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  • Good enough to fill an empty time slot when MNF is not on.

    Trauma is an alright show, the characters are not really all that engrossing and the shows follows to predictable of a pattern for my tastes. Recipe for a typical show:
    intro: semi-crazy traumatic event usually involving 2+ teams

    after title scene: FF to hospital or garage and team members talk about typical bs, what they did what they are going to do etc. Call comes in and each team responds to an emergency

    big event: a big event happens which involves everyone and rabbit does something crazy which saves someone's life. cooldown: everyone shares their feelings or goes out for a drink

    Not saying it is a bad show, but it is at least good enough until Chuck comes back on.

    Monday 8PM time slot is hard to fill, I haven't found anything good in that time slot in years. Usually it's watch Monday Night Countdown then MNF. When MNF is not on then I watch Chuck and then 24.