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  • Trauma is an adrenaline-fueled piece of junk.

    The problem with this train wreck is that it tries to attract audiences with an unrealistic string of events as if they are commonplace. Every episode exhibits actions or behavior, each of which would either have resulted in criminal charges, or disbarment from duty or service. At the very least, ER and 3rd Watch attempted to bring realism to the screen, with the normal pace of events cranked up a little. This drama takes every contrived notion or story about emergency medical services that has been heard over the years and essentially makes a parody of it. We need a reboot of the 70's drama Emergency! instead.
  • Good enough to fill an empty time slot when MNF is not on.

    Trauma is an alright show, the characters are not really all that engrossing and the shows follows to predictable of a pattern for my tastes. Recipe for a typical show:
    intro: semi-crazy traumatic event usually involving 2+ teams

    after title scene: FF to hospital or garage and team members talk about typical bs, what they did what they are going to do etc. Call comes in and each team responds to an emergency

    big event: a big event happens which involves everyone and rabbit does something crazy which saves someone's life. cooldown: everyone shares their feelings or goes out for a drink

    Not saying it is a bad show, but it is at least good enough until Chuck comes back on.

    Monday 8PM time slot is hard to fill, I haven't found anything good in that time slot in years. Usually it's watch Monday Night Countdown then MNF. When MNF is not on then I watch Chuck and then 24.
  • It's not a great show. But, it's far.

    First, the producers of this show must see a different San Francisco than I used to live in and regularly visit. Where are all the Asians/Asian-Americans? I don't recall seeing one Asian anywhere in the shots, let alone the cast. You can't go anywhere in SF without seeing/running into an Asian (Hunter's Point may be an exception, but still...). Maybe there will be an episode in SF Chinatown with a whole gaggle of Asian extras that will fill the Asian quota for the season.

    That said, the show is, as stated above, watchable so far. The on-location settings are nice as many shows tend to use stock shots of a city but film scenes in LA's streets and neighborhoods (just look at "Monk").

    Will the show have a "disaster of the week" to keep things tense and exciting? How realistic is that? Ok, so tv is more about escapist entertainment than realism (just look at all the pseudo-"reality" shows), and responding to drug overdoses and heart attacks each week does not make for must see tv. But, unless they improve upon the dialogue and character development, and get rid of or at least tone down the melodrama, then those disasters may be the only things worth watching.

    Oh, and running an american musclecar (Nova? Chevelle? I forget) through the streets of SF like Rabbit did in the pilot when he took off the door of a parked car, um, not likely.
  • Well this show has just started so I guess I won't be too harsh.

    This show just started so I like to point out some likes and dislikes. I like how the show's accidents happen so fast, it shows everyone how fast something can go wrong. The car accident in the first show happened so fast it made me change my mind in thinking that if something happens like it I have enough time to aviod it. On the other hand I have a thing that I like to bring up about the air ambulance. I've never been to San Fransico so I wouldn't know, but do they actually use it that often in the city? I always thought they use the helicopter in rural areas. I just wonder if there's only one hospital, or the traffic is that bad that they never use the ambulance to transport people, they always put them in the helicopter. The other thing is that they always find a place close by for the helicopter to land. I wouldn't think it would be that easy to find one. Other than that this show is a good show, and it's on NBC not FOX so it should get a chance to last longer than a couple shows.
  • A surprise....

    I have to say I was surprised. I decided to watch it because I'm in the medical field and I'm a sucker for any of that stuff. However, when I watched the previews for the show I caught myself thinking how is this going to be different than grey's anatomy, ER, third watch, private practice...the list of medical shows goes on and on. I also have to say that starting with a major accident which causes the death of some members within the first 10 minutes is kind of impressive. Don't get me wrong, I'm still not sold. This show has a lot to live up to, but it definitely caught my attention and I will give it the chance it's earned to get my approval as a show I want to watch every week. I'm interested to see what next week brings.
  • Great start like firt 10 min. makes me want 2 watch rest of show.

    great start of the first 19 mintues. i like how they start i also think the cast of VARY different backgrounds is great to have. all differnt backgrounds of a cast nevr hurt a show, i think it might help. kind of like house only less medical and more action. Cliff Curtis's carticer needs adjustments. the way he acts towards his job and other people need to b changed. 2 funny at the fact Cliff Curtis took the guys fingers off while rackless driving. which actually gives people a relity check to some people who do reckless driving. overall the show was great for the first episode i liked it which i means i should like the serie. defenatily somethin to watch this season.
  • Wounded Heroes

    Trauma is a medical drama with a difference. This show follows a group of EMT's for the San Francisco Fire Department who are doing their duty in saving lives form various causes be they accidental or medical related.

    The crew themselves however have their own personal flaws & issues that somehow do not impede their duties, but at least they aren't as self-absorbed like those "phonies" in ABC's Grey's Anatomy who care more for their sexual urges than their patients' well-being.

    I was saddened to hear that NBC had canceled this gripping drama that hasn't been seen in a medical show since Emergency(1972-77).

    I guess viewers would rather see fairytale medical shows like Grey's Anatomy than REAL medical drama.
  • I love this show, I was very disappointed to see that they were not going to continue with it. I think it would be a big mistake not to renew it.

    I used to faithfully watch ER for years. And really enjoyed watching the new Trauma show. I now watch Mercy which I really enjoy but was very disappointed to see that Trauma was not going to continue. It had a good story line and was exciting. I liked the actors that played in it. I would really like to see it return for at least another season. I don't know how they do the polls as to how many people watch a certain show but I know a lot of my friends used to watch it also. Not sure why they are not renewing it for another season maybe too much money to air it. But would really like to see it reconsidered to be put back on.
  • I just love this show! I love the dynamics, the good acting and the characters.

    I just love this show! I find it a really good show to watch.... I love the dynamics, the good acting of the crow and the characters. It is nice to see a bit of the characters' personal lives as well.... a fresh Good Show! really liked the romance between characters. I truly hope it will last and will not be Canceled !!!! other then this I have nothing to add and 100 words are really too much for a review. so it wii be wonderful if you will allow min of 50 words. thank you in advance for that..
  • Very accurate medical procedures!

    Kinda campy, but the medical procedures are accurate and it appeals to my 8 year old!
    It is too bad that it got cancelled, as the interaction between the characters that is currently hokey and uninteresting *is* fixable!
    The moral sub-plots are good and the technical accuracy is hard to fix if broken (most shows can't even do CPR correctly!). Adding a bit of "reality show" to this might actually help!
    If any execs are reading this, please consider giving it another chance!
    Also, any competitors should find the medical consultants used on it and hire them to oversee their shows!
    If nothing else I'd like to be able to buy it on DVD or download it.
  • I basically love this show! yes some of the events are exaggerated and far fetched, but come on people ever tv show that you are watching right now is like that.

    I basically love this show! yes some of the events are exaggerated and far fetched, but come on people ever tv show that you are watching right now is like that. Tell me one fictional show that is watched that isn't. Grey's, private practice, mercy, CSI, etc. As some one from a first aid field, I know that some of these stories are wrong but I still completely enjoy watching this show! Rabbit and Nancy are definitely two of my favorite people, but I think that the whole cast plays amazing roles. I hope that they see and decided to keep in on the air.
  • Hate to see this show go.

    I hate the fact that NBC didn't give this show a chance or to grow. I mean putting this show on a highly competitive 9pm Monday Timeslot despite the fact of "10 pm show: nature of the show. The show improved episode by episode, really! Though the pilot is disappointing, i gave this show a chance. The second episode has huge huge improvement. The promo was right, this show is an adrenaline rush! But, the show is not always about explosion, accidents, or people get stabbed or burned. It's a character-oriented show with has a lot of potential in the future. Too bad, the show doesn't have a future. Only few episodes before the end of the show, sad. I highly recommend this show to everyone who wants action + drama. It's grey's anatomy meets final destination (movie). watch the show on HULU or NBC.COM before it's too late!
  • only new show i got excited about watching this week...

    The first episode, I thought I would try to watch.... the firt 10 minutes I already loved Rabbit. (and then i thought they killed him!) Didn't know how much I liked the show until the following week when I saw it was on and got excited. So many people complain about the reality of shows... if I wanted REALITY I wouldn't watch TV!! I think it could use fine tuning, but what new show doesnt. I like the variety of characters and the interaction between them. I really would like to see nbc give this show a chance to grow! (And stop trying to kill Rabbit! He is my favorite - handsome, arrogant, confident - but just enough wounded soul to make you love him!)