Travel with Kids - Season 4

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Episode Guide

  • Hollywood & L.A. California - Stars & Dogs
    The Season 4 finale tours L.A. Stops include the La Brea Tar Pits; Universal Studios; and Nickelodeon Studios.
  • Italy is connected to Europe by an extensive rail system, so the Roberts hop an overnight train from Paris to Florence, the alleged birthplace of the Renaissance movement in Europe.
  • Maui Hawai'i
    Maui Hawai'i
    Episode 12
    The Hawaiian island of Maui is visited. Included: ancient Polynesian ways; Maui's whaling history and sugar cane past; Lahaina Banyan Court Park; Maui Ocean Aquarium; and an excursion to see whales.
  • 11/15/10
    Head down the quiet and uncrowded back roads of Mexicos Baja peninsula for a once in a life time encounter like no other. This unique experience brings you face to face with the worlds largest mammals.. whales.
  • Big Island of Hawaii - Volcanoes & Movie Stars
  • 11/8/10
    Become part of the history of the American West in Northern Nevadas wild open country. From silver mines to still thriving cowboy towns, Northern Nevada is an outdoor adventure paradise.
  • South Africa's Lemurs, Ostriches Caves & Crags
    A tour of South Africa's Garden Route. Included: petting a cheetah; crawling through caves; visiting an animal sanctuary; and riding an elephant. Also: life in a local township.
  • Head out from Athens by ferry to the island of Paros, where The Roberts are met by a local family who takes them to explore the islands by catamaran.

  • South Africa's Garden Coast - Wild Monkey Adventures
  • 10/25/10
    Most people think of Venice as a romantic destination, but its great for kids too! There are no cars to worry about and a feast for the senses lingers around every wind in the path.
  • Fiji Castaway Island
    A visit to Fiji stops on the island featured in the Tom Hanks movie "Castaway"; and includes cooking lessons from local chefs, who share tricks that ancient Fijians used. Also: Fijian history and culture; and a Fijian school.
  • Come along as the family explores the many layers of Athens, deemed by many to be the birthplace of Western civilization and still dishing out the culture.
  • Bora Bora Island - The Legend of the South Pacific
    Bora Bora in the South Pacific is visited. Activities include swimming in a lagoon with turtles and other sea creatures; and learning about WWII, South Pacific legends and turtle conservation; and riding in a traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe.
  • 10/11/10
    Saddle up in this wild west adventure episode in the Arizona frontier. The city family learns the cowboy way at Hidden Meadow Ranch in Arizonas White Mountain Indian country.
  • Beijing China & The Great Wall
    Beijing, China, is toured. Included: the Forbidden City; a rickshaw ride; the Olympic stadium and Water Cube; and the Great Wall of China.
  • Head out to Wales southwest coast to learn how Wales is leading the Green movement in the U.K. and explore the dramatic natural surrounds.
  • Botswana Africa
    Botswana Africa
    Episode 5
  • 9/27/10
    Our journey in Wales begins in the capital city of Cardiff, where a cosmopolitan, modern atmosphere melds with ancient historical landmarks like the massive Cardiff Castle.
  • Pacific Mexico and the Undiscovered 7 Bays
  • San Diegos history is a mix of Spanish missionary and wild west outpost, and you can get a feel for it all in Old Town, where the Roberts browse the markets and then hop a trolley to see some more of San Diegos sights.
  • Belize Adventures - Mayan Underground and Garafuna Villages
    The visit to Belize continues with a flight on a small plane that one of the children is allowed to fly. The kids also explore a tiny village with one sidewalk and many coconuts; meet a Garafuna drummer who teaches them to drum; and go scuba diving. Also: a tubing adventure in an underground cave.moreless
  • Kenai Alaska
    Episode 3
    The Roberts family Alaskan adventure continues as their RV expedition rolls south toward Seward, a seaside town with the distinguished charm of old Alaska.
  • Belize Beach Islands & Mayan Jungles
    A visit to Belize, a coastal Central American country that looks out on the Caribbean Sea. Activities include snorkeling with sting rays and sharks; fishing; and touring ancient Mayan pyramids that are accessible only by a hand-cranked ferry.
  • Cusco, Peru
    Episode 2
    One of the oldest and most magical cities in South America, the ancient Inca capital city of Cusco holds many treasures for the Roberts family as they explore the narrow streets and colorful markets.
  • Cancun Mexico & Whale Sharks
    The Season 4 premiere visits Cancun, Mexico, where activities include observing whale sharks; learning about Mayan history and culture at Ek Balam; and rappelling into an underground cave. Also: a ferry trip to the small island of Isla Mujeres.
  • 9/5/10
    Southern California is known for its sunshine and San Diego is no exception. With so many sunny days and awesome waves grew the infamous California surf culture and Mission Beach is at the center of it.