Season 1 Episode 3

New Haven

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Twenty-five hours after the Drexler bombing, the FBI has picked up on Jay and Tyler's trail. Chambers shows the remaining agents photos of the car the boys crashed into a ditch. The location is in Franklin County, New York, and that's where Marlow and Borjes are headed. Chambers notes that at this point, the boys would be looking for things like food, clothes, and transportation - things that can mark them if they're spotted. Just then, an agent informs him that there has been a report of a murder at Tolman Airfield, located in Franklin County. Chambers packs his things and tells the agent that he is en route.
In Franklin County, Jay is discreetly perusing vendors at a local flea market, hoping to get a couple changes of clothes. He spies a table with a few pairs of jeans - just what he's looking for. Unfortunately, just as he goes to pay for his items, a news report tags him as one of the suspects in the bombing. He tries to shrug off the resemblance, claiming that he just "looks like that guy," and he manages to finish his purchase. The vendor, however, is very suspicious, and begins tailing him. Jay manages to make it back to the car and drive off just as the vendor makes a phone call to the FBI.
At Tolman Airfield, Borjes complains privately to Marlow about the possibility of the local officials contaminating the crime scene, but Marlow reminds him that the locals found the scene before they did, and that they "must be doing something right." They learn from the sheriff that the dead man is John Ellington, an employee of a crisis management firm out of Washington. Marlow asks if the firm was retained by Carlton Fog, and the sheriff says it was. He also adds that evidence and prints collected at the scene puts their suspects in the hangar with Ellington. Marlow compliments the sheriff while giving Borjes a look.
In a tiny motel room, Jay piles his purchases from the flea market onto a table while calling out for Tyler - the Feds are on their way, he says, and they need to move fast. Tyler, meanwhile, is busy in the bathroom. Jay walks in and sees him trimming his hair. He also spies an unopened box of hair coloring - a garish red. Jay tells him that the whole process will only make Tyler look more conspicuous, not less. As the two argue, the motel's housekeeper comes knocking. Jay tries to send her on her way, but she protests that this is her second time coming to the door. Jay manages to get her to leave, and he begins packing their things. Just then, a news bulletin appears, showing coverage of the murder scene at the airfield. "When we left Ellington this morning, we left him alive - we didn't kill him," says Tyler, who's in shock. "Yeah, and we didn't blow up the Drexler either," replies Jay. Tyler wonders what it all means: Ellington's attempt on their lives and now his murder at what to officials looks like their hands. Jay tells him that it means they have to keep moving ... and then he pauses for a moment. "Maybe that hair dye wasn't such a bad idea after all," he muses.
Borjes and Marlow look at Ellington's corpse, and Borjes says that he recognizes the technique used on him - a slow-bleeding kill shot to the femoral artery - as one favored by insurgents as a torture technique. Marlow comments that this sort of knowledge is "not the kid of thing you learn in the Ivy League," but Borjes reminds her that Jay had ROTC training and his father was 1st recon. He says, "they invented stuff like this." Marlow questions his reasoning. It might be knowledge military people have, but would someone really teach it to their child? Just then, the sheriff comes in to tell them that one of their suspects has been spotted about a half-hour from the airfield in a dive motel. They follow, only to find an empty room behind the battered door. In the bathroom, however, Marlow sees something that stops her. "Tell New York that our suspects' descriptions have changed," she tells Borjes as she carefully probes an open bottle of red hair dye near a sink full of hair clippings.
In a field, Tyler asks Jay if he really thinks the misdirect about changing their appearance will work. Jay tells him the first thing he learned in law school: "Play to the jury's expectations. They'll believe every word." Not long after, Tyler notices they're headed south, not towards the border into Canada. Jay tells him that they're not going to Canada, and Tyler grows agitated, demanding to know what he's up to. Jay explains that Tyler's idea of going to family nearly got them both killed, so they're going to try a different tack. Tyler then asks if he's blaming him for what happened, and when Jay says no, he asks if he blames his father. Jay sidesteps the accusation by telling him they're going back to Yale, and Tyler flatly refuses, calling the idea suicide. "You have a better idea?" Jay tells him that though he's not saying whether Carlton knew about Ellington or not, the people that Ellington worked for will try to kill them again, and they won't be concerned with jurisdiction lines. Tyler tells Jay that he's not going back to New Haven - the place will be crawling with cops - but Jay reminds him that every crossing into Canada will be too. Whether Tyler likes it or not, New Haven is the only place that they can go to get hard evidence that Will ever existed, and use that information to help clear their names.
In Manhattan, Kim finds that she's become an instant celebrity ... whether she wants to be or not. There are reporters camped outside her apartment, giving reports and shoving cameras and microphones in her face around the clock. Just then her cell phone rings and it's Chambers, who guesses that she's not answering because of the reporters. When an agent asks if they should keep the media away from her, Chambers says that Kim will have to "get used to her newfound celebrity status." He goes to talk to Marlow and Borjes, who tell him of the events in Franklin County. Borjes also adds that they found the boys' old clothes in a dumpster in the back of the motel. Chambers orders tight security on the border crossings, mock-ups of what the suspects might look like, and as much press as possible. Marlow questions about the press involvement, but Chambers tells her that "if Burchell and Fog are making a run for Canada, I want to make sure everyone knows about it." Marlow shakes her head, and gives a look towards Borjes, who concurs silently.
Meanwhile, Jay and Tyler have come across a field of old cars for sale. Jay is taking his time, trying to locate one that won't be noticed for a few days. Tyler is surprised that Jay knows how to steal a car, but Jay tells him that "it was kind of a rite of passage where I grew up." They duck behind one of the cars as they hear sirens heading north, and Tyler notes that Jay was right about not going to Canada. Jay makes ready to break a window on the car in order to get the valet key, but Tyler surprises him by simply opening the door. "Nine times out of ten the doors on cars like these are left unlocked," he says, sitting down in the passenger seat and opening the glove compartment. "Easier to get the Blue Book value from the insurance company," he states, producing the valet key.
In Washington, the agent from Homeland Security is meeting with another man in his private office. The agent wants to know if everything is "taken care of," and the man assures him that he's "taken care of" Ellington. When the agent says that's not what he means, the man then tells him that he gets regular reports from the museum, but that the entire art collection is "taken care of." The agent, satisfied for the moment, dismisses the man.
As Chambers gives his impromptu press conference, Borjes and Marlow muse quietly that he likes the press better than them - after all, when Chambers talks with them, he doesn't get to see himself on the news later. Chambers wraps up and then tells the two that he wants them overseeing the border crossings. Marlow wants to try another idea: she knows that the boys have recently changed their appearance, and though all leads point to them going to Canada, she thinks that they may instead be going to someone or somewhere they know will help them. Considering the heavy guard at the border crossings and the surveillance on both of Carlton Fog's houses and Kim Doherty, she asks to go to New Haven to either locate Tyler and Jay or help broaden their profile of the two. Though skeptical, Chambers agrees to give the agents 24 hours to test their theory.
On the plaza near his company's building in Manhattan, Carlton Fog is giving a press conference of his own, which Jay and Tyler hear over the radio. Carlton tells the press that he is being dragged into the FBI for questioning because he was contacted by his son after the bombing, and that "it is becoming increasingly difficult to offer protection and solace to those we hold dear." He reiterates that he does not believe the boys had anything to do with the bombing, nor with the murder they are now being accused of, but that if his son were to come in he would work to get him a fair trial. Tyler snaps off the radio, hurt, but Jay tells him honestly that "if your father hadn't cut you off, you would never have been in that house with me and Will." Tyler snaps that he doesn't want to talk about it anymore, and Jay tells him that as long as they are together in this, Carlton Fog is not an option. When countered with what they will do next, Jay tells his friend that he and Will stored some boxes with a friend just before they left New Haven. As soon as Tyler learns that the "friend" is his ex-girlfriend Nell, he comments that his situation "just gets better and better."
Kim manages to escape her apartment to get to work, but she's confronted with a nasty surprise: she's being "temporarily" laid off from the art gallery, as she's attracting bad publicity that the owner doesn't want for his business. As she sits in a coffee shop with her belongings, she notices an old camera she had left at work. Her mind flashes back to the previous day, when she and Jay were searching for pictures of Will, and remembers Jay's frustrated comment about "living with someone for two years and not having a single picture of them." She then repacks her things and heads off to a developer.
In New Haven, the police are out in full force papering the campus and the town with wanted posters for the boys. In a little house, Jay and Tyler manage to break in the basement door and begin the search for Will's things. Tyler mentions that he's "counted at least five cops since we got here," and Jay heads underneath the stairs where Nell let them stash their things. "Look for Will's notes, chemistry papers - anything that proves he existed," he tells Tyler, who reluctantly joins in.
As they search, Jay notices something odd - all of Will's boxes, which were labeled, are nowhere to be found. Tyler comments that Nell might have moved them elsewhere, but Jay is adamant that they simply are not there. "We only dropped them off three days ago," he notes, and Tyler emerges from another box with proof that "it was all the time they needed ... to set us up." He then shows Jay what he's found among his boxes - floor plans for the Drexler. Jay, in turn, finds notes on blast patterns, chemical levels, and casualty estimates for blowing up a place like the Drexler. Tyler mentions that anything that looks like Will's among the boxes has been made to look like he wrote it himself, and comes up with some of Will's research in Tyler's own handwriting He then muses about what kind of person could pull off a switch like this, and Jay counters that it could be anyone who knew that they'd left their stuff in the house. Tyler guesses Will; Jay, on the other hand, thinks that Nell might be involved.
"Involved in what?" comes a voice from upstairs, sending both boys to their feet. It's Nell, telling them that if she really thought they were terrorists, she'd have called the cops by now. Jay grills her about the switch, and Nell tells him that she has no idea who might have done it - her roommates left last week and she's the only one in the house. While Jay is skeptical, Tyler tells him that she's telling the truth - they got in easily enough, meaning anyone else could have too.
Outside the city hall building, Borjes eyes a couple of pretty coeds and muses on whether it's too late to go back to school. Marlow tells him that instead of pretty coeds, he'll be spending time with a long list of people that had any association with their suspects. In Manhattan, Carlton Fog is greeted by Chambers, who wonders if he's been offered anything while he waited. Carlton says that he was but that the offer came 40 minutes ago with no follow-up. He tells Chambers that he knows how the interrogation process works, so they'd best get down to it. They do, and Chambers bluntly tells Carlton that by rights he should throw him in jail for obstruction, but Carlton is much more useful to him as a free man - his son might try to contact him again. Carlton tells Chambers that he is merely concerned for his son, and when he gets blown off he reminds him that Chambers himself has a daughter ... what might his reaction be if it was her in trouble? Chambers tells Carlton in no uncertain terms that if his son or his son's friend contacts them in any way, he wants to know about it. Carlton leaves, telling him that he understands that he's "under a tremendous amount of pressure from his superiors" to close this case, to which Chambers says it's "nothing I can't manage." "Or middle-manage, as the case may be," quips Carlton on his way out.
Kim is outside the developer's shop, waiting anxiously for her pictures to finish. She sees her shots come down the slide: pictures of Jay and herself, pictures of each other, pictures of friends ... and a shot of Will Traveler, standing face-front next to Tyler and Jay. Elated, she goes in, pays for her prints, and heads in the direction of the FBI office ... until someone accidentally runs into her on the sidewalk. Each apologizes, and Kim continues happily on her way to proving Will's existence.
In New Haven, Nell is helping the boys unload all of their things. She brings down trash bags, but says that the trash won't be collected for several more days. Jay muses that by the time it's picked up, the FBI will have gone through it ... but gets an idea. He picks up a bottle of lighter fluid and tells the others to throw everything they don't need into the grill, which he goes out to start. Nell offers Tyler a couple of hats, telling him it will help hide his appearance, but Tyler roughly blows her off. He tells her that he's upset about her application to his father's company shortly after they started dating, and that he's been aware much of his life of the expectations people generally have of him, and what he might be able to do for them. Nell counters that if a job were the only reason she dated him, she certainly wouldn't be helping him out now. She leans in and begins kissing him, but Tyler's mind wanders back to an incident in the campus library. Then, as he and Nell were making out, he spied Will heading toward a private study carrel on the same floor. He takes out the last of the boxes and dumps them on the fire, telling Jay about the carrel. Jay is surprised - engineers don't usually have spaces in that particular library - but realizes that it's the only other place Will might have stashed evidence. Moments later, Nell gets a call. She tells the two that they have to leave, and fast - the FBI has been questioning everyone that knew them, and her name is on the list.
Jay preps Nell for when the FBI comes knocking. He advises her to exercise her right to a lawyer, and when the lawyer comes to just tell the truth - that she came home and found them going through the boxes in the basement. He also asks her to send word to Kim that he's okay and that he'll be in touch as soon as he can. Nell agrees, but asks Tyler what she should say about their hair ... after all, it's supposed to be red, not their normal colors. Tyler merely tells her to remember what Jay said: "I was wearing a hat, and I ran from you." He pecks her on the cheek, then scurries off. A few minutes later, Marlow and Borjes show up, and Nell follows Jay's advice to the letter. Borjes notices the fire in the outdoor grill, and Marlow tells him to get on the radio. Later, after Nell is taken for questioning, Borjes wonders if Nell is involved. Marlow disagrees, but thinks that perhaps she's trying to buy the boys some time.
In front of the Yale library, Tyler wonders if he and Jay aren't pushing their luck. Jay tells him not to worry - he has an "out" if things go bad. The two use Nell's ID to grant them access to the library, but a student clerk manages to connect them with their wanted poster and begins to make a call. On the first floor, Tyler leads them straight toward where he and Nell had been making out. He tries to remember which carrel Will entered, but has a bit of trouble remembering - it was four months ago, and "the place is a maze." He manages to find the right one, and the two break the lock to find an empty room.
In Manhattan, Chambers is making plans to speak with the New Haven branch in a few minutes when Kim walks in. He asks whether she's chosen to help them in their investigation, but she stipulates that she's only interested in helping Jay and Tyler. She tells Chambers about her photo of Will, but when she goes into her purse to find it, it's not there. Chambers understands that she's had a trying day, and that she's a little distraught, but an angry Kim motions him to wait a minute while she thinks. Her mind wanders back to the developer's shop, and she remembers being bumped by the passing man. She tells Chambers that the man needs to be found, but notices from the look on his face that he really doesn't believe her story.
Later that night, Tyler and Jay are still searching every inch of Will's carrel, along with every other carrel on that floor, to no avail. Jay tells Tyler that they have to keep moving, but Tyler is the adamant one this time: he's simply not leaving until all the possibilities have been exhausted. Looking at the table in Will's carrel, he notices a shoeprint on top of it. "Why would somebody stand up there?" he asks. Jay hops on top of the table and pries one of the ceiling tiles open ... and is not disappointed. "You were right," he tells Tyler as he hands him an envelope. Inside is a stack of cash - about $10,000. Jay also finds an old train schedule with Deer Harbor, Maine highlighted as a destination. There's a strange handwritten code on the bottom corner of the schedule, and the two wonder if maybe it wasn't a drop point for Will to hide his things. They pocket both the cash and the schedule, and Jay finds one more thing in Will's hiding spot: a nasty looking handgun. "I guess there's just some people you never really know," muses Tyler as Jay hands him the weapon. A moment later they hear a command for them to drop the gun: it's Marlow and Borjes, and they're within sight.
Tyler slowly puts the weapon on the ground, but he begins running toward the left of the building, with Jay in hot pursuit. The agents give chase in a tense game of cat-and-mouse, but the boys are able to make it to the stairwell and head down the stairs. The agents cover both directions, with Marlow and Borjes going down and the other agents going up to cover the ground exits. Once again, the cat-and-mouse game continues, with Jay leading Tyler into what looks like a dead end. As Tyler starts to protest, Jay moves a bookcase forward and knocks in a steel plate in the wall, telling him to get inside. They manage to cover their trail just as the agents arrive, leaving them with a neat disappearing act. "They gotta be here somewhere," Marlow says in disbelief. "Let's tear this place apart."
In Manhattan, Kim is taking out her trash at the end of her extraordinarily stressful day only to find reporters digging through her garbage. When the reporter begins shooting pictures, Kim snaps and begins accosting the man, finally breaking his camera. The man, upset, calls her a lunatic and threatens to press charges. Kim merely goes back inside her apartment.
"I told you I had an out," Jay tells Tyler after he asks if they're in the steam tunnels. The two navigate their way through the maze of underground passages, finally ending up at a grate a quarter-mile from the library. Tyler, incredulous, asks Jay how long he's known about them. "I used them to break into the library during off-hours, among other things," he replies. "Your obsessive study habits just saved our ass, pal," Tyler says, impressed. The two climb out of the grate and make tracks for the train station - the train to Deer Harbor leaves in ten minutes. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm bummed we're leaving," says Tyler as he stashes their hats in his pack.
In New York, a young man hands an envelope to a man in a limo - it's the man who bumped into Kim earlier, and the man in the limo is the agent from Homeland Security. The agent asks if this is the only copy of the photo, and the young man assures him that it is. The agent then asks if Kim has any other photos of Will, and the young man confidently tells him she does not. "Seems Traveler has left us quite a mess," the agent muses aloud. Turning to the young man, he says, "You know what to do."
In a private billiard room, a man walks in with a mysterious package in his hand. The owner of the room has it cleared, and the man opens the package to reveal a very valuable painting. "This was destroyed in the Drexler bombing," the billiard room owner tells the man. "I can't move this." The man then informs him that he's not looking to sell, to which the billiard room owner asks what he's doing there if he's not interested in selling.
"I want to know what it is I have," says the young man, who only three days ago went by the name of Will Traveler.