Season 1 Episode 3

New Haven

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2007 on ABC



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    • Tyler: (about the steam tunnels) Where the hell did you find these?
      Jay: I used them to go into the library during off-hours, among other things.
      Tyler: Are you kidding me?! Your obsessive study habits just saved our ass, pal.

    • Borjes: (after eyeing a couple of coeds) Ooh. You think it's too late to go back to school?

    • Borjes: Think the boss likes talking to the camera more than us.
      Marlow: 'Course he does. He talks to us, he doesn't get to see himself on TV.

    • Tyler: (as Jay gets ready to break the window with a rock) What are you doing?
      Jay: We smash the window. Nine times out of ten the owner leaves the valet key in the glove compartment.
      Tyler: Wait. (he pulls on the handle and the door opens) Nine times out of ten cars like these are left unlocked. Easier to get Blue Book value from the insurance company.

    • Tyler: You've stolen a car?
      Jay: Yeah. It was kind of a rite of passage where I grew up.
      Tyler: Well, I'm impressed, Jay.
      Jay: Don't be--I went to Yale to get away from stuff like this.

    • (Jay and Tyler are arguing about going back to Yale)
      Jay: You have a better idea?
      Tyler: Yeah, I do. It's about seventy miles from here, it's got good beer, bacon and way fewer guns, Jay.

    • (after the boys learn of Ellington's murder)
      Tyler: Wait...when we left Ellington, we left him alive—we didn't kill him.
      Jay: Yeah, and we didn't blow up the Drexler either.

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