Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • It's Halloween and the crazies all come out to play. Everyone in the paramedic company is trying to call in sick or trade off the shift, but no one can get away. As is repeated time and again this is one of the worse nights period to be a paramedic.

    A slight rebound from last week. I was getting a little tired of the sameness of the show from week to week. I'm not sure if it was the Halloween theme or the fact that we learned even more about many of the ancillary characters this week, but I enjoyed this episode more than last weeks.

    Yes we know San Fransisco has a large gay population. Actually every major city in the US does, but for some reason we had to dwell on that this evening. That really didn't change the fact that people of all kinds have traumatic accidents and injuries and need to be treated by paramedics and trauma units. We get to see one of the supposedly biggest bashes of the year and a fireworks snafu causes many cases of severe bodily injury. We learn a lot about Cameron and Tyler and the fact that they have worked together for three years and you still wonder how well they know each other.

    We learn a lot about many of the paramedics and the interns at the hospital as well. We learn Dr. Saviano has a little bit of a mean streak about certain things but is really a softy when it comes right down to it. I don't think he likes Halloween any more than most of the paramedics do.

    Lots of Rabbit/Marisa scenes and Nancy with Glen and without Glen. We see the public abuse these people sometimes take and we see the adoration that they receive and deserve for what they do every day.

    As I stated at the beginning, I do think this was a better episode and an improvement on the show in general. Unfortunately this show is on a short leash as it was announced this week that three more episodes will be shown and if the ratings don't improve drastically it's probably adios. That's a tall order. We'll see what happens. Thanks for reading...