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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 10, 2007 on ABC
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Good friends Jay, Tyler and Will have done just about everything together for the past two years. Jay and Tyler become prime suspects in a terrorist bombing at a famous New York City museum after rollerblading through it as a prank.

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  • exiting terrrorist/thriller show.

    wow.Cant remember when i saw as good a pilot as this! its up there with other high-class series like prison break and heroes, in my book.hope it keep on in this style.

    i dont know if im happy about that though. from what i hear its been canceled, and i really hoped that it was gonna be bad so i didnt have to see more. i just hope that they are kind to us and end the series in a good way. or that it start sucking (perhaps there is a reason why it was canceled...).

    thats my hope, and the only reason ill keep watching!moreless
  • best tv show out at the moment

    sup im from Adelaide so i have to download my shows to watch them and at the moment my favorites like Prison Break, Smallville, Heroes, House, Numb3rs and sopranos are all on a break well except for Sopranos which is finished for ever. so i have nothing to watch and i found this show "Traveler" so i decided to try it out and i am loving it ever since. Although it reminds me a bit of Prison Break with the Two Friends Instead of Two Brothers and the whole government conspiracy framing thing i still love it. the first episode was better than most pilot episodes i have ever seen like Prison Break and Heroes which made you have to force yourself to watch the next few episode before you got involved with the story. but with traveler in the first few minutes the race starts and it never stops.moreless
  • Interresting pilot.

    A promising pilot of a show that can became really great.

    The pilot was defenetely exciting. There was a lot of tension, there were a lot of unexpected turns and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time..

    In the pilot we meet Will, Tylor and Jay: three best friends who have been living together for two years. After graduation they leave for a two month road trip and decide to pull a prank in a New York museum. They want to rollerblade from the top to the bottom. When Jay and Tyler get out, they realize Will is missing. When they call him Will says "i'm sorry I had to do this" right before the museum blows up. Now the FBI is after Jay and Tyler and they realize they have no way to proof Will ever existed. There are no photos or videos of him. Slowly Jay and Tyler understand that everything Will ever did or said was all planned and done for a reason and that their best friend just framed them.moreless
  • This episode was one of my last year favorites among all the pilots I saw... It's a shame we had to wait this long to continue watching...

    It's interesting, exciting and so entertaining... and i'm so glad it turned out to be a miniseries with 8 episodes. I thinks it's best for this story. Short but intense. More possibilities to be so good.

    I hope it will end properly and we feel the last episode as a closure because I dont' want another "Lost Room" wich ended but left me with no sensation of closure at all..
  • WOW.It was perfect.

    I did not had very much expectations, neither for the serie or the episode, But I got to say that this episode could not be better. This episode was about three best friends, but they soon realized that one of them was unfamiliar to them. They did`t even had his picture, and he was the one that dragged them into a museum that blew up. His unfamiliar friend died in there and they get the blaim for blowing up the muuseum.

    The tempo of the episode was very fast. Things happened fast and plot was also very good. I very much look forward to watch this serie.moreless
Lena Chen

Lena Chen

Museum Patron (uncredited)

Guest Star

Tony Devon

Tony Devon

Agent Anthony DiMeo

Guest Star

Laith Nakli

Laith Nakli

Parking Attendant

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Agent Marlow and Agent Borjes corner Tyler on the roof, Marlow can be seen holstering her gun twice: once right before she leaps over the pipes on the roof and once right before she cuffs Tyler.

    • Goof: When Agent Marlow is pursuing Tyler over the roofs, Tyler is seen jumping down a wall. When Agent Marlow jumps down the same wall, it can clearly be seen that she is not jumping from the top of the wall, rather from a small step at the botttom of the wall.

    • Goof: When Jay tells Kim that the U.S. will ship him straight to Guantanamo Bay Prison, he is completely incorrect. Guantanamo Bay is constitutionally off-limits to U.S. citizen detainees, even those suspected of being terrorists or sympathizers.

    • Goof: Will's camera is not set to record, as shown on the camera's screen.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Jay: (to Kim) Do you remember when we first met? Will did everything he could to keep me from calling you. He probably knew it would complicate his plan. But he didn't keep us apart then, and he won't keep me from coming back to you now.

    • Will: (speaking on a cell phone) I'm sorry I had to do this.
      Jay: Do what?
      (Museum explodes)

    • Will: If you take time to step off the path and see what really makes this country tick, it could change your life.

    • Jay: My father died because someone in the government betrayed him. That didn't make me hate my country; it made me want to fix it. But if I'm going to fix this, whatever is truly going on, I need to figure out who Will Traveler really is.

    • Jay: Will was my best friend. I told him things: I trusted him. What if everything he did and said was a lie?

    • Jay: How do you live with somebody for two years, and not have a single picture of them?

    • Agent Chambers: These guys do not leave Manhattan unless I personally walk them across the bridge.

    • Hotel Porter: (finding the two boys hiding from cops in the closet) You two are a long way from the luxury suite.
      Tyler: We ran out of shampoo.

    • Tyler: My dad had a great lawyer downtown.
      Jay: (referring to himself) We got a lawyer right here!
      Tyler: A real lawyer!

    • Will: You gotta see the world before you can change it, right?
      Jay: Yeah. I've also gotta pay off $80,000 in loans!

    • Kimberly: Where are the guys?
      Jay: Tyler is on his way out of the city.
      Kimberly: That is so like him.

  • NOTES (5)