch perhaps?

    There were other little annoyances (like Delia accidentally opening the sunroof in the car before starting it, which coincidentally was what Frank needed to get into the car to escape the goons) which were rather minor.

    Overall, a solid first effort, and I hope the series continues for many seasons to come.moreless

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