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Transylvania Pet Shop

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Transylvania Pet Shop (full title Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop) is an animated television series, originally airing between 1994 and 1998 on ITV. The mad scientist, Dr. Zitbag (voiced by Kerry Shale), loses his job at a normal pet shop in Transylvania, so he decides to start his own in a haunted castle. However, the haunted castle is owned by a skeleton dog with batwing ears named Horrifido. The pair create bizarre and Frankenstein-esque pets to make money from selling them. Dr. Zitbag is continually antagonized by local policeman, Officer Deadbeat (Christian Rodska), who is convinced he is a con-artist, and wants to claim the castle for his police station. Additionally, Dr. Zitbag's neighbors, the twin Exorsisters (Nicolette McKenzie), often drop in, with Zitbag regularly making a fool out of himself in trying to impress them - although one of the twins, Bimbella, is usually a little sympathetic. The popular show, even broadcast in Bulgaria, consists of 52 episodes and is a French production.