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  • It's not a great show. But, it's far.

    First, the producers of this show must see a different San Francisco than I used to live in and regularly visit. Where are all the Asians/Asian-Americans? I don't recall seeing one Asian anywhere in the shots, let alone the cast. You can't go anywhere in SF without seeing/running into an Asian (Hunter's Point may be an exception, but still...). Maybe there will be an episode in SF Chinatown with a whole gaggle of Asian extras that will fill the Asian quota for the season.

    That said, the show is, as stated above, watchable so far. The on-location settings are nice as many shows tend to use stock shots of a city but film scenes in LA's streets and neighborhoods (just look at "Monk").

    Will the show have a "disaster of the week" to keep things tense and exciting? How realistic is that? Ok, so tv is more about escapist entertainment than realism (just look at all the pseudo-"reality" shows), and responding to drug overdoses and heart attacks each week does not make for must see tv. But, unless they improve upon the dialogue and character development, and get rid of or at least tone down the melodrama, then those disasters may be the only things worth watching.

    Oh, and running an american musclecar (Nova? Chevelle? I forget) through the streets of SF like Rabbit did in the pilot when he took off the door of a parked car, um, not likely.