Season 1 Episode 3

New Haven

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2007 on ABC
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New Haven
Jay and Tyler return to New Haven in an attempt to locate items that may prove their innocence. Meanwhile, Carlton Fog holds a press conference in regards to his choice to shelter his son.

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  • While the two brothers are still on pursuit, they figure what Will did that could've been suspicious. Then while they're figuring it, the police are on their tails, and the 2 brothers only find themselves in trouble. But at the end, Will turns out alive.moreless

    The topic was excellent, and the character's intelligence, suspence, and their stupidness are quite fair. Ofcourse now, the story is starting to puzzle up, but still the plot is unimaginable to others. The place where Jay escaped from the library was too weird, because you really wouldn't know a secret passage out of the library, and we really didn't know that Jay, as a character, was actually a library geek who likes to read and study a lot. On the other hand, the other brother, the dumb and always panicking one, is a very has a firm personality and they have very good roles in the series!! Another great episode!!moreless
  • jay and tyler decided not to leave the country.they found their out of the police as usual.they went to their old house to find all their belongings been replaced.they failed to find anything related to the existence of will.moreless

    a very very good much better than the last episode definitely.we were exposed to more information about the was very exciting all the this episode we were taken to the past which was essential in order to understand more the story.the characters were all built up nicely.i love the appearance of tyler's girlfriend.they look really cute together.actually this episode reminded me of prison break but in a very good way.even better than prison berak because of the storyline and suspence inceidents happening in this episode.after wathcing this episode,i definitely cant wait for the next one which indicates to me how much i enjoyed this show so very good!moreless
  • The third episode of 'Traveler' revealed a lot more insight to the characters and the plot.

    Was it just me or did the room heat up and did you get so tense from watching the last seconds of this episode that you had to rewind it just to make sure you weren't imagining it?

    I must say that this episode was fabulous. I really enjoyed hearing a bit more about Tyler's past and of course you see a bit more into Jay's. It's obvious that these two people are from completely different worlds, but it does even out for them.

    And the ending, though not unexpected was thrilling to watch. I'm very excited to see the next episode!moreless
  • The third episode picked up the pace since the second one had slowed down some.

    I enjoyed this episode so much more than I did the second episode. The first episode was like being on a roller coaster, so to go to the second episode dropped to slow to quick. But the third episode brought in some real meat and that's what the show really needed about right then and that's where having good writers came in. The show has to be more then just being on the run. They are still on the run but they had found evidence of the set-up before the FBI did. Too bad Will's picture was stolen but who knows what more might pop up. They might be on the run but a smart lawyer brain is going to help out a lot. I know that we all knew that Will Traveler was still alive, but seeing his face sure made me feel better. I really want to learn more about Will Traveler and this whole conspiracy. What a great summer show this is going to be.moreless
  • Good GOOD Episode!

    They are still on the run this time they are heading back to New Haven to Yale to find out who Will really is. They Have an adventure and run into old faces and people that call cops on them and all the fun stuff to make them run from the FEDS. This was a great episode it had everything. Action, adventure, and Drama. So many twists in this show that the story is nto fully out yet. This show also had a guest apperance by a familiar face to all of us that watch this series. Someone is still alive.moreless
Brian Markinson

Brian Markinson


Guest Star

Bree Turner

Bree Turner

Nell Graham

Guest Star

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

Deputy Sheriff Mark Roach

Guest Star

Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough

Jack Freed (aka Mystery Man)

Recurring Role

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    • Tyler: (about the steam tunnels) Where the hell did you find these?
      Jay: I used them to go into the library during off-hours, among other things.
      Tyler: Are you kidding me?! Your obsessive study habits just saved our ass, pal.

    • Borjes: (after eyeing a couple of coeds) Ooh. You think it's too late to go back to school?

    • Borjes: Think the boss likes talking to the camera more than us.
      Marlow: 'Course he does. He talks to us, he doesn't get to see himself on TV.

    • Tyler: (as Jay gets ready to break the window with a rock) What are you doing?
      Jay: We smash the window. Nine times out of ten the owner leaves the valet key in the glove compartment.
      Tyler: Wait. (he pulls on the handle and the door opens) Nine times out of ten cars like these are left unlocked. Easier to get Blue Book value from the insurance company.

    • Tyler: You've stolen a car?
      Jay: Yeah. It was kind of a rite of passage where I grew up.
      Tyler: Well, I'm impressed, Jay.
      Jay: Don't be--I went to Yale to get away from stuff like this.

    • (Jay and Tyler are arguing about going back to Yale)
      Jay: You have a better idea?
      Tyler: Yeah, I do. It's about seventy miles from here, it's got good beer, bacon and way fewer guns, Jay.

    • (after the boys learn of Ellington's murder)
      Tyler: Wait...when we left Ellington, we left him alive—we didn't kill him.
      Jay: Yeah, and we didn't blow up the Drexler either.

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