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  • Season 1
    • Crossed Wires
      Episode 18
      Nancy is trying to give herself CPR in her nightmare. Rabbit wants to take his relationship with Nancy to the next level and get a place together.
    • Sweet Jane
      Episode 17
      Glenn asks his colleagues about their weirdest call on a job.
    • Frequent Fliers
      Episode 16
      A patient who regularly abuses the system calls again for help. Nancy has problems with her father's new job and Boone disagrees with Tyler on how to treat a patient at a mosque. Also, a dream unsettles Marisa at work.
    • Scope of Practice
      Episode 15
      Nancy goes against procedure when treating a cheerleader, which puts her relationship with Joe at risk when he suffers the consequences of her actions. Meanwhile, Rabbit and Marisa are exposed to meningitis and must be quarantined. Also, a misunderstanding results in tension between Boone and Tyler.
    • Targets
      Episode 14
      Nancy and Glenn are in danger because a sniper is on the loose. Also, as Boone adjusts to Tyler's new position, Rabbit and Marisa find difficulties following protocol.
    • 13
      Episode 13
      Rabbit makes a breakthrough in therapy when he tells his doctor about how his father died in a horrible fire that Rabbit accidentally caused. Rabbit's doctor wants to journey back to what Rabbit saw that day, which inspired him to become a paramedic. She orders Rabbit to go back to work even though he's a mess.moreless
    • Protocol
      Episode 12
      Glenn loses a patient and brings the whole station under a "probie curse". Rabbit's suspension leads him to mandatory therapy sessions to regain his wings. Marisa deals with a new partner, while Boone and Tyler have a patient jump out of the rig.
    • Tunnel Vision
      Episode 11
      Boone has a new position and his first decision may jeopardize the career of one of his own. Rabbit and Marisa are on the scene of a bank robbery to treat the injured. Nancy must face one of her greatest phobias while treating a construction worker trapped underground after falling down a manhole.moreless
    • Blue Balloon
      Episode 10
      Glenn questions Nancy after her judgement and handling of an encounter with a heroin user. Meanwhile, Marisa is on a wild goose chase with a theft. Elsewhere, Boone gazes out about his future.
    • Thank You
      Episode 9
      A plane is forced to make an emergency landing causing the entire team to be deployed to deal with the situation. This changes Thanksgiving plans for all the main characters.
    • M'Aidez
      Episode 8
      A wedding at sea is interrupted when a speed boat crashes into the ship. As the ship begins to sink the team rushes to save the passengers, who are Hungarian and don't speak much English. Also, Nancy reconnects with her family and Marisa helps those dearest to her.
    • 11/9/09
      Glenn has problems with a moral dilemma that could put him at risk in the future. Marisa has a visitor from her life in Iraq. Rabbit has to deal with the way he handles himself in the field and connect with a patient to help him see life's reality.
    • Home Court
      Episode 6
      Glenn and Nancy are on their way to a pickup when they are broadsided by a bus putting them on the other end of their business. Cameron ends up being in charge of the wreck site and has to make difficult decisions. Rabbit becomes difficult and and Dr. Saviano sort of reveals his real feelings for Nancy.moreless
    • Masquerade
      Episode 5
      It's Halloween time in San Francisco and anything can happen. Tyler and Boone are on the scene when a Halloween party erupts in chaos. Meanwhile, Nancy and Glenn's shift takes an unusual turn. Elsewhere, a secret that can change a partnership is revealed .
    • Stuck
      Episode 4
      Tyler and Boone respond to an accident in a Chinese restaurant where they find a more serious scene than what they had expected. Meanwhile, Nancy's medical expertise is put on test and Rabbit has a weird reaction to a helicopter flight.
    • Bad Day At Work
      Episode 3
      Boone's marital problems come second when an armed man starts to shoot in a rampage at an office. This forces Rabbit and Nancy to work together for the first time in over a year. Meanwhile, Marisa learns that she is more like Rabbit than she would like to be.
    • All's Fair
      Episode 2

      Lives hang in the balance when a teenage boy Brandon shoots at rival gangs, and car crashes into a local street fair. Nancy is assigned a new partner and while Rabbit teaches Marisa a lesson.

    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      We meet the first responder paramedic team from San Francisco City Hospital. They rescue by land, by sea or by air to reach and save their victims in time. In this episode, tragedy hits close to home and the lives and paths of each member of the team are forever changed.moreless