Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2009 on NBC

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  • Both Rabbit and Glen have traumatic experiences this week. Cameron and Tyler deal with an explosion at a Chinese restaurant that is a front for prostitution. Nancy ends up performing Cardiovascular surgery on a patient with re-bar sticking thru him.

    Another week of extreme cases and brave faces. This week we get to see Rabbit go down the rabbit hole farther with his PTDS when he gets physically ill in the chopper on the way to the hospital right in front of a young women patient. About the same time Tyler passes out when he is forced to help a man whose arm has been severed in a street construction accident.

    Cameron and Tyler respond to a restaurant fire and find a group of young women who are being used as prostitutes locked in the basement of the restaurant that had been on fire. Cameron convinces one to go with him and gets her to testify against the people responsible with the promise of staying in the US and protection from those bad people.

    In the supreme moment of this episode we see Nancy who obviously is a highly skilled and competent MD forced to do surgery on a patient who doesn't have time to make it to the hospital. Dr. Saviano talks her thru the procedure and then berates her later because as he puts it to para phrase, "There are probably only five surgeons on the West coast who could have performed the surgery you did today under those circumstances. You're wasting your skill set." In this case Glen passes the test of assisting her with flying colors.

    Being upset, Nancy finally takes Glen up on that drink, but in the end Glen's big mouth blows it for him with Nancy and she still hasn't slept with him.

    All of this razzle dazzle is getting a little old. The amazing stories and big disasters get to be a little much after a while. We get to see some great stories and a show of great bravery and courage, but basically each episode is much like the last. The medics angst, their abusive behavior, and the people that live and die. I don't see this show surviving not because it isn't well acted or written, but because it is too repetitive for its own good. The ratings are supporting my theories. Thanks for reading...
  • Character oriented episode.

    It looks like somehow every episode has a little "theme". Second one in season was something like "the one you do not expect gets hurt". In last episode it was.. mm.. I am not sure but this episode was "it's crouch" All the bad and very disgusting things happened. I mean, for sure, it got emotion out of me and you expect something like that from serie like this but.. I do not know. It was just very concentrated and somehow I felt in previous episodes, that has not dominated so much as in this episode.

    This episode seemed much to be about characters and usually I really like this. For sure, I liked some of the char orientation here too, but some of it did not worked for me. Nancy's part was good. I mean, the whole operating in the field and that she is wasting her talent when staying as paramedic. That promise much more potential for future storylines. The whole restaurant thing on the other hand, left me quite cold. I mean, I got what they tried to tell us with the storyline but it looked too naive and too simple. They usually do not tend on that way.

    And ofcourse the flight problems with Rabbit. He will always be a enigmatic char and the way he dealt with his problem - I mean the scene on the storm. It was rather mysterious and even if I tried to understand what he did, I did not get that. But I do like that the crash is mentioned again and again. It just feels that one moment something major comes out of it and I am really waiting for it.
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