Season 1 Episode 3

Bad Day At Work

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Marisa finds out she's an adrenalin junkie just like Rabbit. Rabbit gets creative and helps keep a young boy from being paralyzed. A man opens fire in an office building shooting anyone he sees and the medics must respond to the chaos that ensues.

    Not for the faint of heart. Trauma is like one of those A ticket rides at a hopped up amusement park. The action comes fast and furious.

    ***** Spoilers *****

    The climax of the show is one unbelievable ride as we get to see a man walk calmly through a building shooting anyone he sees or hears. Another casualty of downsizing this former IT worked figures the way to get back at his employer is to go out in a blaze of glory taking as many with him as possible.

    Rabbit and Nancy are sent in with the SWAT team as they are certified for this kind of high risk engagement. At the same time Cameron realizes his wife is trapped in the building and in harms way and there is nothing he can do about it. Basically everyone responds to this tragedy and the scene becomes one big triage center like a battle zone. The final numbers twelve dead, twenty eight wounded, and Cameron realizes after risking his life and saving the man hiding with his wife that she was in the building talking to a lawyer. We are left to put the pieces of that together ourselves. Rabbit puts his life on the line when Nancy is trying to treat a shooting victim and the shooter returns. Seeing that she is a paramedic, the shooter gives her a chance to back away from the woman but Nancy refuses. She says, "I've got my work and you've got yours." Just then Rabbit comes walking up distracts the shooter who shoots him and a SWAT member takes the shooter out. Rabbit is wearing Kevlar so other than a major welt he should be fine. He did save Nancy and probably the girls life as well.

    Everything else in this episode pales in comparison, but there were two other excellent scenes that need to be mentioned. Marisa, while running comes across a two car and one motorcycle accident. The bike riders eyes are distended and he can't see. Marisa pops them back in place and they start to work. Freaky! Also Rabbit brings along some frozen saline when he hears they have a spinal injury call come in. While in transit he basically freezes the spinal cord from the inside to keep the swelling down as the boy could not feel his legs. He had read this in a medical journal and knew it would work so he saved the kid from being paralyzed. Seriously, would you ride a skateboard down the roads on the hills of San Fransisco? You have very little control on one of those things.

    An entertaining and quick forty two minutes and not for the faint of heart. Thanks for reading...
  • Trauma is kinda show that ..

    ..i am really beginning to like. These type of shows the thing that a one small mistake or stupid move could cost a life, what i like in Trauma is first the carecters, we have 'Rabbit'who is the next House but less mean. i like curcasime and funny comments in the most distress situation what makes it good. Nancy and her sleeping with guys as a type of releaving the work pressure technique is kinda predictible, but kinda fine. but what i didn't understand is her relationship with Rabbit, once she just lye next to him and the secound she kisses him. that make them so much complicated than they already are?! and Glen who is so cute and handsom, i love the actor, and he's just the one for the part of probby or Nancy's temtation.

    then the plot, and we all agree that it wasn't good as it should be, but the secound episodes even that out. i think we're gonna have a lot of drauma, death and injuries in the show, which is for my opinion good, we don't need the fake "we all love each other" stupid stories. i would like to see more about the accedent and the impact on the survivours. the other carecters are kinda boring to talk about.

    i dont want this show to be canceled i love what its going for in further episodes, and hopefully seasons and i think its going to be better than 3rd Watch (also hoping).
  • Rabbit is bulletproof...

    Ok.. this show seems to be, for me, so much about Rabbit who is just so much cooler char than any other.. and seems to get all the funny lines and great storylines, so.. if I watch the show by that, for sure, I liked it.

    I also really loved the action packed episode, so much happening, on thing after another. That gunshot thing in bureau building. That was so scary and insane and they really managed to make amazing atmosphere. I mean: my sister, just passing by, sit down and did not leave until the episode was finished. You just wanted to know how the work it out.. will everyone survive as I am sure, in this show everything can happen (I mean.. that wife of a paramedic. I was sure, they could kill her.. expect unexpected can be rule in this show).

    Ok, but even if I really-really liked it (and more I look the ratings, more I want to hold the things I like in this serie as it looks it won't be around for long) this show does have some problems. Rabbit and Nancy are characters that come trough but most of them really look plain and does not have no sparkle or point. Some storylines are so stretched and there could be little more logic. But I love the show.. I do.. very much