Trauma: Life In the ER

TLC (ended 2004)


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    This show was my favorite and Discovery Health was the only channel I watched until it turned to OWN. Not that I don't like OWN because I like that channel too but I wish Discovery Health Channel was still here. I was inspired by Trauma Life in the ER as well as those other medical shows to have a career in the medical field.This show was about the real life experience of the Emergency Room.Sorry can not find any more words to describe the show I enjoyed watching
    Is this 100 words yet? I want to know how discovery channel can bring it back thank you very very much for your time
  • great show containing the true events that take place in the emergency department.

    i think the show is great. i have only been able to watch it here recently but i perfer it over any other show on t.v. I am a paramedic and watching this show gives me good insight on what happens when they arrive at the hospital and recieve furthur care. I would love to maybe see a spin off of this show, while keeping this show on, and see a before the ER show, showing the initial response by paramedics and flight crews and the work that goes on to get them to the hospital...could be very interesting..thanks for the great show
  • It's interesting to watch.

    Trauma: Life in the ER is a very good and interesting programme. It's good to see what really does go on in the ER. If you can't stand blood or anything gory then it isn't the best programme for you to watch but if you like that sort of thing then you'll find it fantastic.
  • It's like a real life House!

    I started watching this show on TLC one night because I was bored and there was nothing else on, but I instantly became hooked! This show is about real doctors, real cases, and real patients. They are all unique patients, not just someone who comes in with the flu. They usually show 4 or 5 cases per hourly show, and they are always different. This show is unique in many ways, and that is why I love it so much, it's got the drama from all medical shows, but it doesn't have the love triangles that can get old, fast!
  • Real doctors in real hospitals giving treatment to real patients. It's just amazing.

    I've never seen a more real show than Trauma: Life in the ER. This show was the reason that I want to become a physician. I saw a bone protruding through a person's leg, blood from a real gunshot wound, and organs from a person's body! You can't get any more real than that. I couldn't wait to watch this amazing show and I'm a bit sadden that it ended but I know somewhere these wonderful people are out saving someone's life.