Travel with Kids - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Located in Southwestern Ireland, Killarney is a land of many charms. Ask any native and they will tell you that the Kingdom of Killarney is a paradise in waiting.
  • The Florida Keys
    Episode 12
    The Florida Keys has been the subject of mystery and intrigue for many decades. Closer to Cuba than to the other United States, Key West is known for its independent spirit.
  • 11/9/08
    After hopping a train to the north, the Roberts find a world of literature awaiting in the English Lake District.
  • 11/2/08
    Beyond London, England has a much slower pace and a more natural surround.
  • 10/26/08
    Launching into space or flying down the rails of some of the world’s most incredible roller coasters…the Space Coast and Orlando is built for traveling families.
  • Known for its rugged limestone rock formations and ancient castles, County Clare offers all sorts of off-the-tourist-track exploration, and the Roberts are thrilled to discover it all.
  • 10/12/08
    With crazy art deco architecture painted in an array of colors, Miami is a fiesta all the time. The Roberts finds time to join the party cruising South Beach and people watching in outdoor cafes.
  • With all the fun and sun in the Bahamas, it would be hard not to have fun and the Roberts find out just how much there is to do.
  • 9/29/08
    Scotland has long been known for its deeply rooted heritage. In this episode, the Roberts family heads for the hills…the Scottish Highlands that is.
  • Ireland: Dublin
    Episode 4
    Ireland’s biggest city, Dublin, is vibrant and has many stories to tell if you take the time to listen and that’s just what the Roberts family has in mind.
  • London
    Episode 3
    London is world-renowned for its history rich attractions and fast-paced activity, but how will it do entertaining two young boys.
  • New York City
    Episode 2
    New York City is the epitome of fast-paced and with so much to see and do, our host family has to plan their trip very carefully.
  • Paris
    Episode 1
    The Roberts family hits the road running in Paris in attempt to be the first to find the incredible Eiffel Tower while getting sidetracked by the City of Light’s artistic culture.