Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2009 on NBC

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  • What if every episode was an "event" episode? That's Trauma.

    You know how every once in a while you'll get an "event" episode of some doctor show? Like the ship/bridge disaster on Grey's Anatomy, or some huge catastrophe on ER? That's basically Trauma. Every week. It's a hook that might work, too. I like exciting explosions and death all around. But that's the only thing to take away from this new drama, and I worry they'll run out of exciting situations- or worse, they will desensitize them and it will become stale. The characters I'm not quite into just yet. The most interesting is the guy they call "rabbit", who after surviving an impossible helicopter collision (seriously impossible in every aspect- a problem I had with the episode) he believes he can't die. We get a scene later that mirrors one from Death Proof, where he puts it to the test. I kind of like him- he has more charisma than anyone else on the show. Also likable was his female co-pilot who was riding with him, she has fire and attitude, and is young and full of potential. There's some new guy, we barely see, the blonde chick upset over the death of a lover, who broods the entire episode (not fun for new viewers, btw) and a guy with a family who might be back at cheating on his wife. Basically the usual prime time drama fare. Fans of the usual medical dramas should get their fix, (an amusing scene where someone loses a finger was fun) but anyone else wondering if this stands out above the pack, let me tell you- it doesn't.