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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2009 on NBC

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  • I thought from the first 30 seconds that this show had no chance. Then the helicopter collision, wow..thought well..maybe this will go somewhere even though these people can't act. Sigh..wrong again.

    As a young kid I watched the show Emergency! every week. My dad was a firefighter / EMT, I grew to be a firefighter / EMT. I just came across this show and had high expectations. If the pilot episode is any indication of what the whole series is going to be like, no wonder it's been canceled. The characters are all over acted, the medical terminology that is used sounds more like it was written by a medical explorer rather than someone who took the time to research the terminology and use it properly. I'll give a couple more looks at a couple more episodes but so far...not impressed, not impressed with the writing, directing and highly disappointed in the acting. Oh and SPOILER ALERT!!! The Flight Medic actually survived the mid air collision of two Helicopters!? Holy Smokes get the Epinephrine and the AED ready because I'm about to have a heart attack from laughing so hard at how stupid the writers think the viewers are! This show tries and fails to show the lives of First Responders both on and off the job.
  • Accidents do happen.

    Starting from the beginning with the helicopter crash, then to the lots of car accidents on the freeway, and last of all the accident created by a memeber of the own team. This were way too many accidents. So what happens to the second episodes? Accidents in the sea? What else can happen, where does the story go and how will it end?
    All these accidents keep happening one by one is starting to get pathetic already, and it's only the pilot.
    If these are all natural disasters, maybe it will still be more worth it to watch it. Just hoping the rest of the episodes will be much better than the pilot. Otherwise, I think it's pretty much a waste.
  • explosive yet expensive

    The pilot episode opened with an explosive first 6-8 minutes and had me mostly on the edge of my seat for about halfway thru the episode. But then it got real boring real fast after that. It's a medical drama (yes, another one of those) about a San Francisco medical rescue team, so much of the action takes place outside the hospital. Its approach in differentiating itself from all the other medical shows is to provide thrilling, engrossing, and high-powered sequences on the field week after week. Color me cynical, but I don't think a network would risk shelving out the required budget to sustain a costly and a possibly good show. I'm neither holding my breath nor caring enough to cross my fingers for a full-season pickup for this series.
  • San Fransisco Paramedics at work

    I don't care much for hospital shows, so E.R., Grey's Anatomy and all the others are easily overlooked by me. Paramedics are a different story.

    I was a fan of the Third Watch, and Trauma brings back memories from that show. Doctors might make life or death decisions all the time, but I find it far better tv to watch paramedics out at the scene of the accidents and crimes. The scenes vary alot more than in a hospital, and in tv that usually helps alot.

    This pilot is nicely done overall. There's definitely some interesting characters among the cast and they got that one year aniversary accident as a nice backstory. The respons scenes was well portayed and the drama didn't feel forced. It didn't quite manage to reel me in, but it's still a very solid pilot and I'll be keeping an eye on this show.

    My two worries for this show in the long run is: Third Watch have done alot of the same for paramedics a long long time ago, and I thought they did a very nice job. And unlike Third Watch Trauma is only following these paramedics, not the cops and fire squad as well. I fear Trauma will find themself running thin after a short while because of this limitation.

    I hope I'm wrong because Trauma feels quite fresh, and there's a place for this kind of show between all those made about doctors and cops.
  • What if every episode was an "event" episode? That's Trauma.

    You know how every once in a while you'll get an "event" episode of some doctor show? Like the ship/bridge disaster on Grey's Anatomy, or some huge catastrophe on ER? That's basically Trauma. Every week. It's a hook that might work, too. I like exciting explosions and death all around. But that's the only thing to take away from this new drama, and I worry they'll run out of exciting situations- or worse, they will desensitize them and it will become stale. The characters I'm not quite into just yet. The most interesting is the guy they call "rabbit", who after surviving an impossible helicopter collision (seriously impossible in every aspect- a problem I had with the episode) he believes he can't die. We get a scene later that mirrors one from Death Proof, where he puts it to the test. I kind of like him- he has more charisma than anyone else on the show. Also likable was his female co-pilot who was riding with him, she has fire and attitude, and is young and full of potential. There's some new guy, we barely see, the blonde chick upset over the death of a lover, who broods the entire episode (not fun for new viewers, btw) and a guy with a family who might be back at cheating on his wife. Basically the usual prime time drama fare. Fans of the usual medical dramas should get their fix, (an amusing scene where someone loses a finger was fun) but anyone else wondering if this stands out above the pack, let me tell you- it doesn't.
  • The show starts with a spectacular helicopter crash and then moves forward a year. Following the lives of San Fransisco's Paramedics on their worse days.

    If you really want to forget about your ho hum everyday drab life or those nagging worries that keep you awake here is a show for you. This show puts things into perspective.

    The show follows Nancy played by Anastasia Griffith, Cameron played by Derek Luke, Rabbit played by Cliff Curtis, and Marisa played by Aimee Garcia on their daily grind of dealing with life and death situations as First Responder Paramedics. Nancy with her partner Sam played by Billy Lush and Cameron with his partner Tyler played by Kevin Rankin along with Glenn played by Taylor Kinney are crews that man those emergency paramedics vehicles you see roaming the streets and responding to emergencies. Marissa is a helicopter pilot and Rabbit is her ride along EMT on the medivac chopper that responds to life threatening situations.

    Leading the hospital emergency staff is Dr. Joseph Saviano played by the veteran actor Jamey Sheridan of Law & Order: Criminal Intent fame. We meet the main characters after a tragic accident kills Nancy's partner/lover and six others when the medivac that he and Rabbit were transferring a patient in collides with a second copter sending them both crashing down. Rabbit is the only survivor and is returning to work for the first time one year later. Nancy, Cameron, and of course Rabbit all are having personal problems dealing with the aftermath of the accident, even a year later.

    We also learn that Nancy is a former medical student who could qualify to be an intern and Marissa is a Iraqi War veteran.

    Pretty exciting pilot episode. It could be very difficult to maintain this level of excitement and drama on a week to week basis. I hope it doesn't turn into too much of a soap opera. Thanks for reading...
  • Let's skip nine seasons of energy fueled medical awesome and go straight to the part where the helicopter crashes.

    I can't see this series last long only because the flashiness of the episodes will get old fast. That, and the writers can only do so many explosions, car chases, and gang bangs.

    The beginning moments were awesome -- a tad over the top -- but still awesome, nonetheless. And it's hard to not compare this to ER seeing as it's ER on wheels, but with fancier equipment and... wheels.

    What got me is that the guy who survived the helicopter crash seemed to have nothing wrong with him physically. And how is it that the guys on the rooftop were able to not be hit with any of the shrapnel? Of course, this happens to the little boy in the car on the freeway though. It's funny how shrapnel adds that tone of "nothing worse can happen, but now with flying shrapnel, it really can". I'll watch next week's episode to see if it improves, but I honestly don't see this series lasting long due to the influx of medical shows on every channel now. That, and Third Watch still trumps any 'in the field' type of show. Maybe Trauma will last longer.
  • I really liked this pilot

    I really loved ER and after that great show ended in last year, I was eager to look other shows to fill my little wish to see great medical action tv serie and Trauma sounded most close what I would like and when looking on pilot, I was not wrong. The pilot really starts with a bang. I mean.. it looks like a case but really soon we realize it is more than that - it is a events in year before and the way it was done. I mean the helicopter crash (ok.. on that moment I could not stop thinking on ER). The way you did not expected it. It was more like they will get the patient away and then just nowhere comes that helicopter and explosions, those pieces. It is a fast way to get story going and it worked brilliantly.

    And then.. a year later. I liked what kind of base it created for the char. I really liked that guy they called "Rabbit". That kind of backstory, that kind of attitude and that ride on the city. That was really a great char building.

    And also that Nancy (cannot remember her last name yet). That other side of that event. The one on ground. I really liked how her emotions got in the way.

    So.. I really think there are strong and complex chars what are important for good drama development and if they continue like this, I really think this show can work it out and stay.
  • A very good start to this new medical drama. The beginning sequence although a little over the top was still very well done especially with the year later continuance.

    Once the Pilot started to get going they dove into a few of the characters all who I really liked and enjoyed. Again at times it felt a little over the top, and some of the dialogue was a little cheesy, but way less then I thought it would be. The cast was for the most very ensemble which I really like characters from a lot of different backgrounds.

    I wish they would have played out the helicopter scene at the beginning of the episode to it's entirety if I had one flaw with the Pilot that was it. I am glad they showed us how Rabbit survived the crash, but was still hoping for more from that scene.

    Very good conclusion to the episode it left me wanting more. Hopefully in the future weeks we will get to know Tyler, and Sam more just from the little looks we got into there characters I still really liked them.

    So overall very good pilot I hope the ratings were there, and this show gets a chance to improve over time.

    Also the music on the show was a plus a very good soundtrack through out the show.