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This adrenaline-fueled drama project succeeds NBC's ER and takes the action outside to the field. Trauma centers around the work and personal lives of seven paramedics and EMTs in San Francisco. Former military pilot Marisa (Aimee Garcia) and her crazy EMT partner Rabbit (Cliff Curtis) man the skies. Nancy (Anastasia Griffith), Glen (Taylor Kinney), Boone (Derek Luke), and Tyler (Kevin Rankin) work the rigs on the ground. All of them bring their trauma cases back to Dr. Joe (Jamey Sheridan) back at San Francisco General. Trauma is produced by Universal Media Studios and Film 44.
Kevin Rankin

Kevin Rankin

Tyler Briggs

Aimee Garcia

Aimee Garcia

Marisa Benez

Jamey Sheridan

Jamey Sheridan

Dr. Joseph "Dr. Joe" Saviano

Cliff Curtis

Cliff Curtis

Reuben "Rabbit" Palchuck

Anastasia Griffith

Anastasia Griffith

Nancy Carnahan

Derek Luke

Derek Luke

Cameron Boone

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  • Wounded Heroes

    Trauma is a medical drama with a difference. This show follows a group of EMT's for the San Francisco Fire Department who are doing their duty in saving lives form various causes be they accidental or medical related.

    The crew themselves however have their own personal flaws & issues that somehow do not impede their duties, but at least they aren't as self-absorbed like those "phonies" in ABC's Grey's Anatomy who care more for their sexual urges than their patients' well-being.

    I was saddened to hear that NBC had canceled this gripping drama that hasn't been seen in a medical show since Emergency(1972-77).

    I guess viewers would rather see fairytale medical shows like Grey's Anatomy than REAL medical drama.moreless
  • Good enough to fill an empty time slot when MNF is not on.

    Trauma is an alright show, the characters are not really all that engrossing and the shows follows to predictable of a pattern for my tastes. Recipe for a typical show:

    intro: semi-crazy traumatic event usually involving 2+ teams

    after title scene: FF to hospital or garage and team members talk about typical bs, what they did what they are going to do etc. Call comes in and each team responds to an emergency

    big event: a big event happens which involves everyone and rabbit does something crazy which saves someone's life. cooldown: everyone shares their feelings or goes out for a drink

    Not saying it is a bad show, but it is at least good enough until Chuck comes back on.

    Monday 8PM time slot is hard to fill, I haven't found anything good in that time slot in years. Usually it's watch Monday Night Countdown then MNF. When MNF is not on then I watch Chuck and then 24.moreless
  • I love this show, I was very disappointed to see that they were not going to continue with it. I think it would be a big mistake not to renew it.moreless

    I used to faithfully watch ER for years. And really enjoyed watching the new Trauma show. I now watch Mercy which I really enjoy but was very disappointed to see that Trauma was not going to continue. It had a good story line and was exciting. I liked the actors that played in it. I would really like to see it return for at least another season. I don't know how they do the polls as to how many people watch a certain show but I know a lot of my friends used to watch it also. Not sure why they are not renewing it for another season maybe too much money to air it. But would really like to see it reconsidered to be put back on.

  • I basically love this show! yes some of the events are exaggerated and far fetched, but come on people ever tv show that you are watching right now is like that.moreless

    I basically love this show! yes some of the events are exaggerated and far fetched, but come on people ever tv show that you are watching right now is like that. Tell me one fictional show that is watched that isn't. Grey's, private practice, mercy, CSI, etc. As some one from a first aid field, I know that some of these stories are wrong but I still completely enjoy watching this show! Rabbit and Nancy are definitely two of my favorite people, but I think that the whole cast plays amazing roles. I hope that they see and decided to keep in on the air.moreless
  • I just love this show! I love the dynamics, the good acting and the characters.

    I just love this show! I find it a really good show to watch.... I love the dynamics, the good acting of the crow and the characters. It is nice to see a bit of the characters' personal lives as well.... a fresh Good Show! really liked the romance between characters. I truly hope it will last and will not be Canceled !!!! other then this I have nothing to add and 100 words are really too much for a review. so it wii be wonderful if you will allow min of 50 words. thank you in advance for that..moreless

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      we need Truama . It is the first show seen Thirdwatch that dosen't focus on the doctors but even then it had docs in it We don't ...
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      I went to Walmart tonight and found season one of Trauma on DVD. What got me, was that it said Season One, and not "The complet...
    • Featured Songs
      Does anyone know which band was playing in the background at Nancy's appartment in Season 1 Episode 15 please.
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      Just a month after the show's premiere, NBC is pulling the plug on its new medical series 'Trauma,' according to the The Hollywood...
    • How can there be no more Trauma??!
      Gutted!! I'm a junior doc and this is one of the few medic drama's I can watch and enjoy!! Can't believe it's cancelled...

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    steamy situations, hospital backdrop, life vs. death, gunfights, not for the faint of heart