Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2010 on NBC

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  • Rabbit becomes self destructive and needs help. Glenn follows protocol, but loses a patient causing a "Probie Curse" which means everything goes haywire until he saves someone. Diane decides to stay in the field of Trauma work instead of rotating.

    So we have a whole episode based on a superstition and a person with self-destructive tendencies. Not a really good combination.

    In Glenn's case he is put in a bad position when Nancy is busy with a patient and that patient goes into cardiac arrest causing Glenn to have to treat him. Basically being inexperience he follows protocol to a T, but in this case protocol was probably what killed the patient. Tyler goes crazy with this curse of the Probie where nothing will go right until he saves someone. Of course we know how superstitious Tyler is. Of course attitude can be a major cause of problems, but sure enough freaky things start to happen.

    In Rabbit's case we know he has some major problems. Marisa gets a new "perfect" partner who ends up being too perfect in the end. Everyone except Rabbit understands he needs help. A number of incidences occur which end in him maybe looking for help from the Therapist he was asked to see.

    Not a good start to the second half of the season with these last two episode. I actually enjoy this show and it was getting much better, but these two episodes are going in the wrong direction. Hopefully that changes next week. By the way the ratings have been rather dismal as well. Thanks for reading...
  • Probie curse

    So.. just an average call turns into something extraordinary when a father of a patients starts to feel bad and Nancy has to divide herself and Glenn.. and Glenn, on his own, playing by the book, looses a the man. I really liked the twist on that - Glenn is doing everything right but that was not correct thing of the time.

    The other major storyline is with Rabbit ad the way he is messed up. That just makes it.. the episode, I mean, quite incredible. The way the show how he is losing it all. First he enjoys it.. being on probation and how he just loses it.. beats up the door and walks out.. when he is given a choice. And Marissa's new partner.. oh.. it looked way too good to be true.
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