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  • Well this show has just started so I guess I won't be too harsh.

    This show just started so I like to point out some likes and dislikes. I like how the show's accidents happen so fast, it shows everyone how fast something can go wrong. The car accident in the first show happened so fast it made me change my mind in thinking that if something happens like it I have enough time to aviod it. On the other hand I have a thing that I like to bring up about the air ambulance. I've never been to San Fransico so I wouldn't know, but do they actually use it that often in the city? I always thought they use the helicopter in rural areas. I just wonder if there's only one hospital, or the traffic is that bad that they never use the ambulance to transport people, they always put them in the helicopter. The other thing is that they always find a place close by for the helicopter to land. I wouldn't think it would be that easy to find one. Other than that this show is a good show, and it's on NBC not FOX so it should get a chance to last longer than a couple shows.
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