Season 1 Episode 3

New Haven

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2007 on ABC

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  • While the two brothers are still on pursuit, they figure what Will did that could've been suspicious. Then while they're figuring it, the police are on their tails, and the 2 brothers only find themselves in trouble. But at the end, Will turns out alive.

    The topic was excellent, and the character's intelligence, suspence, and their stupidness are quite fair. Ofcourse now, the story is starting to puzzle up, but still the plot is unimaginable to others. The place where Jay escaped from the library was too weird, because you really wouldn't know a secret passage out of the library, and we really didn't know that Jay, as a character, was actually a library geek who likes to read and study a lot. On the other hand, the other brother, the dumb and always panicking one, is a very has a firm personality and they have very good roles in the series!! Another great episode!!
  • jay and tyler decided not to leave the country.they found their out of the police as usual.they went to their old house to find all their belongings been replaced.they failed to find anything related to the existence of will.

    a very very good much better than the last episode definitely.we were exposed to more information about the was very exciting all the this episode we were taken to the past which was essential in order to understand more the story.the characters were all built up nicely.i love the appearance of tyler's girlfriend.they look really cute together.actually this episode reminded me of prison break but in a very good way.even better than prison berak because of the storyline and suspence inceidents happening in this episode.after wathcing this episode,i definitely cant wait for the next one which indicates to me how much i enjoyed this show so very good!
  • The third episode of 'Traveler' revealed a lot more insight to the characters and the plot.

    Was it just me or did the room heat up and did you get so tense from watching the last seconds of this episode that you had to rewind it just to make sure you weren't imagining it?

    I must say that this episode was fabulous. I really enjoyed hearing a bit more about Tyler's past and of course you see a bit more into Jay's. It's obvious that these two people are from completely different worlds, but it does even out for them.

    And the ending, though not unexpected was thrilling to watch. I'm very excited to see the next episode!
  • The third episode picked up the pace since the second one had slowed down some.

    I enjoyed this episode so much more than I did the second episode. The first episode was like being on a roller coaster, so to go to the second episode dropped to slow to quick. But the third episode brought in some real meat and that's what the show really needed about right then and that's where having good writers came in. The show has to be more then just being on the run. They are still on the run but they had found evidence of the set-up before the FBI did. Too bad Will's picture was stolen but who knows what more might pop up. They might be on the run but a smart lawyer brain is going to help out a lot. I know that we all knew that Will Traveler was still alive, but seeing his face sure made me feel better. I really want to learn more about Will Traveler and this whole conspiracy. What a great summer show this is going to be.
  • Good GOOD Episode!

    They are still on the run this time they are heading back to New Haven to Yale to find out who Will really is. They Have an adventure and run into old faces and people that call cops on them and all the fun stuff to make them run from the FEDS. This was a great episode it had everything. Action, adventure, and Drama. So many twists in this show that the story is nto fully out yet. This show also had a guest apperance by a familiar face to all of us that watch this series. Someone is still alive.
  • Who is Will Traveler?

    Now, out of the three aired episode, I've to say, this is my favourite. While the pacing might have been slower in this episode than the previous too, this one was less predictable, and damn... nerve wracking.

    The only part of the episode which was somewhat predictable and so-so was the photo of Will. But other than that, it was an amazing hour of television.

    And what makes things better is the fact that this is on during the SUMMER, when nothing else worth watching is on air. The cliffhanger of the episode gave me creeps. As Tyler's girlfriend said "That guy... creeps me out". For sure!

    But who's Will Traveler...?

    The conspiracy is going deeper and deeper, and the story is getting more and more exciting. A must watch for the summer.
  • Burchill and Fogg decide to return to New Haven to get evidence about Traveler.

    I was pleasantly surprised with this episode, as long as you look past a few major flaws. To begin with, the FBI is very unrealistic, and their escape also seems to be very unrealistic. However, despite the complete lack of realism, I overall enjoyed the episode. This show has continued to grow on me as my summer hit, and the ending only increases my hopes for this show. All in all, I will continue to watch this show because it is intriguing and decently written, along with the fact that it is involved in the non-competitive summer.
  • Hidden gem of a show

    I stumbled on this just by chance while looking for something totally different.
    comparing to the likes of Prison break or 24, this really gets you wondering what in the world is going on, I am still puzzled to be honest and wondering why there are so many twists and turns in this story, not a bad thing as it keeps you on your toes and wanting more which is a great thing.
    I already have my thoughts clear that this Will Traveler character is still alive and well, its all too easy to just kill him off like that.
    This is a must watch show....Watch it!
  • Awesome show. You must watch this show!

    I really enjoyed this show last week. I know some could say the storyline compares to Prison Break, but I think this show is very original and fast paced. I did not take my eyes off the TV. Since I have Tivo, I watched it again the next day. I think what makes this show great is that you do not know who is guilty? Who is innocent? Where is Will Traveler? There are so many questions. Watch this show and you will be on the edge of your seat.