Season 1 Episode 9

Thank You

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • On Thanksgiving Day as the emergency workers are getting ready to celebrate a commercial airliner crashes on landing and everyone is sent out. Rabbit and Nancy go into the airliner and find the mother of a baby who was already rescued.

    A nice Thanksgiving Day episode with a little more information about all of the emergency and hospital workers.

    Marisa's cousin is in town and she tries to set rabbit up with her. Nancy is planning to spend Thanksgiving with her Doctor dad, step-mom and younger brother. Boone is having a family Thanksgiving with his wife and kids. Tyler is planning on flying home to Louisiana to finally tell his parents he's gay Finally Diane has no plans except working.

    The big disaster this episode is a crashed airliner where the majority of the passengers survive. Nancy and Rabbit enter the plane after everyone is out when they find a baby with no mother outside the plane. They find the mother passed out on the floor of the plane. She might have tried to shield her baby. She has smoke inhalation and her heart has stopped. They manage to revive her.

    Everyone leaves and we see how everyone really spends their Thanksgiving in the end. Some nice sentiments between these people who risk their lives every day. If you like this show you must see the ending.

    A pretty good episode that was entertaining and suspenseful. Good acting and characterizations. A well written story. One of the best of the Trauma series. Thanks for reading...
  • This episode was amazing! I felt like I wanted to cry the whole time, but then at the end I was dancing around. Not to sounds so lame, I would probably add the stress of school is affecting my judgment.

    I can't believe how amazing this episode was! If it was the first time I tuned it I would have fell in love right then and there. It was heartfelt and Rabbit really started to develop another side to his personality.

    Each character took a twist and started to become more developed within themselves. We are being more brought into their homes and lives besides just being introduced to their profession. i find my self being able to identify more with the show and find it progressing to a point that they are becoming more complex. Overall I can't wait to see where this goes.

    Like I have stated before I hope to see more of this show in the future.
  • Good episode

    For my surprise, I really liked it. I mean.. This episode really stand out from the others. I think part of it goes for the major accident thing. You won't get plain crashes in every Trauma episode and the impact that one event had to the people on plain and also to the paramedics. I think everyone was, one or another way, affected by that. I specially loved how all the episode affected Rabbit. First on the helicopter, when he put his classes on, to hide his little emotional breakdown and then the way, after the crash landing, how he suddenly.. it was so visible what he was thinking but he did found the courage.. like did some other.. and in the end, everyone had great thanksgiving I think.
  • The ambulances sure are fast!

    I'm amazed that the ambulances got to the crash before Marisa the chopper pilot did, since we saw everyone at the staging area at the same time! The San Francisco area is not that big and there's always traffic!! On the soap opera side of the show, Tyler is trying to procrastinate not telling his parents he's gay Marisa tries to set up Rabbit with her cousin, but he's seems more interested in Nancy. Glen's relationship with the intern (who's not credited very well) is progressing. There has been three more episodes ordered for this show, but that doesn't mean this show is that good; it just means the other NBC shows are worse!