Travel Sick

Weekdays 11:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Jan 01, 2001 Between Seasons





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  • travel sick

    funniest tv show ever

    please does anyone have both series i can have happy to pay
  • Grub Smith suffers through the horrors of going on vacation so you don't have to.

    Thinking of going somewhere?

    Maybe you should think again, as Grub Smith illustrates in his catalog of hapless journeys around the world. Watch him eat things that smell bad, lose wrestling matches, struggle to understand what people are talking about, and so forth.

    Grub's travels take him all around the world, from points far-flung like Iceland and Morocco, to more familiar places like Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He manages to look equally ill at ease in all of them. Grub is everyman: you will see yourself in these humbling and amusing experiences.

    Don't pack your bags--laugh as Smith does all the work for you.
  • Baby insect synonymous Grub Smith travels the world undertaking many stupid, unnecessary and generally disgusting challenges, taking them like a true Brit - slowly and complaining all the way.

    Although his name is also an insect in larvae form, Grub Smith is far from small. In fact he is large. Not to be insulting, but many British people are larger than average, as are Americans, but his classic British way of partaking in local customs, complaining about the weather and sleeping a lot, make for good TV. Grub adds a joke to every occasion, mainly because the people he is surrounded by don't speak English. Travel Sick is the Ultimate xenophobes way of touring the world, laughing at other cultures constantly - and of course, laughing at such sights as a fat english bloke trying to squeeze into leather trousers for traditional turkish oil-wrestling.
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